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"Are you sure about this?" John asked to his buddy Tyler, looking at the closed pool surrounded by a fence. 

"Of course! The pool's been closed for weeks! And look at the water! It's like brand new!" Tyler responded, pointing towards it with a wave of his hand. Tyler did have a point, despite being closed for so long it seemed like the pool had just been cleaned! 

"I don't know man...I just kinda have a bad feeling about this..." John rubbed his arm. "It had to of closed for a reason!" 

"John, we spent like every Saturday in that pool every summer, I'm not about to stop! Clearly we can't be the only ones to think that if someone's still cleaning it!" 

"I...guess? But what if the cops come or something. Isn't that trespassing?"

"We'd probably only get a slap on the wrist. It's hot and I want to soak, I'm going in!" and with that, Tyler hopped over the fence. 

"If we get arrested your paying for both our bail." John sighed as he climbed the fence as well. 

"Yeah, okay." Tyler answered in a sarcastic tone. "You ready to swim or you going to keep being a baby?" 

"Shut up." John chuckled softly. "After you." he said holding out his arm. 

"Good to see you finally enjoying this." Tyler chuckled as he dove into the pool. 

It took a few moments for Tyler to resurface but when he did he let out a hearty laugh. "It's even nice and cool! Come on it!" 

"I'm in this deep already!" and with that, John dove in as well. When he resurfaced he noticed something odd about Tyler. 

"Hey uh...Ty...did you shave today?" 

"Excuse me?" Tyler responded baffled. "You know I can barely grow any facial hair!" 

"Okay...then something is wrong, look at your reflection!" 

Tyler confused looked down and his eyes widened. He saw black hairs all over his chin and mouth. In what felt like a sudden "pop" the black hair covered most of his body, with a white stripe going down his forehead. 

"D-dude..." Tyler stuttered out nervously after seeing that, looking up to see that John had light brown fur over most of his face, white around the mouth and nose. Nervously, John looked down and let out a yelp upon that, and witnessing his face being pushed out while his nose became black and wet at the tip. More teeth aligned John's new muzzle. Tyler went through a similar change, albeit his new nose pink and the white stripe ending there. 

Suddenly they both held their bodies as the transformation for them both finished off in what seemed like an instant. Tyler's body soon had black fur all over his body, with white fur going down his back. From behind him a large, bushy black and white tail formed that would be just a bit shorter than the length of his whole body. His arms and legs both became slender and shapely as Tyler's hips pushed out to childbearing proportions. Two rather full breasts formed on Tyler's chest as womanhood replaced his manhood below, making me very much a woman. Her hands and feet became small and dainty, feet turning into paws as the transformation into a skunk woman concluded. 

Meanwhile John went through a similar, yet different. His hair grew longer, down to his shoulders, of which lost their broadness. Two mounds formed on his chest, though much more modest than Tyler's while womanhood found it's way between his legs. John's rear end became more pronounced while a fluffy tail formed from behind her, though no where near as big or fluffy as Tyler's. 

John's hips widened outward vastly while her waist caved inward vastly while her back went into an arch. Her legs take on a digitigrade posture while her feet became padded paws. Her hands slim down while her adam's apple shrank away until near nothingness to leave John with a high pitched voice. John's body would soon be covered in a one piece swimsuit, of which covered most of her body. 

John blinked and look over to Tyler, who was now sporting a rather revealing two piece bikini with wide eyes. 

"W-what happening to us!?" John squealed out. 

"I-I don't!" Tyler said back. 

"Ah...there you two are." a dog man said down to them with a smirk. "You want to trespass on my property, your going to work on my property." 

"W-what are we going to do?" John asked to him nervously. 

"Come with me my little swimsuit models and I'll show you." 

The two looked at each other and gulped. "No, I'm not going with you!" Tyler said as John already got out. 

"Want to be difficult?" he asked in an angry tone. 

"Yes! You turned me into a skunk girl!" 

"Then you'll think like one." and with a snap, Tyler blacked out and fell below the surface of the water, before surfacing not long after. "How's my lovely Jasmine?" 

"Amazing Mr. Hilton!" she said with a smile. "It's a pleasure to work for you!" 

"Uh...Tyler?" John asked nervously. 

"Who's that silly? Fall on ya' head? I'm Jasmine!" 

"We-we got to get out of-" however John was cut off as he fell to his knees, his memories and personality stripped away in an instant. 

"Now then you two, shall we move on with our plan?" 

"Of course Mr Hilton!" John said getting up with a chipper wag of her tail. 

"Meet me in the lunch hall in five minutes. Enjoy a swim before you do." and with that the dog was gone. 

"You should start wearing bikinis Jackie! So much more freeing!" "Jasmine" giggled.

"You know I don't have a lot to show off like you! You'll just one up me!" 

"Whatever, let's enjoy a swim before the meeting!" 
A new story! I finally managed to write something! I'm not super sure if this'll be a series or not but we'll see. Super rushed the ending. 
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