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365 days in a year, or 366 in a leap year. There are all kinds of holidays ranging from more mainstream ones like Christmas and Easter, to more silly ones like National Onion Rings day and National Felt Hat day. Some holidays people loved, while others people hated. Valentine's Day being one of the bigger victims to this. February also had a lot of holidays that took people off of school and work, so overall the month was generally a welcome one that gave a lot of 3 day weekends to people. 

There was one day in February that became a recent phenomena. For many it was exciting, for others it could prove inconvenient. Due to the nature of the day most places offered days off. Certain pre-cautions were made before the day so that those affected by the day would still be known as themselves, to avoid a temporary identity theft. 

The day in question? Transformation Day. One day out of the year where a transformation happens to almost everyone. These transformations could be almost anything. Animals both humanoid and feral, fictional characters, genders, species, and more. They still retained their normal human minds, so they never reverted to complete feralism. Luckily this prevented natural enemies from attacking each other.

Now that we have all that exposition out of the way, why don't we get to the fun part? These are just a few of the transformations that occurred to the people of the world There's far too many to write about them all, but here are some of them that you reading this will be able to see. Enough explanation, let's get on with it!


Stephen's body grew black fur all over his body, excepting for yellow marking around his eyes. His ears moved to the top of his head as they became much larger and more triangular in shape. The end results were ears almost the size of his actual head. Stephen's nose became black, a darker shade of the new fur while his face pushed out into a small muzzle. 

His adam's apple shrank giving him a much higher pitched voice while his shoulders slumped down, staying there as they became less broad. His arms became much more slender while his hands became smaller and more dainty, dulled claws forming at the tip. 

Stephen's figure began to contort greatly. He could feel his weight being distributed to different parts of it body as it left others. His waist caved inward while his back went into an arch. On top of that his hips and rear both swelled out to feminine proportions. The most notable new weight would form at Stephen's chest, where two mounds built up eventually forming a pair of breasts. 

The transformation continued downward as manhood sucked back into him, leaving nothing but a flat surface behind. A few more inner changes left Stephen much more of a woman. A decently sized tail came out from behind her as her legs became more shapely. Shortly after that they became digitigrade while her feet had turned into a paws, leaving her as a jackal woman. 


Andrew's legs became more shapely as his hips and rear both became far more pronounced. He could feel his waist cave in on itself, followed by his back going in shortly afterwards. On top of that, two breasts bubbled out from her chest, making it heavier there. His eyelashes became longer and more pronounced as his voice raised in octaves. His manhood tucked itself in, reforming into fully functioning womanhood.

The gender change wasn't near the start of it. Her legs grew back fur, going into white fur halfway up them. On top of that her posture turned digitigrade while her chest grew a light yellow fur, flaring out at the hips like a dress. She felt something pushing out from behind her as a big and fluffy yellow tail formed with a red tip. A certain oddity was a stick forming inside the tail. 

White fur formed on her arms as well as around her neck, also flaring out somewhat like a collar of a dress. The white kept going up and covering most of head, save for yellow fur near the top. Andrew's nose became small and red as it elongated into a large muzzle. 

Andrew's eyes turned a bright red color as they also became much larger. Her eyes became much larger, becoming triangular. They slowly crept up her head, sitting peacefully on top. Lastly, red hair burst from them, their length almost as long as her head itself, as she became an anthro braxien woman. 


Peter's feet became small and turned more into paws while his shoes became black with a yellow rim at the bottom. His socks became much longer, reaching to just below his knees as they got yellow cuffs attached. His outfit became blue with a white collar, being a one piece that reached just past his thighs. There was an opening at his chest where there was what looked like a temperature gauge formed there. A pair of goggles also formed on her head. Love gloves that reached just before his shoulders formed with temperature gauge wrist watches. 

While all that happened the real changes were about to begin. Peter's chest pushed outward a bit, filling out the hole at his chest in the outfit. His figure was put into a slight hourglass shape while his backside pushed out a bit. Peter's back arched while a pink fail emerged from behind him. His manhood sucked back into him leaving him female.

Pink fur grew all over his, or rather her body while her arms became more slender. Her hands became small and dainty while her shoulders lost any traces of broadness. Peter's face pushed out into a very slight muzzle while her nose became small and black. Her hair became much longer, reaching her back while her ears became long and triangular. Peter's ears moved to the top of her head while her eyes became larger, finishing off the transformation into Chocolat Gelato. 


Leanan's body grew orange fur with a small patch on her belly, beige fur on the rest of her body. There was also a patch of beige on her forehead in the same style as the orange. From behind her, two twin tails formed. Leanan's legs became much shorter, becoming almost non-existent. Her feet became longer turning into paws. 

Her arms became shorter while her hands became paws as well. Her body became longer while her actual height became much shorter. Her arms became a bit shorter while they became thinner. 

Leanan's face elongated out into a muzzle while her nose became small and black. A small sharp tooth pushed out from her new jaw as well. Two black lines formed on the side of her muzzle while her hair went out into what almost looked like fins. Lastly, what looked like a yellow towel with blue tips formed around her neck, making her a Floatzel.


Danny's ears became circular and a bit larger as they moved to the top of his head. His hair became much more long and curly, becoming ginger in color. While this happened brown fur grew over his entire body, becoming covered in it from head to toe. His eyebrows became thinner and darker. His eyelashes elongated while his nose became small and black while his face pushed out into a small muzzle. The last of the facial changes had his lips pouting out and red lipstick formed, along with black earrings. 

Danny felt his shoulders cave inward while his arms became slender. His hands became small and dainty while black gloves formed over them. His feet followed, excepting for black heels forming on them. Danny's legs became more shapely while his hips and rear both pushed outward. A very small tail had also found its way behind her. 

His last set of change came at the cost of his sex. Danny's waist and back caved inward, while two breasts bubbled out to rather generous sized. Danny felt his manhood suck back into him, leaving mere femininity behind. Lastly, a rather revealing green dress formed over her body, leaving Danny as Julie Bruin. 


Alex's feet hardened as they turned into hard black hooves. His legs became more shapely while grey fur now adorned his body. His hips and rear both swelled outward to feminine proportions while a small tail came out from behind him. Alex's manhood reversed in on itself, becoming the one meant for the opposite sex. 

Her back pushed inward to arch her figure, giving it more of a curvy look. Shortly afterwards his waist caved inward leaving her with an hourglass and feminine figure. At her chest, two breasts pushed out, adding weight there for Alex. 

Alex's arms slenderer out while his hands became small and dainty. Her shoulders become more narrow than before while her voice rises in pitch. Her face pushed out into a small muzzle while her nose became small and black at the tip of it. Her ears lengthened and became triangular while her hair went into bangs and grew down to her shoulders. Lastly, two long horns formed on the top of her head, not unlike those you'd find on a ram as she became an anthro dall sheep girl.


Jacob's body grew grey fur in most places, white fur on his front. His ears became longer and triangular, moving to the top of his head. His hair shrank into his new fur while his eyes turned a piercing blue. 

His face pushed out into a muzzle while his nose became small and black at the tip. His teeth became more sharper become more canine in nature. On top of that his hair grew down and became more luscious in nature.

Jacob's feet lost two digits of toes as they turned into paws. His legs became digitigrade, forcing him to stay up on his nose. Nails on both his arms and hands became dull black claws as well. That signaled the end of the changes into an anthro wolf. 

Dell's ears became triangular while they moved to the top of his head. Pink fur grew over most of his body, save for a pinkish white on his front. His hair grew longer, reaching to his neck while his eyebrows thickened. His face pushed out into a muzzle while his nose became black and wet at the tip. Dell's eyes darkened while his teeth became much sharper.

Dell's shoulders caved in while his arms became more slender. His hands became smaller and a bit more pawlike while his feet and arms followed in suite. His hips and rear both pushed outward as it granted him a more hourglass and feminine figure. A thin tail came out from behind him shortly afterwards. 

His chest swelled outward into two rather generously sized breasts while his waist caved inward, back following shortly afterwards. Dell felt a certain something between his legs suck back into him, altering and contorting. When it was done it had left him female. On top of that a pink werewolf girl. 

Crola's skin was slowly changed as they became green scales over the backside of his body, yellow on the front. His hair retreated back into his scalp while his ears left him, seemingly at least. Two appendages pushed from the side of his head while his tongue became forked and longer. 

His legs began to fuse together, causing him to fall down. Crola found his legs not working, and they wouldn't as they converted into a long snake tail. It was strong enough to be able to hold his own body up. 

While all that was going on his hands became a bit more bulkier, even stronger to a point while his arms followed. Where he lacked for in movement he made up for with reach as he became a full snake naga. 


Xie's body grew white feathers all around, the feathers at his head became a bit ruffled as to give off the appearance of hair, of which had retracted into his scalp. His nose and mouth fused together as they became an orange beak, pushing outward. His head became smaller while his neck became a bit more thin as well. 

Xie's hands became a bit smaller while his arms thinned out. His legs had hardened as well, altering into an avian form. Tail feathers had formed behind him as well. This would signal the end of Xie's physical changes to a crane anthro. 

His clothing would be the last to change. Xie's shirt and pants and altered greatly, becoming multiple layers of robes that covered his whole body. A satchel had also formed over his shoulder as the changes ceased.


White fur grew up Jun's legs, stopping above his knees as they melted into black fur. The same fur pattern happened at his arms while his front grew white fur and black everywhere else. Jun's hips swelled outward while his rear followed shortly afterwards. His feet had also become smaller as they turned into dainty paws.

Jun's manhood sucked back into him, leaving the insides of his body female, and soon, her whole body would follow suite. The new estrogen pumping through her body caused the rest of the gender change. Her chest built up into two soft orbs that became breasts. Her waist caved inward along with her back following shortly after. On top of that Jun's shoulders caved inward leaving her with a very feminine posture.

Her hair became much longer, reaching her back and turned a white. Her ears became larger and moved to the top of her head while her nose became small and pink while her face pushed out into a small muzzle. Lastly, a large bushy black and white tail formed behind her, finishing the change into an anthro skunk lass. 


Ariana's body shrank downward greatly, only being a few feet big both in height and length. Due to this, her skeleton altered and forced her down onto all fours, leaving her to a day of being a quadrupedal creature. The back half of her body grew black fur while it grew blue on her head and front end, save for a patch of black fur on her neck.

Her feet became much smaller while her toes lost two digits, turning into paws. Her hands followed in suite, becoming almost identical to her hind paws. On Ariana's forepaws though, yellow rings formed around them. From behind her a tail came out, with a yellow star at the tip. 

Ariana's ears became much larger, while the insides now resembled yellow stars. Her eyes had become yellow as well as her nose became small and pink. Her hair retreated into the bleu fur, and a small strand of blue fur was put up into the air, while some on the sides stuck out. This had left Ariana has a Shinx. 


Darius ears became circular as they moved to the top of his head, grey fur growing over them. Shortly afterwards grey fur grew over most of his body, excepting for white on his front. Darius' hair grew longer, about to his shoulders while his nose became larger and turned black. His face had also pushed out into a slight muzzle. 

His shoulders caved inward as they lost their broadness. Darius' arms became slender while his hands became dainty. His nails became more sharp as they began to resemble claws. Two mounds began to build up, eventually forming into breasts. His waist narrowed while his back went into an arch, giving him a feminine upper body. 

The changes continued down to his legs, of which had become more shapely. Darius' hips swelled outward along with his rear, a very small tail forming behind him. He felt his manhood flip in on itself as it left him very much female through and through. Lastly his feet went through the same fate as his hands, leaving him as a female koala. 


Noah's hair became a purplish blue as it became longer going outward. His eyebrows became a bit more thin as blue eyeshadow had formed on his face. Mascara formed, highlighting his now elongated eyelashes even more. His nose became more circular as his lips became much bigger, bright pink lipstick forming on them. Two cyan orb earrings formed on each side of his head on top of that. 

His body started to seem lighter, which was because what he made of was. Rather than flesh and bones he was entering a more gaseous form. This caused his skin to change to a faded blue all over. His legs vanished into his body, however Noah still found himself being able to maintain balance. This was because he was now floating. 

Noah's arms built up more bulk as his hands became larger. A gold ring bracelet had also formed on each of his wrists. His beck became much smaller, almost non existent while a yellow pearl necklace formed around it. Lastly, two rather large breasts formed on his chest, the last changes marking the end of his, rather her transformation into Madame Flurrie.


Michael's chest began to swell outward, forming into two breasts that now sat on there. His manhood sucked in on itself, altering on the inside to make him much more of a woman now. Michael's hips and rear both pushed outward to feminine proportions as a decently sized light blue tail with dark blue tip formed. 

Shortly afterwards her whole body became covered with the same light blue fur, excepting for her forearms to hands and just below her knees to her feet which had grown dark blue fur. Her legs became more shapely, her feet turning into paws as her posture turned digitigrade. Michael's shoulders caved in and became narrow while her arms became much more slender. Her hands became small and dainty on top of that.

Michael's head became a bit smaller while her nose became small and black. After that, her face pushed out into a slight muzzle. Her eyes became a deep blue all over, creating a very icy look to them. Her hair turned a blue that was in the middle of the two fur colors she currently had as it went into bangs, landing between her eyes. Michael's ears became much longer and diamond shaped, moving to the top of her head grew out two new appendages that reached her shoulders, finishing off the change into a Glaceon woman.


Johnny's hair became longer, reaching to his shoulders as it became a dark pink color. Shortly afterwards, his body grew this color of fur all over, excepting for white fur on his front. His eyelashes elongated while his nose became a bit bigger and pink, all while his face elongated into a muzzle. Johnny's ears had become circular and moved to the top of his head as well. 

His shoulders lost their broadness as they caved inward. Johnny's arms became slender while his hands turned dainty. Similar changes were happening on his lower body as well. His feet became more pawlike while his legs became more shapely. His hips and rear both swelled outward to feminine proportions. A rather fluffy tail had also founds its way out of his backside.

Johnny's manhood reversed in on itself, contorting leaving a flat surface behind and fully functioning womanhood on the inside. Her waist caved in and back arch a bit while two orbs had formed on her chest, those being breasts. Lastly Johnny's shirt became a light blue tank top and her pants form fitting jeans. Lastly a black apron with the words "Patricia's" on the chest formed over the chest of it, ending the transformation into a female weasel. 


And that was just some of the few transformations that occurred on Transformation Day. See? Not even the narrator was safe! Some people who had new genders for the first time explored their new bodies, while others tried to hide it. Some embraced it while others stayed in bed until the day was over. Some took pictures while others masked themselves. At the end of the day, both literally and figuratively, Transformation Day never ceased to be magical. 
Transformation Day is finally upon us! The day where magic is in the air as the world transforms for the day! From Stephan-Xie were all picked by the users, from Jun onwards those were chosen by me. I received over 40 requests, and while I wish I could, there's no way I could of done them all. No hard feelings if your's didn't get picked pretty please? It was fun to do this kind of story again, and the TF Raffles will be coming back soon because of it. So if you didn't end up in the final cut here you'll get another chance in the future raffles or other events! 

Featuring (in order of apperance):
Mehlahphuse (FA) as Stephen, turning into an Anthro Jackal with TG
:iconparadoxicalydoomed: as Andrew, turning into an Anthro Braxien with TG
:iconcrazynaut: as Peter, turning into  Chocolat (Solatorobo) with TG
:iconarrogantkitsune: as Leanan, turning into a Floatzel
:iconbraverunner: as Danny, turning into Julie Bruin (Tiny Toons) with TG
:iconalexander091988: as Alex, turning into an Anthro Dall Sheep with TG
:iconthunder-jacob-wolfe: as Jacob, turning into an Anthro Wolf
Playfiners (FA) as Dell, turning into a Pink Werewolf with TG
Crola_the_Snake (FA) as Crola, turning into a Full Naga
:iconxiezhai31: as Xie, turning into his character ( )
:icondarkedge811: as Jun, turning into an Anthro Skunk with TG
:iconwarriorsrpgmembah: as Ariana, turning into a Shinx
:iconshodukai-kunoichi: as Darius, turning into an Anthro Koala with TG
:icondynnon: as Noah, turning into Madam Flurrie (Paper Mario: TTYD) with TG
:iconratchetfox84: as Michael, turning into an Anthro Glaceon with TG
:iconvinomath: as Johnny and the Narrator, turning into recently created weasel OC Patricia (Patricia) with TG 
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Sorry I took so long to respond. I don't hnestly even remember wht that plot was ^^;
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Thanks you so much for this, it really means a lot and I think it's great. 
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No problem!
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I could totally see that. Thanks amd here's hoping!
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