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Vin's Alice 3 drink me

Here's my brand new Alice art! I've had this image in my head for a while now. Sketched out a few weeks ago, but I couldn't get to it until now. BTW I will be doing more comic book/fantasy art again too. I hope everyone likes this as much as my other Alice pieces. :) hahaha

~Vinnie Tartamella

Alice 1

Here's a link to Alice 2

Sexy Classic Alice

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I just happened upon this image looking for Disney groups. This caught my eye, not due to a provocative nature but the detail The doorknob was what really drew my eye. The little ornate details, the shading and depth and the presence is really attractive and interesting/

It's gorgeous and is striking in a very beautiful way. The glare and the lighting is enchanting and it comes together so perfectly. This is certainly something I'd like to strive for in my own work.

I am a little confused about the feathers but not to the level of complete distraction. Is it just a little garnish for the image?
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Brothers Grimm eat your heart out! This is a great revamping of the classic scene from Alice in Wonderland. I really like how you pulled the water off, I can't even imagine how you did that so well though, I just tried a stream of water in a drawing of my own and it only barely looked like water for the longest time. The Doorknob in the back is definately has twist on his former character and looks like he's ready to take vengeance for having his nose twisted before Alice shrunk, (nice touch!) I am curious how you did the background though. Is it just a little mix of color and some spattered brush strokes? Either way, you placed this drawing right up there with the fairytale re-tellings!
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The color and depth are incredible! Would you allow me to use the doorknob in a collage for an Alice themed tarot deck I'm trying to create?
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Sorry but no. I would rather not have my art "used or altered" in any way shape or form.  Thanks for understanding.
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I appreciate your concerns. I will not use this art you created in my collaged tarot deck. Thank you.
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Wonderful colors, and gorgeous take on Alice! Any chance of making one of her when she is giant size? :)
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Thank you! Yeah maybe if I can make more free time again.
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Very nice . Love the colours
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Wow! That is just awesome in every way. Love the color rendering you've done and really like the facial expression of the Doorknob. Great work!:w00t:
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Thanks man! This was a fun one. People kept asking me for more Alice art, so this was another in my own series of them :)
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me encanta....
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Very Cool man. Its got a very dark overtone but still sexy as hell. Very nice.
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Lovely idea behind this creation!
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Thank you Alyssa!
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I doubt we'll ever see that in an Alice in Wonderland movie, but it sure would be nice!
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HAha yeah I know. Thanks!
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Wow!! O.O Your artwork and lighting details are amazing! I look forward to watching and seeing more of your work. Maybe I'll make the drive to the Comic Con and see you there! :faint: I'd probably not be able to talk to you though. :blushes:
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Thank you so much... er, I don't know your name lol.. But I'm really happy that you enjoy my work so much! You can talk to me anytime you'd like silly. Would a hug help you feel better in meeting me in person? lol I'm on the east coast, so I've been doing some shows there. If I go to Comic Con, I'll let you know. Thank you again for the support, feel free to write me and/or drop by anytime :)
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:) Ashley. In person might be available sometime. I'm on the west coast but have a friend in Florida as well as Jersey. :plotting: Comic chat over coffee? :blush: ^^; Well likewise...write whenever you'd like.
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Ashley is a lovely name :) Hey that sounds good to me. I'm in FL. and I travel to NY every now and then :D So I'm sure we could make it happen. :p
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:) Sounds like a nice idea! :P Keep in touch!
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