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May 25, 2008
Shellac corset and poofy skirt by ~Vintagepixie83. This has to be one of the most delightfully and ingeniously designed garments I have ever seen. Fullview is a must to take in all the yards and yards of net, anchored by a simple cotton corset treated to look and feel like leather.
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Shellac corset and poofy skirt

This was made a while ago as my exam piece for my foundation course, the corset is made from calico smothered with lemon shellac and the skirt is just layers of net folded and tied to a waistband, dyed with tea! This is my first deviation so be gentle!
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Hallooo ^^ I can see that you have corset art ^^ Maybe you would be interested to join my corset contest with prizes? [link]
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love the dress, but i wish it was arranged differently in the photo...
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I saw this and instantly thought GORGEOUS! how practical was the skirt?
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this is gorgeous!! love it! xx
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that skirt is to die for
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WOW! I love so much about this! The roses and the sheer layers of the skirt are so beautiful! And then the corset, I've just finished making my first calico corset, I used calico because I'm only new to sewing and wanted to practice without worrying about expensive fabric but the design worked out really well in the end with the fabric being the only let down... It never occurred to me to coat it with something... you're looks amazing! Thanks for this idea, I might be able to save hours and hours of effort!! Xx
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This is very beautiful. The picture reminds me of a vogue catalogue picture I saw. The dress was by Galliano for Dior and was green instead of pink though the composition of the picture was very similar. I do like the color combination you used the dark corset color goes well with the light pink and the pink flowers that surround you. Well done!
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Such a beautiful image! The colors are so soft, yet the model seems bold and independant. The roses are such a nice touch. :clap:
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I wish I could find a class need by to take like that.
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This is really beautiful. I love it all!
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Sooo beautiful. Looks rather Vogue-like actually.
Asphyxia-pallida's avatar
This looks absolutely gorgeous!

Your work is so well done... it looks very nice, just really good and a bit as a dress made for a fairy. The colour of the skirt is so nice... it's dyed with tea? So, something like red tea, right? ^^

Im really really fascinated, because your work is so good and the photo just spots it out more gently! It looks so nice, this... pale "pink" dress, or corset and skirt, in front of all the green.
Vintagepixie83's avatar
Thank you so much for your comment-it was actually done with plain old regular tea!
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:star: Featured Here! : [link] :star:
I feel like writing a fairytale about this photo!
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very fairy-like and has an ethereal quality. niice.
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thaaaaaats amazing.
i really want that dress.
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You have been featured here [link]
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