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Barack Obama

This is 1 half of a special cover for the Barack Obama Political Power issue that I made a few months ago. (this will be out later on this year and will also be attached to a new Michelle Obama issue I did) It was first shown on my MSNBC interview.

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~Vinnie Tartamella
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if you ask me Obama is probably one of the most underrated presidents out there
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I agree. He is the best since Kennedy.
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This is wonderful. You really caught his vibe.
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Thanks, Glad you like my cover
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Great job! I highly support him!
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I have featured this amazing piece of your work @ [link]
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love this man! nice job!
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Thanks Laura! Yeah I finally got around to posting it, I thought it should be okay to show it now. I still have the new Michelle to show too, but she connects to this image :)
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Thank you so much! :)
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That is awesome hun! Looks just like him. Shading on everything is spot on :blowkiss: Perfection! :D
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:glomp: Thank you so much!
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you bet sweetie. Look forward to more :hug:
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:hug: I'm shooting for more exciting stuff again too, and fantasy.
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woot! I can't wait :D
... makes me happy in my pants to hear such news! :rofl:
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Yeah tell me about it hahaha. That stuff was boring me a lot. (I did come out with a lot of nice pieces though) But still, action, sexy, and fun comic art is what its about!
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Oh that you did. All of them are wonderful. But yeah I need some fun Vinnie action fantasy comic stuff *shakes from withdraw*
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Hahahah awwww I love hearing thing like that hahaha, I think the new Alice will be the first one up! (sexy Alice) :D
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Definitely is a great duplication in artistic form of the man!
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Thanks, hand drawn, scanned my line work, and painted on the computer. I had 2 photos I liked as reference, but I couldn't find one of his smile like that, so I was watching tv , there he was, so I sketched fast haha.
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W-ow I can't even fathom how that went. DAMN! Do you have one of those photographic memories to boot? I know I tend to be a much more visual person and I am horrible with numbers and names. lol I've done this before though but at least I had the option of pausing my screen.
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