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Ara - Water

By violetice
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My character Ara. This is a "redo" of some older art:
Paint this again by violetice
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I love her hair and her costume. It's really fit the character. I think a bit light blue will make the water way cooler!
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Project comment here

Good proportions, a sense of movement conveyes by the bottom of the dress and the medallion, a classic choice to use a sharp style on the character and a smooth, lineless style on the background, and a highly detailed shading. Special congratulations for successfully including the Fresnel effect on the skin: while it's pretty standard in 3D art, it's something few digital painters think about and even fewer succeed.

Yet, the water disturbs me. While the shape is good, the deep blue color is very odd. In reality (and in short), water is blue because the sky is blue. In an interior like your image, water would realistically take the color of the environment, which is purple. I agree that it wouldn't be nice, but you should really use a lighter and more desaturated blue for the water, I find it too artificial here. Plus, it would limit the deep blue to the character, putting more emphasis onto her.

Also, the eye color and the lips also feel odd. You have a blue dominant image with the skin tone as contrasting, which is again classic but efficient. And then there is this small touch of red near the face, which is basically the only hot color in the whole scene, I find that it breaks the color consistency. For example, I would advise to either make the lip color closer to the skin color or more purple.

So, in short, definitely a very good image, but a few experiments with colors could enhance it even further.
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Thanks so much for your great feedback! I admit I had to google Fresnel effect (I didn't realize it had a name), so I learned something there! Painting the transparency with the water was challenging, especially since I hadn't painted anything like that before, but I'm happy with how it turned out.
I rather like the unnatural blue tone to the water but I can see how it might throw the painting off a bit...something I will have to experiment with more :)
I'm glad you pointed out the lip color, I hadn't even noticed that. They are a bit too red I think.

Thanks again!
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Well, with your permission, I would like to reproduce the image in 3D (with Blender). I would love to have the occasion to toy with that water :)
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Go for it! If you post it online please let me know, I'd love to see it :)
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Thanks again! :D
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I love the water and the perspective on it. Seeing the painting up close is beautiful and quite  mesmerizing. I also love the shading on her dress. 
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fantastic... love that hair

and nice progress!!!!!
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Thank you, I appreciate it :)
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Hello, I'm here from :iconprojectcomment: :)

So what really drew me to this piece was all the BLUE. So much beautiful blue! And it's such a gorgeous shade, too. It really makes her skin tone pop out beautifully, and I like how you used muted purple tones in the background, really great choice there. It makes it feel all around more cohesive and easy to look at, even with all those strong hues of blue. I noticed you pulled some of the purples from the background into the back of her dress and boots, too. Awesome job! That brings everything together even more. I like the way you did the shading in her hair, too, it's very pretty.

I only have a couple small words of advise. The first one being that, although the blue you used is very pretty, and I love it, it kind feels like there's a bit too much of it, or at least too much dark blue. What I think would help this would be if you lightened up the color of the water a little bit. You can still use the dark blue you have throughout the piece in it, just in much smaller areas. Plus, water really isn't that dark of a blue anyway, so lightening it up a little bit would make it a little more realistic, too :) 

The other thing I noticed was that her left had (the one being bent upwards) looks a little odd. I think you were going for a different perspective on it, but that's not initially made clear, so it looks more like her forearm is just too short.

All in all, though, you did a great job. This piece is beautiful, keep up the great work! 
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Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun with the colors - I tried a different way of coloring than I usually do and I think I'll stick with it. Thanks for your suggestions! I'm rather fond of the blueness in the water but I definitely see what you mean. That left hand caused me a few problems even with a photo reference (although the pose in the photo I took is slightly different which didn't help). I ended up obscuring more of it than I intended to with water to hide the mistakes...I'm terrible, I know :)

Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
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XD you're far from terrible, trust me! This piece is really beautiful :)

You're welcome!
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Her dress style reminds me of something I wanted to use for one of my OCs. Specifically, with tightness of the torso and around her waist and the slant-like design there.
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I'm rather fond of that sort of design so I liked how it turned out here, and I think it would look good on your character!
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Amazing I really love how d water looks real and how it works well wit d character so cool :>
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Wow! This looks amazing! The color scheme, anatomy, shading, just everything is! Great job! :)
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it!
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