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Mothcat User ID by violet241

Name/Username: violet241/Violet

Rank: A

1-Year Birthday Cupcake by floramisa  Mothcats Mentee Graduate by floramisa  1 Mothcat Owned by floramisa  2016 Mittens for Kittens Participant by floramisa  2017 Northern Mettle Participant by floramisa  2017 April Showers Participant by floramisa  2017 Pride Month by floramisa  2017 Cat Days of Summer Participant by floramisa  2018 FFY Sticker by olympvs  2017 Mothcat of the Month by floramisa

Subspecies Owned:
Bank Balance:
 | 7  | 5 


Crafting Items:

Gears by Mothkitten  Rock - Emerald Gemstone by Mothkitten  Pile of Dirt by Mothkitten  Rock by Mothkitten
Gears | Rock - Emerald | Pile of Dirt | Rock

Event Items:

Mascot Doll - Rubber Ducky by Mothkitten
Mascot Doll - Rubber Ducky


Plush - Turtle: Green by Mothkitten  Plush - Giant White Tiger by Mothkitten  Volleyball - Team Rubber Ducky by Mothkitten  Plush - Fish: Orange by Mothkitten  Plush - Giraffe: Pink by Mothkitten

Plush - Green Turtle | Plush - Giant White Tiger | Volleyball - Team Rubber Ducky | Plush - Orange Fish | Plush - Pink Giraffe


Flower - Rose by Mothkitten
Rose (x2)


Seed - Flowerbun by Mothkitten
Seed - Flowerbun


Band - Silver by Mothkitten  Scarf - Blue Striped by Mothkitten  Necklace - Cowrie Shell by Mothkitten  Necklace - Sunrise Shell by Mothkitten  Bracelet - Agate: Yellow by Mothkitten  Hat - Fake Antlers by Mothkitten  String Light by Mothkitten  1 Clothing Slot by Mothkitten
Band - Silver | Scarf - Blue Striped | Necklace - Cowrie Shell | Necklace - Sunrise Shell | Bracelet - Agate: Yellow | Hat - Fake Antlers | String Light | Clothing Slot


Dye - Metallic Gold by Mothkitten
Dye - Metallic Gold

Crafting Materials: 
Wood - Stick by Mothkitten  Pile of Sand by Mothkitten
Stick (x2) | Pile of Sand

Spider - Harvestman by Mothkitten  Spidner by Mothkitten  Squirrel - Brown by Mothkitten  Butterfly - Monarch by Mothkitten  Ladybug - Larva by Mothkitten  Crab - Hermit by Mothkitten

Spider - Harvestman | Spidner | Squirrel - Brown | Butterfly - Monarch | Ladybug - Larvae | Crab - Hermit

Mothcats and all subspecies are a closed species by floramisa

You cannot make your own! 


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