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Tutorial: Cosplay Jewel-Making

Painless, and hopefully profitable for the cosplay crowd out there. I have to cast a large quantity of half-dollar sized dome jewels for Nia, and the experience has been kinda fun, so I thought I'd share it with you all. ^^

Thanks to HCC Cosplay for inspiring/instructing me to make them, though I found my own method, which is what this tutorial illustrates.

Aaaand thanks to ~spiked-stock, who pointed me in the direction of that site AND is keeping me sane while I make my Nia costume. x3 And is the best sewing teacher ever--I crashed her room for five hours the other night to make my skirt.

Hope this is helpful! Post if you have any questions!
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Sorry for bothering you but I was wondering where you get your resin dye.
Koiko-Destol's avatar
Is there anyway you can make your own molds (Like where you put the mixture in)
my cosplay has complex Jewels so i'm wondering if you can cut them off or make your own.
mizu-shimma's avatar
I know you made this tutorial years ago, but bless your soul for it. This is going to help me so much!
vintageaerith's avatar
No problem at all!! :D Glad that it's still relevant! <3
Star0127's avatar
Great tutorial!
Quick question though, how did you make the lining around the red jewels on your shoes? I'm trying to make a necklace with a similar look (Juliet's necklace from Romeo x Juliet anime) and I'm having trouble finding tutorials for it. :S
Did you just create a base out of clay, bake it (or let it dry), and then add the gem? Or was there another method involved? Thanks in advance! :D
vintageaerith's avatar
Actually yes, that's exactly what I did! I made the clay base (and usually pressed the gem into it to make sure the final shape would be right) and then baked it and painted it before glueing the gem in the middle :)
smashcosplay's avatar
Finally! Easy to follow instructions! Can't wait to try this out :)
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What wonderful tutorial :heart:
I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the resin. Does it have to be that specific set with the hardener or can I buy other kinds of resin? Art based things are hard to come by around my place XD
vintageaerith's avatar
The process of casting "real" polyester resin is more difficult, must be completed outdoors, and involves different proportions of the resin + hardener than I mention in this tutorial! This was mostly meant to be the easiest-possible process to getting resin gems, and involves this resin "epoxy" (doesn't dry as rock-hard, potentially less pure, etc) instead of the real stuff. That's why I mention that specific brand as opposed to this being a generic tutorial on how to cast resin! (I hope that makes sense)
Dragona15's avatar
Holy gee, I have tried polyester resin after some time since I see this lovely tutorial, and I have to say I like it. Despite the smell, it goes away after a few weeks and I can work the resin with some sandpapering and grinding work :P
The biggest problem in itself is get the molds done before casting the resin XD
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Thanks very much!
SethKirklandJones's avatar
how do you attack them to fabric?
vintageaerith's avatar
I just use hot glue! :D
DerGamerArtist's avatar
(*attach c:)
You'll have to use fabric glue.
SethKirklandJones's avatar
okay thanks never used them and doing dark magician girl
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
Oh wow, this is really helpful!!! What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing! :D
vintageaerith's avatar
Of course! :D I hope it's helpful to you!!
clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
Astrabella's avatar
So great! best regards!
Tsukiko-Rain's avatar
Not sure if anyone's asked this yet or not, but is it possible to layer colors in one jewel? I'm trying to find a better option for a project I'm working on instead of what was used in the original. ^^;;
vintageaerith's avatar
Hmm, this may work if you let each individual layer completely cure before pouring the next one? However, you're bounded by 'gravity', if that makes sense--you would pour a partial color into the gem mold, and it would fill the bottom. Then the next layer would fill it and they would go from the 'front' to the 'back' of the jewel. This might look neat for spherical gems, though you might get a 'muddy' color looking through the first color because it would have every color behind it (and form kind of a multi-color brown). But, it would allow you to have 'rings' of color coming out from the center! Layering the colors wouldn't work with any other shape, methinks.
Tsukiko-Rain's avatar
Alright, thanks! I was planning on using the tutorial to make eyes for a plushie I'm going to make. I think the first color can be muddy since that part is supposed to be either brown or black. ^.^ 
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