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April 28, 2008
Vin's Alice by *VinRoc is an amazing rendition with an evil little twist of the classic Alice in Wonderland! Great details, color, and lighting really make her come alive in this fantastical painting by a very talented artist!
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Vin's Alice

This is a new darker more twisted version of the other Wonderland piece I put up. I went and added a few more twisted details and darker tint to pull it all together. This was inspired by my friend :iconhimstress666: I made a version special for her too. Hope you guys and girls like this one too. :)

(This was also in Imagine FX issue 33, in the cover contest)

Copyright Vinnie Tartamella

*Available as a print*

*Don't forget to look at the classic Alice!
Vin's Alice in Wonderland by VinRoc

Here's a link to Alice 2
:thumb104004887: Alice 3 "Drink me" piece Vin's Alice 3 drink me by VinRoc

Dorothy by VinRoc Vin's Alice the mad drink by VinRoc 50s Pinup by VinRoc

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© 2008 - 2022 VinRoc
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c­h­e­c­k t­h­i­s l­i­nk…
Adult Alice with a bit of fetish - would've been too sexual, but for the hanging rabbit in the background. What a good thematic balance!
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Wow! All I could think of was the song, "Her name is Alice"
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Dude, get out of here with this stupid chain comment stuff
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Wow that is awesome I love it great work
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So cool! My sister's, cosine and I did an alice in wonderland theme for Halloween! I was Cheshire cat!😸
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what programs do you use ?
Serpent99's avatar
Do you use Photoshop to make these?
VinRoc's avatar
I hand draw everything, scan my pencils, and then paint using photoshop.
Serpent99's avatar
That sounds like something I should do. Great artwork though!
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💚💚💙💙beautifull💜💜💛💛 :D :D :D :3 :3 :3 incredible work!!!
VinRoc's avatar
Thank you! :) 
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what is she drinking blood or T virus infected blood :)
fastcat777's avatar
resident evil Alice from underland :)
VinRoc's avatar
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Thank you so very much!
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Everyone I look at your work I see something new.Love the rabbit in the background
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Stunning Work!
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