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Hello! My name is Johnny, but you most likely better know me as Vinomath. I am an author of many transformation based stories. From Pokemon to Sonic to guys turning into girls I do it all! I've been writing TFs for over a year and still going strong, with over 300 stories, long and short to boot! I've been interested in TFs for about 3 year prior before I started doing my own, growing into what you see now. Every other month, I also do a special, where I take requests for short one paragraph requests, with much less rules than my usual requests. I also stream most of my writing sessions, of which I've made some pretty good friends through! I also have a Skype available for all those who want to talk, I love meeting new people and making new buddies! (More info here

Random Trivia:

1. I never intended to release more than 5 stories. Originally, after the "Quiet Kid Arc" (started here), I was going to retire from writing. However, due to such positive feedback from posted stories, I kept writing, and here we are now!

2. My first ever story came out on November 10, 2013, and the concept was worked on for an entire week before I started writing it, finishing it in one day, releasing the epilogue the day after.

3. The first abandoned series was "The Magic Store," where only the first part was released, interest was lost rather quickly on my side as I didn't like to concept in the long run. This was also the first story to feature a transformation in which the gender was kept. 

4. The first character transformation was a TF/TG into Dot Warner, released November 14, 2013.

5. The first ever requested story I did was "For Your Attention," and it was also my second FTM transformation. On top of that, it was my first AP story. Bonus fact, "Back to the Start" was my first AR story. 

6. The first FTM TG was "Out of the Spotlight," released November 15, 2013.

7. "The Mystery Spray" would be the first appearance of my OC Dr. B (more info here)

8. "A Christmas Wish" would be my first Christmas Special, in which I did a poem to describe the transformations. 

9. "TF Roulette" would be my first steps into doing short, paragraph transformations. This would later become recurring event, happening every other month 8 months after TF Roulette in the form of Costume Shop.

10. Celebrated 10,00 pageviews with a special story on August 13, 2014

11. TG Quickies introduced on August 24, 2014, written in the "caption" format.

12. First trade on September 15, 2014, in the form of "A Little Help."

13. First commissioned story on September 13, 2014 in the form of "Beacon of Hope." 

14. Pokerus Outbreak plotline introduced on September 9, 2014. (more info here)

15. Time travel was used in a plot for the first time since November 10, 2013 on October 2, 2014 in the form of "Welcome to a New Age."

16. Began streaming on October 7, 2014, and continue to stream nearly everyday! 

17. Introduction to interactive TF(Murder) Mystery Story, Ten Little Scoundrels on Jan 6, 2015. 

18. My favorite stories I've done are "A Christmas Wish," "The Greatest Show On Earth," "Pokerus Outbreak," and "A Damsel Indeed."

19. My least favorite stories I've done are "A New Kind of Job," "The Artifact," "The Big Show," and "The New Guardian."

20. In the process of writing web serial that'll go on for quite some time!

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February 21, 2015