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This is a group for collecting the visual art of female figures. Not just any women are accepted. We cater to the strong, powerful, aggressive or 'violent' women. We don't care if they kick-ass for good or evil or just for fun, all are welcome. However, to be clear - this is not a fetish group. This group is for battle ready women and women in battle. Thematically that means the femme fatale, soldiers, goddesses, demons, ninjas, spies and etc are all welcome. Feel free to join, to watch the progress, or to contribute art!

Submission Guidelines

Post as often as you'd like! Remember artwork posted must be YOUR artwork. This means no scans of others' work and no photographs of toys or figures unless you created them yourself. Submissions that are too similar will be subject to a process of elimination. We don't need 40 angles of one thing, please be original. Nudity is allowed, but tasteful nudity not pornography.  Due to the nature of our group violence against women will be accepted on a case by case basis. This group is supposed to be empowering of women, not degrading.

:skullbones: Not Allowed :skullbones:

  • Absolutely NO ERO GURO. - No exceptions. This means no mutilation or gore. (That means no images or stories of stabbing people in the vagina, etc.) 
  • Rape or Implied Rape - These will be denied or deleted if they were originally accepted. We will not promote rape culture.
  • Torture - Art depicting torture is NOT ACCEPTABLE. 
  • Porn - We allow sexy, but sexy doesn't mean pornographic.  Again, just be tasteful.


This group was originally created by Matt with the help of :iconscreamin2u:, with hopes of collecting artists together who like deadly women.

When Matt moved on, :iconjinworks-art: became the founder.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our members.
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I commissioned my first comic rendered by NiftyPumpkin and it's available for sale on Lulu!
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Is the group dead?
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I have some great pics and videos to share with this group. Because I always ask before, feel free to checkout my profile and let me know.

Posted new "Spy vs Spy" Video Trailer. Lot of female action, shooting, blood .......
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I dont expect u to talk! I expect u to explode! by MrJohnSteele  
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Wanda Insane Attack by AC-FemDom  
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If a violent woman was to be put to sleep with anesthesia, do you think she would resist being put to sleep and try to fight the anesthesia in an effort to attempt to stay awake?
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Why are none of my submissions being accepted?
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Are you getting the feeling this group is no longer active?
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Awesome group. Thanks for the accept!

NEED FLATS? Check me out -->

Flat for Teen Titans Page by hughdidit  
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Is this group still active and taking submissions?
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This is a group for violent women, yet you don't allow torture? Even drawn?

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my name is Sebastian. For years, I've been a very big fan of Linkin Park. When I came from Chesters
Death broke a world for me and many Linkin Park fans. To Chester to honor I made a video.


I hope you like it. Please share this video so that more LP fans can watch it. Thank you for your attention.
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Anyone rp here?
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I messed up, and did not post page 3 of the serial comic.  It is being posted with the latest batch - sorry if it caused any confusion.
nanako87 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Excuse me, l´m not into wrestling but l drew a few commissions in this theme, so l will just leave them there in case you wanted to invite them to your group. ^^;
Have a nice day ^-^
Shantae VS Jasmine - part 1 by nanako87

Mature Content

Shantae VS Jasmine - part 2 by nanako87
Shantae VS Jasmine - part 3 by nanako87
fzero64 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2017
Thank you for accepting me! :)
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Thank you for accepting my submissions! This seems like a cool group!
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Great Group & :iconcutieshots: Would Like To Affiliate With :iconviolent-women: :) Thank you xoLexxiiCutieShots
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