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[Vent Art] Shattered Illusions by vinyldarkscratch [Vent Art] Shattered Illusions by vinyldarkscratch
Within this month, my best friend, Dr. Dooggle, lost his girlfriend (who was a bitch, for the record, she broke up with him).  About a week and a half ago, he turned to Christianity to fill the gap left in his heart, and has blindly dove into it without looking back.  This was a devastating event to me, and still is.  This religion labels me for death for many reasons (of which I would rather not go into details).  I took it personally, but more importantly, it confused me, of how he would go from absolutely no religion, to suddenly making such huge decisions like baptization, going to church every day after he stops working, reading the bible literally every night...

I legitimately thought that he was possessed by some sort of evil spirit.  This isn't him, this isn't the following that he's built for years...  He's hurting himself, pushing away his friends for a religion he only just picked up.  He's unhealthily filling his heart with this religion, which goes against his own beliefs and values.  (Dooggle's main content is NSFW hypnosis art.)  I don't recognize him anymore, it's like he's someone completely different...  And I can feel the real him inside, trying to get out, trying to escape into the world again.

I want him back...  His friends and I...we all want him to return to us, instead of encasing himself in a shell that will only further harm him...  Why doesn't he just...understand already?

Thank you, :iconshujiwakahisaa:, for drawing this so quickly for me (1 hour 40 minutes).  You were able to channel my exact emotions, and you didn't hesitate to get right on it.  I'm in your debt.

I also want to mention that I have a number of Christian friends, my step-father is even Catholic.  It's just isn't Dooggle that's drawing the art, saying the many things, and overall controlling his body.  It's something else that's posing as him, wrapping him in a blanket of false comfort.
Songbreeze741 Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That is...unfortunate, but everyone is free to choose their own way in life, even if it doesn't run parallel to your own

Patience is your friend here, just be there for him if he needs it
SpokenMind93 Featured By Owner May 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do feel sorry for you that you lost your friend to religion but honestly, after reading that he lost his girlfriend, it doesn't surprise me.
A broken heart can do a lot to you and it can change you in many ways, sometimes good, sometimes bad and sometimes very very bad.

I'd say have patience on him. He has found solace in this religion, it's what makes him happy for the moment. Be patient and be understanding. Count yourself lucky that he isn't drinking or smoking himself to death or worse. He'll return to normal or be less obsessed by it.
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