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Ladder to the Stars

^^; sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I hope you like this though to make up for it! :D

^^ I am incredibly proud of this . It took about 3 hours to finish but I'm sooo glad. It was worth it. It's so pretty.

Wisp and Nuff wanted to meet the stars up close so they built a ladder that reached all the way up into space. c:

I actually have my neighbor to thank for this idea. She's this friend of my sister that lives across the street. They had to write a story for their class and Her story was so sweet and magical and it inspired me to do this. :D

Made with Prismacolor Markers, Micron Pens, white gel pen, and some other white marker.

Wisp & Nuff (c) violet-rainstorm (me)
Original idea (where I got the idea from) (c) Kalynn M.
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that's so adorable. i love it! :D
ShadowSakami's avatar
>w< I love this picture so much~
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Absoloutley LOVELY. =O ...This is worthy of a Daily Daviation to me. <333
violet-rainstorm's avatar
>w< Thank you!! A Daily Deviation for this, or anything would....probably throw me into shock XD Great none the less though. I'm glad you like it so much!! Well makes the effort of making it feel that much more great.
Scumbi's avatar
Oh, I'd LOVE to give this one! =D I WOULD!!!!! <333 see, I don't know how to nominate it. =( Shame..I'm looking though...
violet-rainstorm's avatar
lol. I think someone made a where is it.... *searching*....*fumbles looking for the "new tab" thing in firefox*.....*searches*....HAHAHA found it. [link]

you don't have to though..^^ though it would be quite a surprise
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Ah, beautiful! ^^
violet-rainstorm's avatar
^^ Thank you so much!!!
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this is absolutely adorable. <3

found you through tegaki. :D
violet-rainstorm's avatar
XD Thank you very much!!

:3 I use this account for Wisp and Nuff and the little world they live in. all my general stuff is in the other account. >w< SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT
suzaku009's avatar

ahh i see. i was wondering why you had two accounts. xD
well, Wisp and Nuff and their little world are very lovable. <3
violet-rainstorm's avatar
most of the people on the ~shadowbandit account don't know about this one though XD but thank you, really!
strawberrybocky's avatar
Awwww~ My cute meter is kinda beyond it's limit now. This is so adorable~! Wonderful job. ^.^
violet-rainstorm's avatar
Cute meter huh? Well I guess we took it to a new level!!! WOO HOOO!!!! Thanks! :D
strawberrybocky's avatar
You're quite welcome. ^.^
krisbby's avatar
wow, so nicely done. :)
love the colors.
violet-rainstorm's avatar
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This is so sweet, I love her expression, she's a great character
violet-rainstorm's avatar
:D Thank you very much!!!
I like this a lot! I especially like the faces of the stars!
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