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Experimenting with Curves, vintage fades and actions, borders and focus settings.

Hoping to get a new Nikon Digital Point-and-Shoot.. digging the P100.
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Experimenting with double exposure photography
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I need some.
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Going to work on black and white expressive portraits.
Maybe in a field?
Not sure.
Experimenting is the name of my game.

Any suggestions on how to allow an inexperienced model to express freely (without telling them what to do)?

I want it to be fun, and not feel like work; but still produce good photos
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To be a better photographer.
To be a better artist.
I take take constructive crit. very well, so hit me with it!

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In my writings, poetry and some of my art, innocence is lost and the dark side comes out to play.
Meet Jane Rousse-Locke--My Alter Ego.


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Hm, so my current camera doesn't have the most wonderful Macro setting but I got some pretty good shots. I'm delving into more nature shots, but don't get me wrong--still love the city streets!
Just experimenting :)

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I am new to DeviantArt;; all the same I am stoked to show off some of my photography.
Got some new ones in early dawn. Check out "Traffic Light Jam Stylee" Gallery.
All taken with Canon PowerShot sd1200 (10.0 Megapixel Resolution).
A little low in megapixel department to do any macro right now; but a new camera is on the way (Canon PowerShot G10 Point & Shoot Digital Camera) Half-way there!

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