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THE INCREDIBLES (1/4) - Mr. Incredible

By vinrylgrave
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If Incredibles is in My Hero Academia World
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Oh wow! That's amazing
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Mr. Incredible, Incredible, Incredible. Catching the bad guys..pow pow POW!  Nicely done.
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I'm surprised that Disney hasn't made The Incredibles a series yet unless they plan on it being a Hulu or Disney+ show.  
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They won't get that chance to do a TV series because Bird is very VERY protective of his series (which Disney has acknowledged and accepted his terms), he's pretty much against anything involving fan ideas (which is why he's so against aging the family in the first place as a good portion of said aging the family are all fan ideas (plus it's been done in Toy Story and Up), or any spin-off films involving Frozone, Voyd or Edna Mode (as they are also fan ideas as well), and crossovers (he's against a Pixar cinematic universe and crossovers involving other Disney properties (which is why we won't ever see the Incredibles teaming up with Marvel characters), he's even against the idea of a prequel film focusing on a young Bob Parr and Helen as he doesn't want an origin story involving Supers (and it would take away the charm due to the lack of Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack), he wants the Incredibles to be seen first as a film franchise to focus mainly on the Parr family as a whole, and possibly a comic series after (seeing as comics tend to sell more than TV shows as we saw with the Boom comics version of the Incredibles).

Granted we're only getting one more Incredibles film anyway (thereby making it a trilogy) and it'll be Bird's swansong film, as Bird needs to think about handing his baby off to his successor (whoever it may be, hopefully a die-hard fan who's not afraid to relax some of those rules that Bird has in place right now without taking away that charm) so that Disney can reboot the series with said successor.

If a TV series were to happen, it would need to be set in an alternate universe where the Supers ban never happened at all (so that it won't contradict what happened in the films) and focus on the kids going through wacky shenanigans as Supers in training (just not to the extreme type of wacky that the Teen Titans Go show has already done), they can still use the film characters.
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Incredibly awesome :D
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