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Harley quinn SUICIDE SQUAD

Made for fun !

Traditionnal pencil + phtoshop!

Hope you like it!
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Harley in booty shorts. Damn!

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Wickedly sexy! Love Clap 
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Easily the best thing, in the entire movie. Just a wonderful goofball of fun and enjoyment. Nice work on this. The details and colouring's great, the background is cool and the lighting's really well done.
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Damn thats one hella of a piece of art!
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This is freakin awesome its not even funny. Or...perhaps it is ! After all, Harley is the queen of screamingly, toe-curling, heart stopping humor. ;) It may just be your last laugh ! I especially love the background, and the out of focus look. The rain especially gets me in the mood of the picture. Its gloomy, moody gotham; yet it still has excitement with all the lights and such.

Speaking of lighting....good call with the reflecting lighting beneath the legs. It really highlights one of Harleys best assets...those great legs of hers in fishnets, as well as that cute rendered hiney of hers in the jean shorts. Also like the heels !

Overall: Great, playful style with a comic/cartoon feel to it. Great background choice.  Captured the sexy, yet badass look of Harley and gave her complete with a well detailed, well rendered legs. Great work.

Great review ! What are you doing these days?

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Hot and sexy. Love 
I see there is a split on how Harley new look should be as from story to story she changes her look as I don't mind this new look as looking forward if Hot Toys does a figure of her I surly will buy.    On and to the Artist of all these amazing works as I just enjoyed myself look at your entire gallery ...  amazing work ...  do more  Widescreens as they look awesome on a 4K monitors :)  as love to see this Harley in Wide Screen ...  she's awesome
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That's the stupidest outfit I've ever seen! You can't take Harley seriously with that outfit! She looks like a ditz cheerleader! :(
Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: Bad Cop :no: 
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It's not your fault, though. Whoever in that movie (costume designer, director, etc) is to blame...and this may be one factor in its downfall; if it's successful in the box office, I'll eat my hat.
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I see it has Harley being herelf.  Not answering to anyone, or conforming to anyones expectations.
She is sexy, she is crazy, she is badass.  Besides, isnt jokers big mantra "why so serious"? I dont think Harley cares who takes her seriously.  Shes still gonna F some people up, laugh about it, and then maybe do a cute/sexy pose as you lay lying bleeding on the ground.

Atleast thats the harley i know. I think she is a little different for everyone ;)
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Emotes all you want. Even Bruce Timm is on board with the new look.
"I'm actually really excited. I just today, just before the show started, saw the first image of Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie, and I thought 'Whoa. She looks actually pretty cute!' I was actually kind of worried I thought ‘Oh, she's going to look really, really bizarre and skanky' but nah, she's not too bad. So I'm often mistaken"…

He also went on to say in other podcast that the character has taken a life of its own, has evolved/changed since he first created her, and is even open to interpretation in many different ways.

The creator has spoken. Sorry bout that ;)
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Well, all the same, I'd rather she wear the same leather duds in Arkham City; she'd be taken more seriously that way as she'd look a lot more dangerous than her original look, this dumb sorority babe look, and the nurse getups in Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight.
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