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Your Wish is My Command by Vinomath Your Wish is My Command :iconvinomath:Vinomath 9 38 Mustached Otter for Sale! [Auction Open] by Vinomath Mustached Otter for Sale! [Auction Open] :iconvinomath:Vinomath 4 1
The MMO (Anthro Sheep TF/TG) {Com}
Mike sat perched in front of his computer surfing around the web. It was a normal day, boring and uneventful. Mike sighed as he went through his usual browsing routine. He wanted to be doing something more, something fresh and new! He just didn't know exactly what that entailed.
That would eventually be solved when Mike wound up finding a strange website advertising an "adventure you've never experienced before." Mike would be excited if it was something real, but by the looks of it the site seemed to be advertising some sort of massive multiplayer online game. While not productive, it would at least cure his boredness...maybe.
It wasn't too pricey, only five dollars for a monthly subscription to the service. While normally he wouldn't pay for something like this, Mike was desperate for some form of entertainment. He input his payment information and began to download the executable file. It downloaded rather quickly, and Mike opened it up.
He scrolled as fast as he could through the T
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A New Character (Anthro Panther TF/TG/MC) [COM]
Dell sat perched over his computer in deep thought. He hands were crossed and rested underneath his chin. He was at a loss for what he wanted to do. Dell the Deer was trying to decide what to work on. So many projects he could be working on, and at the same time found it hard to find just about anything to work on in the first place. His motivation was scattered. He had commissions and such he had to get done. On the other side, Dell wanted to start working on something entirely new. Something he hadn't done before. Something to de-stress him from having to worry about making stuff for someone. 
Dell sighed and ran his hands through his non-existent hair. There had to be some sort of solution to his problem. If only there was some way that he could do something for him that would benefit the stream of revenue he could bring in. 
And like a divine case of deus ex machina, that exact thing would come as a girl's voice entered into Dell's mind. 
"Oh Dell~!" it spoke out.
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 24 3
Mature content
Hot Night (Anthro Fennec TF/TG/MC) [COM] :iconvinomath:Vinomath 23 1
The Carer of the Egg (Dragon TF/TG) [COM]
Matt was wrapping up his day at a Medieval Festival that had swung by his town. He had wanted to check it out for a while, and the timelines finally matched up with one another. It was overall quite entertaining for Matt, he did always have a soft spot that time period. Knights, Paladins, Kings; it was such a joy. 
But if there was one thing that Matt loved above all else it was dragons. They were just such mighty creatures, ones that conveyed so much power. All of the history and lore behind the mythical species was beyond fascinating. 
Matt was more than a little bummed that the fair didn't offer much in regards to this aspect of medieval times lore. It was a lot more focused on the food and knight parts of it, namely the food part. While he did enjoy what the fair had to offer, it left Matt wanting more. 
As Matt left, he stuck his hands in his blue hoodie's pockets and whistled a small tune. The sun was still high in the air, which meant a safe walk home for Matt. He
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 35 1
Finally, Someone With Taste (Anthro Orca TF/TG/MC)
Jack sighed as he began unlocking the doors to the art gallery. It was a thankless job hosting it every other week and for what? A few people popping in to just look at pictures. They didn't admire it the way he did, they just came to kill time. No one ever came just for the art. If it wasn't for the art giants sponsoring the event to give exposure to their apprentices Jack wouldn't be running it in the first place. 
He sighed as he slumped down on the chair he put out considering he rarely ever had to actually interact with anyone since they didn't actually care. On the other hand no one was there to begin with. All the art going un-appreciated yet again, as well as his knowledge of the arts going to waste. He sighed and put a hand on his head and he tapped his fingers on his knee. 
Jack had ended up dozing off for a little while, not that it mattered. He looked around and it seemed as though no one noticed he was sleeping, not that there were many people to notice to begin
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 18 10
Vino's Van Pool Party by Vinomath Vino's Van Pool Party :iconvinomath:Vinomath 8 1 :Rage: by Vinomath :Rage: :iconvinomath:Vinomath 2 1
Don't Mess with the Moons 5 (Bird TF/TG)
In the town of Dunwhich, there was one organization that was feared when it was as little as mentioned; The Moons. The Moons ran the town, and they were intent on keeping it that way. They would do unspeakable things to those that dared challenge them or did anything that could potentially hurt their position of power. They had scientists discover ways to alter to human body vastly so into anything they desired. Animals, plants, objects, anything. Most of the time, their captives were tortured outside of their original body before scumming and being used in whatever way possible. Humans turned cows becoming burgers, plants become fabric, and many other unspeakable things. 
There was one special case however. Nick Scully was a detective taking on the cases no one would in Dunwhich. A fateful day would befall Nick, taking on a case where he would be spying on the most notorious organization, that being of course the Moons. They would capture Nick Scully, but instead of the usual pun
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 16 2
A Trip to the Pool {TF RP}
You and I decide to go to the local pool. No one's around yet, so we get some private time there! Of course there's more than meets the eye...
Unacceptable Transformations/Themes:
-____ girls (Foxgirl, Bunny Girl, anything similar to Neko, etc.)
-Mythical creatures (Fairies, Mermaids, Centaurs. etc.) 
-Real Life People (Ex. Celebrities) 
-Weight Gain
-Respond in "Paragraph Format." Do not use Script Format. Meaning use quotation marks! Don't just post words! 
^Do: "I looked into the mirror in a panic, my thoughts racing through me. 'Is this really me?" I ask myself out loud.
^Don't: *Looks into mirror* "Is that really me?" 
^Don't: Me: Is that real
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 5 46
Can't Let You Do That (Wolf TF) by Vinomath Can't Let You Do That (Wolf TF) :iconvinomath:Vinomath 20 1 Summer Swim by Vinomath Summer Swim :iconvinomath:Vinomath 12 4 Rainy Night (Kinda Collab) by Vinomath Rainy Night (Kinda Collab) :iconvinomath:Vinomath 8 4
A Day At the Beach (Anthro TF/TGs/MC)
"Finally! A normal day!" Nafster cheered as the two friends made their way down the beach. "No crazy plan, no crazy people, just a nice and calm relaxing day at the beach." he added on. 
"Yeah, and there might be some ladies for us to hang out with to!" his husky friend Kyle chuckle as they surveyed the landscape, Nafster doing so as well. 
"You know, I actually don't see many of those...really at all." he responded.  "Actually kind of weird." 
"Ah well, maybe they'll come later." Kyle shrugged. "Let's just find a spot to set up." 
With that, the snow leopard and husky put their towels down as set up an umbrella at a nice small spot near the small cliffs touching the ocean. Nafster stretched as he laid down on his towel. 
"Taking a nap already? We just got here!" Kyle joked down to his buddy.
"Just relaxing." Nafster joined in with the chuckling. "Besides, its too cool to go into the water right now." 
"If you insist." Kyle laughed as he sat down as w
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 23 1
A Nice, Warm Drink (Anthro Choco Fox TF/TG)
Ryan shivered as he stuck his hands in his jacket's pocket. The scarf around his neck was thick and long, though it didn't help to keep warmth from the cold air. He sighed and could see the air travel out from his mouth. It hadn't been this cold in a while! Perhaps some sort of warm treat would help to heat his body up.
He noticed a small store that appeared to have all sorts of drinks in there. Perhaps they sold hot chocolate or coffee or anything warm? That was enough to convince Ryan to check in the interior of the store. There were a lot of multi-colored liquids in bottles and beakers, which didn't exactly sit too well with Ryan. They looked good but not warm!
"Uhm...hello?" Ryan called out not seeing any sign of employees or anything.
"I'll be right out! I'm just busy...busy with doing things! Important business-y things!" a woman's voice called out from the back.
"Er...okay! I'll just wait." Ryan whistled briefly before a pink weasel woman revealed herself, an apron donned over a
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 20 1

Random Favourites

Beach Fennec by TasDraws Beach Fennec :icontasdraws:TasDraws 382 23 End of Super Mario Odyssey - Harriet Broodal TF by Mewscaper End of Super Mario Odyssey - Harriet Broodal TF :iconmewscaper:Mewscaper 172 36 ND 2018 #10-12 Transformative Treasure Hunting by Orcbrother ND 2018 #10-12 Transformative Treasure Hunting :iconorcbrother:Orcbrother 79 58 [COMPLETED: TF Commission] Vinomath by RaysingSunshine [COMPLETED: TF Commission] Vinomath :iconraysingsunshine:RaysingSunshine 5 0 Characters month - Miyu (star fox 2) by DustyError Characters month - Miyu (star fox 2) :icondustyerror:DustyError 17 1
TF prompt randomizer V2.0
I wrote a program that generates somewhat nonsensical transformation story prompts!
Download link in description.
A handful of examples:
Temporary Lobster transformation due to a therianthropy-like condition over a few hours.
Uncontrolled Sand Dollar transformation due to music over one's whole youth.
Temporary Fish transformation due to saliva over a couple of hours.
Permanent Giraffe transformation due to a booby trap over a few hours.
Uncontrolled Trout transformation due to lucid dreams over most of a year.
Intentional Boar transformation due to asking a celebrity for an autograph over a month.
Uncontrolled Pig transformation due to oddly flavoured ice cream over a month.
Unintentional Chough transformation due to doing acid over a few milliseconds.
Permanent Quetzal transformation due to coming of age over a few seconds.
Uncontrolled Wyvern transformation due to demanding a chance for vengeance over a week or two.
Intentional Guinea fowl transformation due to pure irony over most
:iconcholtfo:choltfo 5 28
Design and Conquer! - Lottie TF/TG/MC
It was another typical day for Johnny, just finishing up his work and heading home for the day. He sat down on his couch, and turned on the TV. An ad was on at that time for the newest Animal Crossing game: Happy Home Designer. He saw many characters, some he knew, and some he didn't. Of course, that was typical for most new games. Once the commercial was over, he heard a knock at his door. He opened it to find only a small box.
Shrugging, he brought it in. Opening it, he found a light blue bow with white polka dots. He could swear he saw it just a moment ago... He pulled up the trailer again and looked at the characters, seeing the bright bow on a pink otter. He looked at the bow, and confirmed his suspicions. Why would someone send him a bow made exactly like hers? couldn't hurt for him to try it on.
He went to the mirror and placed the bow on his head, the same way the otter girl had it on in the trailer. He felt a shudder go through his body. Something was up. He tried
:iconwolfiortg:WolfiorTG 6 2
Characters month - Sable (Animal Crossing) by DustyError Characters month - Sable (Animal Crossing) :icondustyerror:DustyError 27 0 [COMPLETED: TF Commission] krysto2012 by RaysingSunshine [COMPLETED: TF Commission] krysto2012 :iconraysingsunshine:RaysingSunshine 51 2 Floorshow Roulette 13 - Naffie's Rose Tinted World by Toni-Technaclaw Floorshow Roulette 13 - Naffie's Rose Tinted World :icontoni-technaclaw:Toni-Technaclaw 6 1
Stories Come to Life (Character TFs)
    Taking a deep breath, Rob raised his fist, knocking on the door to his friend Johnny’s house. He was excited to be meeting him in person… but also kind of nervous. He’d spoken to him though the internet, of course, but they had never actually met face to face until now, and Rob was eager to find out what his friend was like in real life. But for now, all he could do was wait until someone answered the door.
    The wait would soon end, as a rather average sized man with messy hair along with a beard answered the door. “Rob, I assume?” he asked with a smile. “Been waiting for ya’ to come on by!” he added with a friendly chuckle. “Come in, come in!”
    “Hey!” said Rob, slightly nervous. He walked into Johnny’s house, looking around. “Pretty nice place you got here, huh?” He looked up at his friend, smiling. “So… how are you doing?”
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 13 4
Kiss Defense System by Virmir Kiss Defense System :iconvirmir:Virmir 73 16 Royal Hip Bump by Virmir Royal Hip Bump :iconvirmir:Virmir 105 7 Men to Mermaids by Orcbrother Men to Mermaids :iconorcbrother:Orcbrother 36 79 Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 12: The Cattening by Valsalia Lusty Argonian Maid'd, Part 12: The Cattening :iconvalsalia:Valsalia 280 73
Awaiting Commands (Robot Hawlucha TF/MC)
      The 5:00 a.m. alarm relentlessly tore itself through the silence in Johnny’s room, waiting for him to turn it off. He really didn’t want to head over to work this morning, but the paycheck wasn’t going to earn itself…
      After a bit of mental convincing he got out of bed and shut the damn thing off. He could already tell this was going to be a bad day.
      Eventually he was out the door and headed towards the car, when something strange caught the corner of his eye; a small flyer on the side of the road, definitely looking out of place. Most of the text was hard to read, and he could barely even figure out what it was about, but… Hey, that address is just around the corner! Might as well bring it back, if nothing else… They wouldn’t mind if he was just a little late to work, would they?
      It was a considerably nice, crisp early morning in Southern California, and
:iconnathandotnet:NathanDotNet 8 26
So basically I have less money than I anticipated having so my commissions have become emergency ones! Uh oh! If you want to help me not be broke, consider buying one! 

CLARIFICATION: Even though all the examples are transformation works (as well as most of my work), I CAN and WILL write normal fiction! 

Simplified Prices: $10 for every 1,000 Words

Short Story: $6 (About 700-900 words). This is best if you want more transformation and a little less story. I'll ensure detailed transformation and any backstory you want. 

Undersea Expedition: Splash Woman TG [COMMISSION]Leroy was a member of an underwater research team. While his duties were often dangerous to humans, the team had developed ways to keep Leroy safe during his escapades. It whole process was a tad tedious, but eventually Leroy grew accustomed to it. The scientists of the research team had been working on a kind of "upgrade" machine, that would allow Leroy to survive under the water without the need for oxygen. Using advanced robotics and new technologies, the scientists were able to convert Leroy into a robot capable of breathing underwater, along with giving him better swimming skills. It greatly improved the research team's data gathering time, making it go by much faster than before. It became an almost daily routine, one of which that proved quite profitable for the whole crew. 
The team was at sea, sailing down until land was barely visible. Leroy was lounging around in his room, awaiting for his call. The crew got everything set up cameras, computers, and the like. It took a
Interview - Margret TG (Request)Ted was getting ready for a job interview. He was recently called in to a local coffee shop to come have an interview. He put on a casual formal outfit and went to the store. He came up to the door to see it was closed. "Applicants please enter around back." the sign said in sloppy scrawl. "Strange." Ted thought, but he needed the job, he was a tight spot. He went around to the back of the store and found no entry to the shop, but there wa a small door that led to a basement of sorts. "Applicants Enter Here." a sign on the door read. Ted was turned off, it seemed like a trap of some kind, but he decided to go for it anyways. He knocked on the door, and it opened seemingly by itself. Ted cautiously entered, the door closing behind him. "H-hello?" Ted called out. "I'm here for the interview..." he said trailing off, upon seeing a note with instructions. "Due to security reasons, please enter through this tunnel, where you will be scanned to ensure you are not carrying any dangerous items Business Venture (Mighty TG FTM) [REQUEST]Lisa loved exploring. Any time the opportunity arose, she would travel to places all over the world. She worked for this rather big company, and would often fly to different parts of the world to discuss various business decisions, form partnerships, that sort of stuff. The job was a bit boring, but she got to see all kind of new places she wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Recently, her job sent her to a strange country known as Mobias, one of which she hadn't heard of before. This only peaked Lisa interest, going to a place she hadn't even heard of? How exciting! 
Lisa soon landed in Mobius, and went to check into her hotel. On the way, everything just seemed more colorful, she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She reached the hotel, she entered and was greeted by a strange sight. There was a humanoid fox girl behind the counter. Lisa awkwardly approached her, paying for the room. 
"What's the matter? Never seen a Mobian before?" the fox giggles. 
"No...I didn't kno

Medium Story: $10 (About 1000-1500 words). This is best if you want a nice balance of transformation and story. It's longer and builds up everything a bit more. If you want a nice story sprinkled on top of the transformation this is for you!

New Employees (Wave the Swallow TG) [COMMISSION]Ms. Corina was stumped. The Paint Shop just wasn't bringing in the attention she wanted. Her commercials failed to bring in anyone new, granted special effects had evolved to make such transformations through them. Even though she knew that they were real, there was no real evidence to prove so. She spent hours at her desk, trying to figure out a way to grab the attention of others. Everything she thought of seemed to fail, but suddenly, a chance encounter from a few weeks ago popped back into her memories. After someone had bought paint and used it, they walked out in a transformed body, what it was exactly was forgotten, but the important part was what bystanders thought. Many came to ask what was going on in the shop, many of which left it with tons of paint for themselves. That was it! She need people to stand out there to attract attention! They would be able to show that the change was real and give small samples that would attract others once they transformed themselves! It was Extra, Extra! (Anthro Fox Schoolgirl TF/TG/MC) [C]"Oh! Come on! Almost there, yes!" Miles exclaimed excitedly to himself as he had finally completed the boss of the video game he had spent the last hour on. He was excited to finally of bested the challenge it gave him, which made it that much better to revel in it. It was times like this that he was glad he didn't share a dorm room with anyone. Sure it was slightly more than the ones with a roommate but he wasn't exactly a social butterfly, and would prevent the awkwardness of feeling obliged to talk to one another. 
A lot of people on his campus tended to go out to various parties when they weren't studying or in class but not Miles. He was content with being in his dorm to himself enjoy a nice video game. Even if he wanted to socialize with other people he had trouble just connecting and as such was very much an introvert. He was happy like that so why bother changing? 
It was at that moment there was a knock on his door. He wasn't expecting visitors, so he was a little co
The Deal of a Century (Robot Horse TF) [COM]Blue was more than excited to make his next purchase as its one that many people dream of doing one day: buying a car! He had been saving for a few years now and he finally had enough cash stored away to make the biggest purchase of his life so far. Needless to say Blue was quite excited to get down to a dealership and strike a deal and drive home in his first ever brand new car. 
He wouldn't be driving off in a cheap one either. Blue had worked quite hard to be able to afford one of the top tier sports cars. It was far from easy, but he had managed to pull through and gather the funds necessary. With a skip in his step and a smile on his face, Blue ventured out to the world to find his dream car. 
However, Blue's day did not go anywhere near how he pictured it. Every dealership he went to he kept getting lowballed by the dealers, or they tried to overcharge him vastly. It was definitely a disappointing start to his day and he stopped to eat lunch as he awaited round two of j

Long Story: $15-25 (Depending on Length. About 1500-2500 words). This is best if you want a lot of extra story before and after the transformation. I'll add learning about their new life, reflecting on their old compared to their new(if applicable), and ensure a long, detailed transformation. This is best if you like some spice in your story!

Pokerus: Beacon of Hope-Giratina TG/TF (Commision)A few months have passed since the outbreak of Pokerus. Humans still remain getting infected and transformed into Pokemon. Many scientists have tried to make vaccines and medicines for it, but to no avail. Many experiments require a Pokemon with Pokerus or a pre-transformed human with Pokerus. However, due to the high risk of finding a cure, many scientist have to be exposed to the virus in order to make a medicine and perform tests, but usually failing to make one a cure  that works in time and ends up a Pokemon. Most scientists worked alone, for the fear of turning into a Pokemon was too great for their assistants; who most often released the Pokemon after the Pokerus was gone back to wherever they came from or their families if newly transformed. With Pokerus infecting Pokemon seemingly out of no-where, many people were looking for cures in order to stay with their pokemon. This often brought sorrow to those who kept pets as Pokemon, sometimes parents unable to put the Pokemon The War is Over (Anthro Reptile TF/TGs) [COM]In the world of Dockthrin, there would be no greater battle than the one of good versus evil. Each side had great numbers, though some didn't fall on either one and acted as neutrals in the war between the two. The most notable of either side would come in the form of a warlock by the name of Inry, and a paladin named Illiam. Inry always made attempts to overthrow the Crown and take over the land as its supreme ruler, but his plans were always thwarted by the pesky paladin.
The latest plan for Inry had seemed to good to fail, as he had already conquered over a few of the largest towns in the land. However, through sheer willpower Illiam managed to overthrow and run Inry out of the countryside for some time. After many suns had passed over their heads, it seemed as though Inry was gone for good, much to the relief of Dockthrin and Illiam’s pride. For a long while it truly seemed that the evil of the world was finally defeated, and, once the last of Inry's minions were taken care o
In-Depth Research (Water Monitor TF) [COMMISSION]Liz and her partner Jack were both tasked with monitoring and studying the habits of Asian Water Monitors Lizards. While Jack wasn't too interested in their task, Liz would be quite the opposite. She had always loved reptiles since she was a little kid, and now she was being paid to study them! It was quite frankly a dream come true for her. 
The main reason Jack had agreed to the quest was because he had wanted to travel to Asia. Of course he was a professional so he'd do his job. He'd ensure to take in some sights along the way though! Liz would be the one babysitting Jack to ensure he didn't try and run off and do some sightseeing before their work was done. On the plane ride over there the two would begin discussion the trip. 
"Okay, so we have to get three pages worth of information down in order to actually receive the funding the lab needs." Liz began. "So we can do that, and then you can go explore around, I know that's what you want to do." 
"Obviously! But I'm

Very Long Stories: $30 ($5 for each addition 500 words) (3,000+) If you REALLY want a juicer of a story this is for you! This is especially good for those who like character interactions and dialogue with a deeper than normal plot. 

Shortcut to Popularity (Anthro Pomeranian TF/TG) Another boring day at work. Austin and downtime seemed to go hand in hand like salt and pepper. It was a boring job but at the very least it helped to pay the bills. Normally people hated when work was busy but when it was super slow it made them want it to be busy just so time would actually move. Austin was no exception. 
Since there was no actual work to be done, Austin decided to just mess around on his phone. He played a small handful of mobile games before the trivialness wore thin. He put it down for a few moments in an attempt to find anything to actually do at work to no avail. With a sigh Austin resigned himself back to his chair and opened up social media to see what his old friends and acquaintances were up to. 
He scrolled for a fair bit of time, already passing by what his good friends had going on and was now into the "we knew each other in high school" people. He noted that some of the popular people continued that into college always attending parti
The War is Over (Anthro Reptile TF/TGs) [COM]In the world of Dockthrin, there would be no greater battle than the one of good versus evil. Each side had great numbers, though some didn't fall on either one and acted as neutrals in the war between the two. The most notable of either side would come in the form of a warlock by the name of Inry, and a paladin named Illiam. Inry always made attempts to overthrow the Crown and take over the land as its supreme ruler, but his plans were always thwarted by the pesky paladin.
The latest plan for Inry had seemed to good to fail, as he had already conquered over a few of the largest towns in the land. However, through sheer willpower Illiam managed to overthrow and run Inry out of the countryside for some time. After many suns had passed over their heads, it seemed as though Inry was gone for good, much to the relief of Dockthrin and Illiam’s pride. For a long while it truly seemed that the evil of the world was finally defeated, and, once the last of Inry's minions were taken care o

Multiple Characters: $20-$40 (Depending on amount if transformations. Word count varies). This is if you want more than one character in your story, featuring mutlple transformations. Due to the nature of it these are naturally longer, and feature more characters (obviously). This is best if you want a nice variety of TFs in one story! Maximum Number: 15

The Greatest Show On EarthThere was a special magic show that had come to town for one night only. With only 200 seats, the tickets sold out quite quickly. People began to fill in until the whole place was filled. The lights went dim as spotlights began to form. It ended up showcasing a mere glass of water. Most of the crowd was confused. Suddenly, a voice spoke on the loudspeaker saying "Would someone mind taking a sip of that water?" 
A woman from backstage walked up onto the stage and waved to the crowd. She took a small sip of water and the glass and the woman herself began to shake. The water began to mold itself into a human. First hands and legs poked out, followed by a torso and head, soon a man wearing a suit had formed out of the water. Meanwhile, the woman was melting away, turning into a puddle of clear water. The crowd watched in both horror and amazement. If it was an illusion is sure was a convincing one! 
"Clean up on aisle 5" the man in the suit called out laughing as a janitor came o
Eggman's Victory (Multiple Sonic TGs) [TRADE]Sonic was running through the forest. It was casual, no real urgency behind it. The wind blowing his quills back always felt ever so good to him. Sonic breezed through the woods, before taking a rest on a log. He lied down with his hands behind his head and observed the clouds. He almost fell into a sleep, before being brought wide awake by a net. Before he could really act, he found himself be brought up and secured in the net. Even before Sonic could make an attempt to escape, the net put out an electric shock that knocked Sonic out cold. Once he regained consciousness, he found himself locked in a cage, unable to escape in any way. 
"Sonic! You're awake!" Sonic heard a familiar voice call. 
"A-Amy? Where am I?" Sonic pondered aloud, getting up and holding his head. 
"Eggman captured you too." Knuckles informed Sonic. 
"Too? He got you two as well?" Sonic asked them. 
"Us." Sonic heard Shadow say, revealing himself and Blaze in another cage. 
"There's go
Pokerus: The Immune (COMMISSION)A shiny white Girantina was snuggling with her lover, another Girantina normal colored Giratina. The white cosmic Giratina was once a man known as Wildstar Thelix, someone's who's name had become infamous in the world for creating a vaccine for Pokerus that could cause death. He refused to let himself transform and ended up having a fatal Pokerus infection. His daughter, a long transformed Giratina managed to summon a Giratina, who was able to bring Wildstar back to life, but caused him to become a female cosmic Giratina. His mind was altered to forget anything about his former human life and infamy, but still retained the memories of his, or rather her Giratina daughter. After these effects occurred, our new mother Giratina and her daughter went across the world, no longer worrying about Pokerus or the human life, free pokemon. After some years had gone by, Wildstar and her daughter meet the original Giratina that saved Wildstar's life. Wildstar's mind was altered to make her believe

MATURE COMMISSIONS: I WILL write mature stories if it is a commission. It will bump up the price however. Amount depends on the content at hand.

Examples (18+ Only, FA Account is required to view)……

NOTE: I will do inanimate and Robotification however it will bump up the price. I will only do TFs of Anthro Character (can also be from anime, Nekos do not count as such). I will do stories that are just human TG. I will not do human to human TF if TG is not involved. 

[IMPORTANT]: I WILL NEVER write a transformation based on a real-life person(Ex. Actresses, Pictures of real people (friends, stock photos, etc.). Please don't ask for them as I will not accept them under ANY circumstance. 

[IMPORTANT]: I will NEVER take a commission that involves weight gain, vore, muscle, or inflation.

If you are interested in a commission, I can be reached through notes as well as comments below. You will not be kept anon unless specifically requested. Please do not comment things like "If I had money I would," I appreciate the thought though! 


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Hello there! You appear to of stumbled upon my Deviantart page! I am Vinomath, a furry writer who loves character design and transformation! If you use Fur Affinity you may of seen me there under the name "naf45," but I do ask you to call me Vino(math optional) or Johnny! I am both Engaged to the loving Miss Vinomath, and I am asexual as well (no real sexual desire).

I'm quite friendly and love meeting new people so don't hesitate to approach me whether you're a new watcher, page lurker, or long time viewer! I love talking to all sorts of people! You can even add me on Discord under the name "Vinomath#9510." Just let me know you're coming from DA/FA!

My biggest passion is writing characters. I find the practice tons of fun, from designing appearance to forging distinct personality. It's part of the reason I was drawn to RP, it allows me to mess with characters I don't have to dedicate a lot of resources to.

For my fursona, I decided on a snow leopard by the name of Nafster (inspired by my Fur Affinity name, not the pirate music app!). He dresses like me, acts like me, shares the same mannerisms, he's essentially me if I was a snow leopard person! More info can be found in my character list! And yes, he is my icon!

If you want to talk shop about whatever, everything is open! DA Comments/Notes, Discord, you name it! Here are some links to various places you can find me and other information about me:

Join my Discord Server!:

Updated link to join my Discord server.

My Discord server has in-house RP rooms and special RP events, a weekly discussion topic to make it easy to join in a chat, places to share what you've made recently, and tons of cool people. Like me!

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I honestly dont know like who half of my discord friends are
Kinda wanna try doing lines+colors with more sketches from people
Your Wish is My Command
Sketch was done by my good friend :iconorcbrother: 

Lines and Colors were done by :iconvinomath: 

(Had fun working on this, though I should really learn how to shade...) 

Looks like our favorite snow leopard boy has come across some sort of cursed lamp and has been turned into a servant to it! By the looks of it, Naftessa doesn't seem to mind, then again her normal mind might not be in there! She looks much more confident than she normally is! 

Might be willing to do this as an RP starter if people wanna! Go ahead, rub the lamb and see what wish the genie can grant! 
Mustached Otter for Sale! [Auction Open]
SB: $10
AB: $30

Artwork done by :iconsparkbolt3020:

So, this is a character I've had for a while that I don't realistically see myself doing anything more with. His name is Michael and he is a friendly face. He works as a bartender in a somewhat old-timey saloon. Nice and welcoming to anyone who comes in and quick to diffuse a situation, he's someone you quite literally want to have a drink with.

Originally, the tavern he worked had sold drinks that transformed people into things. He was very transparent about it, and it could be requested to have traditional drinks instead of that. If you end up adopting this character, you can keep or get rid of this.… Only story that I've written for them
Random want for Nafster as a genie girl is a mood 


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