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Frozen Ready for the Oscars!

I hope in this time Let it go can win the oscar for the best song :3 and , ofcourse,  Frozen can get the oscar for best animation movie :3 
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Everyone looks good! Even Hans. :D
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Such a great picture, it made me laugh at the imagination of the four of them going to the Oscars...:D (Big Grin)
They're looking amazing, very well done...Clap 
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Switch up Han's and Chris and BOOM, you have what should of happened. :)
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I think an early version would have been like that. In that version the character that became Hans was sincere in his love for Anna and Elsa would have ended up with Kristoff.
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I would of loved to see that instead of what went down.
I honestly didn't hate Hans like most.
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I would have liked him as a hero, but now that they've taken him the way they did I don't want to see him suddenly change to good.
I'm worried that they'll pull and "Alien Force" stunt and have him change his ways and then become Elsa's love interest.

If they do that then the villain from the first movie gets what he wanted in the end.
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dayum, elsa's dress tho :D
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Me: excuse me can borrow Han for few min..
elsa: Uh
Anna: sure
Kistoff: ?
taken hans near closet lock him in there till over :)
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You forgot to lock me there too. :C
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Mhhmmm....! So sassy ! I looooove that !
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Aww, so cute!! :meow: They're all so beautiful!!! Love 
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i love this you totally nailed the boy's expressions. i don't know if the girls look so much as the movie but they're beautiful and their dresses and hair are fabulous. you should be a designer!!!
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I  know it's really late but ..... GO FROZEN GO FROZEN
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girls are sublime
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Just want to let you know, someone is selling your art:…
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Anna and Elsa's dress is sooo AMAZING !!! oh my I think u could be a professional fashion designer too
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I can't help but imagine that Anna and Elsa each had to take either Kristoff or Hans for a date and either Elsa took one for the team or lost a bet.
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Elsa is pure win in this.
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