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In the world of Dockthrin, there would be no greater battle than the one of good versus evil. Each side had great numbers, though some didn't fall on either one and acted as neutrals in the war between the two. The most notable of either side would come in the form of a warlock by the name of Inry, and a paladin named Illiam. Inry always made attempts to overthrow the Crown and take over the land as its supreme ruler, but his plans were always thwarted by the pesky paladin.

The latest plan for Inry had seemed to good to fail, as he had already conquered over a few of the largest towns in the land. However, through sheer willpower Illiam managed to overthrow and run Inry out of the countryside for some time. After many suns had passed over their heads, it seemed as though Inry was gone for good, much to the relief of Dockthrin and Illiam’s pride. For a long while it truly seemed that the evil of the world was finally defeated, and, once the last of Inry's minions were taken care of, no more would be heard from him for years. It seemed that the terror was finally at an end.

The land had been quiet for some time, and Illiam sat on his rocking chair in front of his humble abode. Despite being a rather renowned hero, he refused to follow in the life of luxury. He didn't want to bring much attention to himself and if the call for heroes was ever needed, he'd be there. He looked up towards the sunny sky, birds chirping in the air, a peaceful dragon even flying over the paladin's home before descending. Illiam got up slowly and saw the bag hanging over it, signaling that it was a messenger.

"Hello, sir." Illiam greeted the dragon as he walked over and began digging around for the mail he had brought him.

"Greetings Illiam!" the beast said back happily. "Only one letter for you today. It comes from out of the land! I've never heard of Puthrik before. It's not too far off from Dockthrin though."

"Got it." The man pulled out his letter and patted the dragon's side. "Thanks! Your services are appreciated in this kingdom." He nodded up to the dragon, who nodded too with a smile and took back off into the skies to continue his services.

Illiam returned to his chair and looked down at the envelope. Unlike the dragon he had heard of Puthrik before, and once went out there to deliver a speech to young, aspiring noblemen like he once was. However, that was many years ago and he had no connections to that part of the land before. With so many questions, Illiam opened up the envelop and couldn't believe who it was from.

"Dear lord...he's still around."


Inry stood at his balcony, staring out towards the horizon with his hands behind his back. He had been hatching this plan for years, and it was finally time to roll it out. Ever since a crushing defeat at the hands of his mortal enemy Illiam the paladin, he had retreated out of the kingdom and put himself into exile. However, this was all in act as a part of his grand scheme.

In reality, Inry was building the blocks for his ultimate revenge. Despite his evil agenda, there was one thing that he took pride in: that he had never actually murdered. Sure, he had turned people in creatures with life expectancies less than a month such as insects, but he was never directly responsible for their death. That would be due to nature's decision as to what to do with the transformed. For Illiam, Inry had the ultimate revenge planned for him. However, he couldn't do it all by himself.

As such, he had went into town in search for someone to act as a minion. He had wandered into a nearby town in search for an outcast, a misfit as it were who would jump on the opportunity to live with him in his massive home. Inry had heard rumors of an alchemist that spent her days on the outskirts of the town ever since she had cast a spell that had turned her into an anthropomorphic cat. Inry had met up with her,  and used her self exile as a means to sway her to join his side. She had agreed without a second thought, and the two began to live together. The Alchemist, of which was named T'chac, spent most of her time perfecting the potion that Inry had desired her to make. The reasoning was never explained to her, so she simply worked to ensure it was perfect.

Inry waved the messenger dragon off as T'chac walked up behind.

"Sending out mail?" she asked.

"Ah, T'chac! Exactly who I wanted to see. I trust your work is done on what I asked you to concoct?" he turned to look at his little minion.

"That's done, yes." She nodded. "Ready to be used at your own discretion."

"Let us head inside, there is much to tell you about now that the time has come." Inry wrapped an arm around T'chac and lead her into a parlor where the two took a seat across from each other.

Inry told the story between the year long fighting between himself and Illiam up to where they were now. T'chac followed along with the story with interest, nodding her head and making a few idle comments here and there.

"And that's why I've invited him here. To make amends." Inry concluded and leaned back in his chair.

"Wait...why? It sounds like you hate him more than anyone else. I wouldn't imagine anyone with that level of hatred would want to mend that bridge."

"Amends is a term I use loosely. I mean to amend my shame, not my relations with the bastard Illiam. That's why I had you craft the potion to perfection. There cannot be anything wrong with it."

"So you plan transform him into something else?"

"Precisely. I do not wish to spill blood, and the kicker is Illiam will be forced to merely eatch as his body is completely changed and as his mind is forced to act as a foolish wench."

"I must say it's quite the devious plan." T'chac commented.

"Is that a problem?"

"I don't recall saying it was."


There was a knock on the door and T'chac answered, revealing Illiam, who was donned in rather regal robes reserved for the noblemen of Dockthrin.

"You must be the paladin. Inry is waiting for you in the dining hall. Right this way."

The cat led him to the hall, Inry sitting on one side and invited Illiam to sit across from him.

"Please, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Take off all those layers, it must be so hot."

"It's ancient Dockthrin tradition to wear them for diplomatic affairs. Not that you would know anything about that," he retorted, reluctantly taking a seat.

"Last I checked, we aren’t in Dockthrin," the warlock smirked.

"I uphold the the traditional Dockthrin values wherever I go. It is about of my duty as being representative of it."

"Suit yourself." Inry turned to see T'chac approach with two drinks, setting one in front of the two and walking off.

"Now then, I simply ask we move past our differences and we start a new chapter. Perhaps not as friends, but not as enemies. Let us toast to making amends!" Inry grabbed and raised his glass and waited for Illiam to do the same.

He let out a small sigh, and grabbed his own glass and raised it.

"To letting the past die."

He waved it to Inry who chuckled softly and the two drank together.

It was that moment where Illiam realized something was amiss. He began to cough, the beverage tasting vile. At first he shrugged it off to the some kind of awful wine that was local to this region. However, the paladin looked down at his arms as they felt dry and when he saw white scales forming, that's when full blown panic took over.

"What the hell is going on!?" Illiam shouted out as the scales began to grow up his arms and spread down his body.

"I'm taking care of you once and for all!" Inry boasted. "Who would have thought pretending to make amends would be the best way to get rid of you?"

"Where is your honor!?" Illiam snapped back, in his anger his eyes began to turn green, the pupils becoming a reptilian slit.

"I don't need honor!" Inry retorted. "I just need you out of the picture, and now you're going to be! Oh, this is simply perfect! The best nobleman in all of Dockthrin taken down by a potion!"

Illiam grunted as his white scaled hands went up to his scalp, pulling out large chunks of hair as he began to bald, all of his old human hair falling to the ground, leaving nothing but the rough scales in their wake. He held some clunks in his hands and spread his fingers apart, watching them fall into the rest of the pile of hair.

"Ah, you're coming along quite nicely!" Inry laughed at Illiam's misfortune. "And it looks like the real fun is about to start! Look down at yourself!"

Nervously and still somewhat unbelieving of the whole situation, Illiam did so and saw two mounds of flesh growing out and resting there, all while his arms slenderize. His waist began to grow curves and Illiam brought his arms underneath his new breasts, hoisting them up nervously. Suddenly, he felt two sensations form at both his groin and head.

"Go ahead and give into your new desires, I assure you that they're quite permanent! "

Illiam let out a cry as he grasped his head, clutching it all while manhood diminished down below between his, now officially her, legs. Her head hurt as Illiam’s mind began to alter vastly. Combat knowledge began to drain out of her head in mere seconds. The ever changing snake woman's hips widened outward along with her butt to a nice, plump size. Curves grew on her legs and at her neck, extensions of her neck formed to amplify the snake she now was. From behind her, a long, thick tail formed, growing out and ending in a dull tip.

Illiam wanted to panic, to try and quickly find some way to reverse this horrible curse. However, this would fall away and be replaced with...happiness? What was this feeling? Illiam felt pretty, she was a devilishly good looking snake if she did say so herself! No! Illiam had to find a way to reverse it before it was too late! There was still the spirit of a nobleman in her. She pushed herself up quickly, however was stopped by more head pain. Her face extended out, gaining a fair pit of length while a good chunk of her teeth were lost in the process. They did however become significantly sharper. Suddenly, her tongue found its way pushing out from her snout, now much thinner and forked as she let out a hiss. She got up and looked to Inry and felt nothing but anger and sadness, and was going to charge at him until...

She began to giggle uncontrollably thinking about just how good looking she was! And the silly noises she was making. Not to mention the fact she was wearing these heavy, regal robes when she was but a lowly reptile! The look of it on her was simply so clashing it was hard to not laugh at it.

Inry was more the pleased with the result, and laughed along with the new woman who was completely unaware that the warlock was laughing at her, not with her. Illiam was finally no more, replaced by a simple snake. He had finally bested his greatest enemy with a simple drink. How the mighty have fallen!

T'chac walked back over with another beverage.

"I see that this is the result of my handiwork." She idly commented, looking over to the new snake woman, who was examining parts of her clothing in bemusement.

"And then some! You did wonders for me, and the work won't go unappreciated." Inry turned to his minion with a wide grin. "It feels so good to have my revenge after all these years!"

"I'm sure it must be nice." T'chac smirked and put a hand on her hip. "Brought you over a special victory concoction I cooked up in the other room. I guarantee it'll make this all that much sweeter."

She handed the chalice containing it to Inry, who happily accepted it. "I'm glad I came across you, it's because of you I can now revel in my greatest victory yet! Perhaps of all time!" He raised it up.

"To you, my lovely T'chac! While this plan was my idea, you were the one to help with obtaining the things I needed the most in order to perform it!"

And with that, he took a large chug of the beverage, so large it was all gone with one gulp!

Though his celebration would be short lived, as Inry realized that there was something amiss with how the drink tasted. It could just have been whatever the mix that T'chac made that led to the odd taste, and for a brief moment he believed that. Sadly, this would not be the case as Inry noticed scales beginning to form over his hands not unlike Illiam's initial changes.

“You bitch! I trusted you!” Inry angrily shouted to T’chac. “I’ll end you!”

“Now then, you don’t want to do that, that’d take way more time than you have.” T’chac responded in an innocent voice. “You’re going to change much faster than that ol’ pesky paladin! If you deserve to win your little feud then you should be able to do what Illiam didn’t, stop the transformation! Fair’s fair after all. I’d suggest hurrying and make a cure before it’s too late~!”

Inry's eyes shot wide open in realization and in a haste he rushed down to his lab, his body already transformed significantly. The lavender scales had already conquered his head. There was no trace of any hair on his head as it had all fallen off, a trail of shed hair leading down the stairs to the laboratory. His pants had fallen down slightly, as a long and scaly tail had emerged from behind him as an extension of his spine. Inry's feet were larger, the tips of his toes being clawed. His hand were very much the same, albeit his feet had lost two digits while he retained five fingers. Inry's face extended outward into a long snout with two slits at the tip. Inry was now a lizard man as he entered his lab.

He caught a glimpse of his new lavender body in a reflection and cringed at what was staring back. As he stared, Inry witnessed his eyes become slitted like all reptiles while becoming rose colored. He shook his head and quickly found his resolve yet again. It wasn't too late, he could still find a way to reverse the transformation! Inry began to frantically look around to find something to mix together to stop it from advancing and make an antidote before it was too late.

As Inry began looking at various potions and herbs, he felt a burning sensation at his groin. Within a blink of an eye, manhood was be replaced by a mere slit. The remnants of his male reproductive system altered into that of the opposite sex. This only made her work faster. She fell forward a bit as as her rear ballooned outward along with her hips, making her center of balance out of order, if only temporarily.

Inry took a deep breath, she had to focus if she was going to fix herself! However, there was a distraction, two as a matter of fact, as two soft orbs pushed out from Inry's chest and gained weight and size as well as sensitivity. Inry noted that she was a lot bustier than Illiam had ended up as, which embarrassed her greatly, causing a soft blush. Although her new breasts distracted her, Inry noticed that there was a potential solution and went to grab one of the ingredients. Unfortunately for her, as Inry grabbed it she began to forget what exactly she was doing. Alchemy was hard! Why would a lowly lizard lass like herself attempt something like this? No! She had to power through before it was...

Inry erupted into giggles as her body began to grow curves with her waist and back both pushing inward. Her shoulders lost their broadness, making her cloak loosely hang off of one of them. Her hands shrank to slender and dainty sizes, all while her intelligence began to drop drastically. This caused Inry to try and work more quickly before it would be too late to figure out a cure at all.

She poured a quarter of the potion into the cauldron, which made a bubbly noise.

“Hey, that was cool sounding!” she commented and began to pour much more than needed to keep hearing it and laughed. She quickly shook her head and kept on working. She grabbed some herbs and began to tear them before tossing them in, humming a little tune while she did so and began to slowly kick her legs.

“I wonder if I can land a human, they’re so strong and brave!” she said to herself. “No! I’m a man! A warlock! I can do this…”

She insisted she could beat it, however when it came to finding the next ingredient she was drawing blanks on what she needed.

“Uh...maybe this pretty flower?” she grabbed it and smelled it. “Ooh, that’s pretty! I can’t use that!” she shook her head and stuck it between her breasts for safe keeping due to the lack of ears. Inry looked back and around and found herself confused, none of this made sense!

"What am I doing? I don't know anything about this, like why am I here anyways?"

She laughed it off as Inry befell the very fate that Illiam had and returned to the dining hall where the other reptilian woman was.

"Woah, you're dressed all silly and stuff too!" the transformed Inry pointed out to Illiam happily.

"And so are you!" Illiam giggled. "It's like playing dress up pretending we are high class!"

"High class? Sounds scary!" Inry responded. "Good thing we're just cute lizard girls!"

"No kidding! I feel really fancy dressed like this, but I wish I had actual clothes to wear!" Illiam responded. “But you’re dressed in some meanie mage clothes!” she added, sticking out her tongue.

"Oh, I am! I totally get what you mean! It’s so gross, and my boobies are just flailing about! I need some kind of bra! Why would I not wear one anyways?"

"You're guess is as good as mine but I don't got one either!"

The two began to giggle with one another.

"Looks like you ladies are hitting it off well." T'chac walked in with a smile.

"Totally! I feel like we've known each other our whole lives!" Inry said back happily.

"Well, you girls have some coin on you, why don't you go into town and buy proper clothes? Like shopping buddies!"

"Ooh, I like that idea!" Illiam clapped her hands together.

"What are you girls waiting for? Get out there!'" T'chac chuckled. “Although you should come back when you’re done, I could use some help especially from two lovely ladies like yourself.” she added on crossing her arms.

"What ARE we waiting for, let's like go already!" Inry responded. “And we’ll totally come back once we’re done miss! I don’t know who you are but I like your style! And you give good ideas!”

With that, the two reptiles left the home, leaving T'chac to herself.

Once they were out the door and gone, T'chac laughed maniacally to herself. It had been  starting to get tedious to pretend to be working under that imbecile of a warlock. He couldn't even make a simple mind altering addition to a transformation potion. She knew that since she was eight! She walked down to the lab that was once Inry's and took a seat in the chair, putting her hands behind her head and crossing her legs. It was so easy to fake her story about being exiled after after a potion gone wrong, she had been a cat all her life and Inry fell right for the bait! She just wanted the manor for herself, how gullible humans can be! 

"All of this is mine! So many new toys to play with." she laughed. "Where to begin, it was fun to transform those two into giggling girls, especially as reptiles! That's the only group looked down upon more than the felines." After that thought, a wicked grin formed across her face. "Maybe it's time for the ‘lesser’ species to become the majority by way of spells and alchemy. They weren't going to be treated as slaves and minions anymore! And I have all sorts of new material to work with to REALLY make something special.”
Commission for :iconseasofgold: who requested what you see above. Idn't that neat? 
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