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Pacific Rim: Uprising - Indonesian Jaeger

"GA707 - Raging Thunder
save Jakarta from catastrophic Kaiju's attack.
The battle was held on Bundaran HI, Our Heroic Jaeger managed to stop the Kaiju and minimised the damage to the city."
I designed this Jaeger based on Indonesian folklore character called Gatotkaca.
So I try to incorporate the design and ability as much as possible into this Jaeger.

Designing Jaeger is really challenging cus their structure is quite unique compared to other robot franchise. They are sluggish and more heavy oriented. I guess they felt more realistic so I try to be practical as much as possible.
Gatotkaca himself is famous for his thunder fist and being a brawler type. Using that idea I designed my Jeager to be a close range fighter type, who solely focus in hand to hand combat.
Since he is all out for a brawl, I designed his arm to be heavier and bigger. To compensate for the slow movement this arm has to rely on electromagnetic to maneuver and additional thrusters attached to his front and back shoulder for recoil.
his chest has our nation pride PANCASILA.

Following the idea of thunder fist, I designed his fist to be able to generate an insane amount of electricity. However it consumes a lot of energy, therefore, I gave him a core reactor on each of his arm.  

Having so many reactors makes this Jaeger really prone to heat and constantly generate steam from its shoulder. He is designed to take down the enemy as fast as possible due to the heat issue and energy consumption issue so he cants fight a long duration battle.
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Awesome the detail!
Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon have some competition. This Jaeger truly does live up to the name of Raging Thunder. Especially love the detail on the arms, especially those colossal fists, and how well they work with the added lighting effects. I would guess this is a Mark IV or V?
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Can you draw Fanky like this is so cool!!!
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The lightning effect is amazing, I love this. 
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.. i love jeagers with a bit of a punch ..
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One punch jaeger
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That’s pretty neat.
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Oh my GOD that's awesome!!
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