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Vin's Alice in Wonderland

I'm putting a new more sexy classic (colors) Alice up because the old version I had was bothering me. (I had 2 done for those who didn't know "the Darker" and a "classic") I can't replace the print on the other, so I'm submitting this as a brand new one. I did a ton of work on this, but I'm finally happy with it. I hope you guys love the new changes as well.

~Vinnie Tartamella

Vin's Alice (Darker)

Here's a link to Alice 2

Alice 3 "Drink me" piece

PS I am working on brand new images and characters I haven't done before too. So more fun art is on its way.

Also Twisted Fairytales contest, more info here:

Facebook page: [link]
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I was looking for Alice and found your versions, oh man!  These are great!
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I see she's finally kicked the Hatter, March Hare and Dormouse out of the tea party...those guys never did get along. XD Speaking of which, I'd love to see your version of the Hatter! (McGee's version is my fave)
And do I really need to say how awesome this is? Everything I've seen in your gallery is, really.
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Wow, another great Alice piece. I really like the feel of your work.:w00t:
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Thanks man! I kick started some fairy tale designs when I worked for McFarlane toys. So I wanted to jump back into more fairy tale pieces.

The original was for a friend, and then it was going to be used for a comic company, but they proved to be very disrespectful and cheated me on it. I'm happy people still love both my versions though!
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Dude, that's awesome that you got to work for McFarlane Toys. They've made just about the best and most detailed figures I've ever seen.

Cool that you did this one up for a friend. They must have flipped out over seeing it, I know I would've. Bad times with the publisher trying to screw ya over on the work, but I'm glad to see you still have ownership of this one. And also it's nice to see that it didn't slow ya down a bit creating more great Fairy Tale design work/posters. Can't wait to see what ya come up with next! :handshake:
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Nice. But I like the other one more.
If you put up the other verision in a different window and click back and forth. It looks like night and day Alices'
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This is amazing!! You did a great job ^^
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Thanks Megan! :D
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You're welcome! ^^
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masterful work mate!
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Thanks dude!
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This amazing piece of art
has been featured here:[link]

And please visit my gallery,
thank you for your time and art work (:

Love Emily

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Looks awesome. But why didn´t you leave her brunette?
I guess in the novel she had dark hair...
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I had done a brunette one and a classic "disneyish" color version (with some different touches) so I'd make everyone happy lol.
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A very sexi looking Alice. :)
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I'm glad you like it!
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new version of Alice in wonderland :D
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