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Nafster was really excited about the event he was hosting. As someone who has fallen victim to a bunch of accidental or unintentional transformation, he would be stoked when something that was purposeful was about to go down. Not only that, a bunch of friends he had been hanging around lately were going to go through it with him! There was another thing especially special about it, and that was the fact that all the transformations were chosen by none other than themselves. 

The doorbell rang as all of the cast of characters slowly trickled in. Nafster was a snow leopard donned in a gray hoodie and black sweatpants held the door open. Blue, a human with blue eyes and brown hair with a bit of a scrawny build entered. Luigio, a large arcanine with purple shorts walked in after. Then Clock, a bat earred brown fox with robotic left arm walked in with hoodie and shorts as well as ripped knee high socks. Rob walked in, a gray wolf with blonde hair. Zewei entered next, a Northern Hawk Owl red trimmed sunglasses and a plethora of colorful feathers. Austin dressed in a military uniform with buzzed brown hair walked in after. James would be next, a simple blue wolf with red stripes. Draco walked in next, a man with combed back brown hair and a blue sweater with jeans and brown shoes. Skye walked in next, a Lugia girl with wings on her back. After that would be Palette, a teal and white dog with a striped blue shirt and plain blue pants. Jam walked in next, a brown guilmon. AW would be next, a Ninetails with two large wings and a blue streak at the end of his tail and a pink streak next to his right ear. Penultimately would be Tiffany, a fox and wolf mix with black and white fur with her hair tied up in a black suit and skirt with heels and yellow lining. And last to enter would be Dell, dressed in nothing but a red striped poncho.

"Welcome everyone!" Nafster stood up once every sat in their own respective chairs. "Thank you all for coming! I already have the changes we're going to be going through in this hat! You pick it up, read it out loud and then the changes will begin! Luckily I know people who are good at this transformation thing so we can do this properly!" he added with a small laugh. "We'll start with Blue since he's right next to me and we'll go in one big circle and end with me!" he explained how the rotation would work and took a seat himself and crossed his arms after handing Blue the hat. 

Blue reached in pulled out the paper, handing the hat to the next participant. He unfolded the paper and read out "Dorky Kitsune Schoolgirl." The paper glowed and slowly diminished into nothingness. Blue looked down and watched as his outfit slowly morphed into a white collared shirt with a red tie and his pants became a skirt. His brown hair lengthened down to his shoulders as it became curly. His arms slendered and legs took on shapely tones as socks crawled all the way up to his knees. Tan fur grew all over his body, nine large tails forming out from behind Blue sticking out from his skirt. Blue's face extended out into a muzzle, nose becoming wet at the tip as multiple teeth aligned the longer jaw. Two breasts formed on his chest and manhood vanished below to make the sex change official. Blue's hips expanded with her backside while her back arched to granted the feminine figure she needed to complete her transformation. 

Next up would be Luigio, repeating the same thing Blue did. "Jogger Zebra Girl." he read. The orange part of his fur turned white, while the black stripes formed more up and down his body to give him a proper stripe pattern. The floof around his head was gone, nothing but a black haired ponytail left in its wake. On top of that, a headband formed around Luigio's head, his ears sticking out from the middle. Sweatbands also formed on his wrists while his feet hardened into circular black hooves. His tail shrank vastly, thinning out with a small black tuft of hair at the tip. Luigio's pants shrank even shorter, stopping past his hips, of which began widening. Manhood slipped away and two orbs covered by a sports bra formed. With slender but muscular arms and strong calves, she'd be ready to run anywhere! 

Clock came up next, grabbing a paper and handing the hat to the next attender. "Anthro Absol." Clock's ears shrank vastly, one of them extending outward into a dark blue scythe shape while her face took on the same color. Her hair went into a teardrop-esc bang with a dark blue oval on her forehead. Her eyes turned red while her muzzle shrank vastly. All of her fur lightened into a snowball white, a large fluff pile under her head. Her tail lost its fur, revealing a dark blue razor tail left behind. Her claws turned the same blue, the robotic arm flesh and bones again in the wake of the transformation into a female Absol anthro. 

Rob would be the next to pick out from the hat. "Kangaroo EDM DJ." the wolf spoke. The yellow in his ears left, and the ears themselves became smaller. His fur changed from gray to brown, all while his legs became significantly stronger to jump way higher, if he desired. His tail lost a lot of its fluff in exchange for length while his paws become much longer. His blonde hair became dyed a lime green while spots on his fur had various dyed neon colors. His hoodie morhped into a light blue tank top and his pants ripped jeans, now the DJ Kangaroo the bill said he'd be. 

Next would be the bird Zewei. "Anthro Robot Alicorn Girl" he read, the most unique of the changers so far! His feathers slowly plucked off as it was replaced with a cold steel that was painted a light white. A cone formed on his forehead that slowly stuck out, all while metallic wings found their way forming onto his back. On Zewei's chest, two orbs formed to signal that he was becoming a female bot, not that it mattered much. Zewei's beak became less curves forming into a metal muzzle. Her tailfeathers all became one to form into a thin and singular tail. Her talons morphed into paws to complete Zewei's transformation. 

Austin grabbed the hat and took his paper out, reading aloud "Yoga Ferret Girl." His body became coated with white and brown fur. From behind him, a flat tail formed while his feet morphed into paws. Child-bearing hips befell Austin, all with a plumped up rear and breasts. Not only that, womanhood formed between his legs, or better yet, her legs. Her body became much more flexible while a small muzzle formed with pink nose. Austin's ears turned circular at the top of her head. Her uniform had become yoga pants and a tank top, boots gone completely. Her hair was long and tied in a ponytail, a regular yoga instructor looking ferret was Austin's new shape! 

James the blue fox was next up to bat. "Water Dragon" would be the phrase on his paper. His fur would melt away in wake of growing scales, while the part on his front would turn all white. His ears melted away into nothingness as horns found their way onto James' head. His tail became significantly longer, spines forming on the top of it while the pattern matched James' torso. His nose become one with his muzzles, only slittled nostrils left behind. His teeth became sharper while his hair left him, leaving a water dragon out of the fox. 

Draco took the hat and unwrapped the paper before passing it on. "Naftessa." it read, apparently someone had suggested Nafster's gender bent self! Gray fur grew all over Draco's body, his feet becoming large paws. A thin feline tail found it way out of his more pronounced rear, his hips joining in on the fun. His hair turned silver as lengthened down to his back while Draco's ears became circular moving to the top of his head. His face extended outward into a muzzle. Two modest breasts formed on Draco's chest while womanhood formed between her legs. Her pants became a ruffled skirt and top became a striped tank top, completing the transformation into Naftessa. 

Skye would be the next one to read from the paper, reading "Pomeranian." The Lugia's wings would shrink back into her spine, her scales being replaced with a ton of light brown fur. Her feet morphed into dog paws, a small fluffball tail forming behind her. Small, triangular ears formed on the top of her head while her muzzle became much smaller. Skye's hands became notably smaller, to match Skye's much small frame as a Pomeranian woman. 

Jam would grab the hat and reach in, pulling a paper out and reading out the words "Robotic Otter" after passing the hat. His body remained mostly brown, but a tan color going down his front, all the while becoming cold, hard, and metallic. His horns went back into his head, circular ears forming just as hard. The tail remained relatively the same, although connected with joints. The claws on his body were gone, paws and small hands in their wake as Jam became the robotic otter. 

AW reached in with his mouth and slowly undid the paper, the person next to him picking up the hat. "Anthro Frog" were the words that AW spoke out. His fur left him, being replaced with a sticky green skin. His ears left him, eyes moving to the top of his head. AW's tails all receded back into his body. His hands and feet both became webbed, stick suction cups forming at the tips of his fingers. He slowly got up on simply two feet, as the transformation into a frog completed. 

Tiffany took out her paper and read it, "Whitetail Deer" Her feet hardened as they turned into a set of hooves, her decently sized tail shrinking vastly. Tiffany's black and white fur would become mostly a light brown, with some beige spots as well as going down her front. Out of her head, two large antlers pushed out as all of her hair vanished into her scalp. The triangular ears became more circular, Tiffany's legs becoming fully digitigrade. Her curves flattened while breasts deflated. And with a new organ forming between Tiffany's legs she would become the Whitetail deer. 

Dell dug through the tail end of the papers to pull one out and read aloud "Girly Wolf Prince." Dell's brown fur would become gray, his antlers no more. Black hair grew from the top of his head, tricking down past his shoulders. Not only that, mascara and makeup both found their way onto his face. His figure even became more feminine with wider than average hips. His little tail become much longer and fluffier, his hooves turning into gray paws. His poncho became a royal attire, to leave him as the feminine Prince. 

Palette would be the last of the friends of Nafster to reach in for a chance. The only person remaining was Nafster himself. "African ground squirrel." Palette's black and white fur turned into a solid brown color, his tail reaching up to his neck as it became longer while turning the same fur color. Palette's head became much smaller, along with his ears which donned a more define circular shape. His hair turned a dark brown to better match his new fur. His muzzle shrank and became sleeker as he became the squirrel. 

And last but not least was Nafster, who took out the last paper and tossed the hat and read it. "Extreme Sports Kangaroo Girl." With the final paper gone the final transformation began. Nafster's ears became longer along with his feet, legs turning shapely with wide hips. Nafster's rear expanded as his tail became thicker. Womanhood replaced manhood between his legs, breasts forming on her chest. Her arms became shapely while her muzzle extended but became flatter. Her hoodie morphed into a tee shirt and pants into khaki shorts. Pads formed on her elbows and knees, ready to shred up as the extreme sports 'Roo. 

"Alright!" Nafster leaped up happily, slightly higher than she intended with her new leg strength. "Now that all the transformations are done, let's have some real fun with these new bodies!" she giggled and clapped her hands, of which everyone happily cheered and began to mingle, discussing their changes with each other, laughing and joking, and overall simply enjoying each other's company. 
TF Day is here! This time I decided to do something special for my Discord server! Those active in it anyways! Something like this was planned for Christmas, and then New Years but my motivation felt to be at an all time low so it never came to be. But now it did! I love the Discord server, lots of swell peeps in there. You too can join it here:

The story features the following (in order of who gets transformed): 

Blue is :iconaphoenixofbluefire:

Luigio (FA Only) is…

Clock is :iconcl0ckw0rkkn1ght:

Rob is :iconrobertdayson:

Zewei is :iconzewei-da:

Austin is Discord Only

James is :iconeity13:

Draco is :iconbluedraconicknight:

Skye is :iconthelegendary0296:

Jam is :iconmonkey-scientist:

AW is :iconawplays:

Roland (FA Only) is…

Dell is :iconplayfingers: 

Palette is :iconpalette-the-painter:

and lastly 

Nafster is :iconvinomath:
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Monkey-Scientist Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
A robot otter?! Now that's unique and awesome. :) Thanks for including me, Vino Dino Gyno Rhino!
TheLegendary0296 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Student Writer
I can't help but feel like the one I got was a bit anticlimactic . . but at lest someone got my Alicorn-bot suggestion! ^^

Still, um, no offence, but you need to work on the fluidity of your writing when it comes to a sequential series of introductions or transformations. The sheer number of times I read "walked in" in that opening paragraph . . and no one even reacted to their changes. I can appreciate you being reluctant to do things with other people's characters for fear of mischaracterization, but it really kind of ruined the moment. 
Vinomath Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018
It was all randomzied based on the things people suggested. 

And to be honest, yeah. I was going to go back and fix it but I'll be honest I was really lazy with editing this morning due to sleeping for only 4 hours and I wanted to make sure it'd get out today. The reaction to changes was not having to copy personalities for all the characters and making sure they were accurate, all measures I simply didn't have time to do to ensure TF Month went smoothly without a missed day. As such I left it open for said person to let their own feelings take place in the story as it were 
Core1948 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I think i missed the memo. 
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