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1. balcony/kids looking down/view from the balcony
2. what the kids are looking at (garage with old people laying mah jong)

holga 120GCFN using 3fmm film because i love sprocket holes.

during this trip one of the hatches of my holga broke resulting to massive sunlight leaks. most of my rolls during this trip weren't pretty. leaks are good but tooo muuuuch leak infested rolls (especially on 35mm) are just disappointing.
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awww damn!! how did you get that colors? :pray:
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i used slide film here i think it was fujichrome velvia ASA50 :) then cross-processed!
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bah, i must try this cross processed stuff lol
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yah sprocket holes!
its so fun when you get a good print on them.
and if you play with the negative and fantastik
and you move a layer of colour (usually cyan) and print them showing sprocket holes mmmmm
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i haven't tried printing one with sprocket holes. will try that soon :D