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Magic Venice by l-CoRaLiNe-l
Worn Photo of a Farm Woman by Urceola
a vintage dream by phoenixgraphixstudio
Vintage by Suvetar
New vintage-like jewellery
I Love Retro Hoop by Dollface-RYJ
Mickey Timepiece by mikiangel001
Journey Ahead by VintageLightJewelry
The key to my heart by mikiangel001
Old - Architecture
Saint Basil by fmr0
Snowy by fmr0
Waiting for Julia by PancolartJorge
Rouen Cathedral by fmr0
Old - Art other than photos
Swing King Fierce - DeviantArt I.D by FierceTheBandit
Vintage Advertising for SkinnMe Designs by Sean-Kelly
Everywhere I Go by sofia210
Manhattan Christmas 1979 Painting by FastLaneIllustration
Old - History
End of trip.img445, with story by harrietsfriend
JFK: Inaugural Day by Urceola
distant past II by magenda25
distant past I by magenda25
Old - Jewellery
Old - Machines
De Dion Bouton by Kitteh-Pawz
FIAT vintage 3 by Pippa-pppx
DS on granite ground by Pippa-pppx
marantz nudies, born Dec 18, 1974 by Pippa-pppx
Old - Nature
Desert,50mm.img443, with story by harrietsfriend
Grand Canyon.img440, with story by harrietsfriend
VINTAGE Birthday 59_quaddles by quaddles
VINTAGE Birthday 68_quaddles by quaddles
Old - Nude

Mature Content

Risque 222_quaddles by quaddles

Mature Content

Risque 140_quaddles by quaddles

Mature Content

Vintage Couple 33 by Bnspyrd

Mature Content

Vintage Female Nude 55 by Bnspyrd
Old - Objects
Coffee Grinders by Kl-lAYMAN
Old Stories by Kl-lAYMAN
A Teapot of Spring by frenchija
Vintage toys by UkkiRainbow
Old - People
Cabinet Portrait by Shosan
Old - Places
Inside the camera repair shop, with story by harrietsfriend
Remade - Architecture
The Godfather II by JNS0316
Remade - Art other than photos
Character-Design by TheVintageFeel
Remade - Machines
Vehicular Dispensary by Urceola
Remade - Meetings, cosplays, big events
Snow Patrol I by ArcangeloMellotron
Remade - Nature
Landscape in retro style by 2ravens
Remade - Objects
Old saloon piano by 2ravens
Remade - People
Remade - Places
1 by LiisaP
Remade - vintage themed nude
Youth With Greek Vases by Brightstone
Stamp  -  Fluctuat Nec Mergitur by fmr0
Tutorials, textures, stock
Certificate of apprenticeship by Regicollis
Remade - nude
Nina La Voix 052 Vintage Burlesque Photo Card by JayelDraco




About this group and its rules.

I don't accept much, because most of people don't know what vintage is.


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KaidaYinThyme Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I'm looking for help restoring a vintage angel tree topper: any help would be greatly appreciated.
Coccineus Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, is this group still active?
I'd like to submit this:
FREE Vintage paper texture design stock by Aenea-Jones  :)
Yesterdays-Paper Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm available to take charge of monitoring this group if you need a co-founder or admin. I'm managing two groups currently, and have worked a stall in an antiques flea market, so I know old! Send me a note if interested in having help.
AvantiNostalgia Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Are you alive?
My deviation waits for your accept/decline ... for a month already.
AvantiNostalgia Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Is this group active?
thespacespace Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
I wish to share with you this musical Interpretation of Computer Nostalgia:

Fornax Void - Memory Machine: [link]
EasyLuckyFree80 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Hi there,

I've added a couple of photos for your consideration. Just to clarify, the photos aren't old and neither are they strictly speaking, "remade." They are taken with a modern DSLR but using Holga plastic "toy" lenses, which gives them the retro look. Only minimal post-processing is undertaken. Nevertheless, they are closer to remade than old so I've submitted them there. Cheers.
black-cat16 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
I see... But they aren't vintage, so I can't accept them. Not all shots taken with old cameras or special lenses are vintage. Maybe next time you can submit something that fits my group. You see, I want to keep a high standard of VRO, because there is no other vintage group on DA. All of them accept non vintage and non retro works and I am fighting against it. Don't take it personally, it's not a matter of my taste. They just don't fit.
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