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Skateboard Deck 1

Here's something a bit different I'm trying out. I'm doing a limited skateboard deck run with my design on it. For all those who are seriously interested in buying one, I'm selling these for $100, accepting paypal only right now. (also just mailing within the US at this time) Takes 3 to 6 weeks from when orders are placed.

Again this is only for the Deck, no wheels! First in a line if these do well enough there will be more.

~Vinnie Tartamella
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Symphony-73's avatar
In Love :) Great Job!
VinRoc's avatar
Thanks man! I appreciate it!
starbuxx's avatar
Wow! Great work here! The colors are awesome!
VinRoc's avatar
Thank you so much Megan!
Chaotiv's avatar
Like this! Check out my skate-art :) [link]
GigaGlomp's avatar
I love this! I love colours, detailing and the style. Makes me want to skate again. Great work <3
HaruShakurai's avatar
whoa ! If I had a deck like this, I'd learn to ride ^__^
kewwa's avatar
What kind of drawing instruments did you use? :D
laracroftdiva's avatar
How do you do that?
Kitsune-Kari's avatar
Lol XD awesome! Ive been doing a skateboard for my boyfriend with darkchylde on it but I havent worked on it in like---I dunno even know how long x_x I gotta check my deviantart page to see when I uploaded it so see how long it's been XD. Im waiting til I get inspired again to start painting on it- otherwise I'll wreck it x_x. But it's not anywhere as good as this!! XD : ) You're great! ^_^
kaesegan's avatar
U might want to try shooting it outdoors, avoid direct sunlight and keep your flash off. Very nice work.
VinRoc's avatar
Yeah, I should lol. I just took some quick shots. Thanks!
JD3366's avatar
brilliant idea, I'm sure they will do well.. I'd love to do stuff like this! - How do you decide on colours? :)
Loopydave's avatar
Came up a treat! Love the contrast of the cool jacket against all the warm colours. Nice work!
VinRoc's avatar
Haha thanks dude!:)
BIG-D-ARTiZ's avatar
hey this is great I used to be a skater back in Jr. High but i stopped a long time ago I hope they do well vin! =) great work
VinRoc's avatar
Thanks for the support Abe. I hope they do too.
BIG-D-ARTiZ's avatar
No prob vin! your a great artist keep working on ur amazing artwork =) and ill keep improving mine =)
GabeFarber's avatar
That looks amazing, Vinnie! :D I hope they do well for ya!
VinRoc's avatar
Thanks Gabe. I hope so too!
Galen-Wolfe's avatar
that would get framed in a shadow box and never be touched... which is probably blasphemy for skate boarders everywhere
VinRoc's avatar
HAha sweet. :thumbsup:
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