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THE INCREDIBLES (2/4) - Elastigirl

By vinrylgrave
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What if The Incredibles exist in My Hero Academia Universe.
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Pretty face on elastigirl--pretty lips, eyes and hair!
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Fantastic art :woohoo:
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)!

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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Awesome! I know my good pal:iconwaffle-with-big-arms: will love this :D
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Neat idea, but they would make most sense as starting near that world’s beginning. In the MHA universe, quirks seem to have been happening for about 200 years in a (relatively) technologically stagnant society, as if their advent has caused innovations in many areas to grind to a crawl. Like magneto said when he tore up a bridge (they will fly, or jump or swim or teleport across rivers!), and in a world where 99% of people have at least a very simple quirk, (a large minority, upwards of 30%, are almost useless to the point that they may as well be normal people, many more are only useful in non combative ways), the plot of Incredibles would make no sense. They would basically operate openly as special police, no problems.
So, to merge both, I would tweak the advent of the a quirks as a very gradual phenomenon taking 50 years to fully manifest, instead of all at once. The Incredibles would be the second generation after the beginning, with at least 50% of the population still not having any quirks yet and the majority of the rest still having weak ones. Jakjak’s peers will be the first born with 90% and increasingly powerful. He being among the mightiest, and practically immortal, living on to the current MHA storyline, which would be identical to the canon, except to mention the Incredible time period occasionally until JakJak has cause to make an appearance. He would look like his dad still in his prime, but with white hair by now , the only sign of aging.
That’s how I’d do it.

How have you managed the details in your version?
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This is very nicely made
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