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Jack had been working as a car salesman for a few years now, while he was far from the worst one, he wasn't close to being an elite one. He enjoyed his job regardless, and it was enough to maintain a steady income to support himself financially. Though it wasn't enough to where Jack had much extra spending money at the end of the day. He wasn't complaining, but some extra side change would be nice to come by. 

He didn't go unnoticed however, Jack had caught the eye of the marketing department. They were in the need of someone to take on the reins of their recently designed mascot. As ever marketing person knows, sex sells. And their new face of advertising was differently just that. She was a fairly busty anthropomorphic tiger who wore a white shirt with the company logo on it, reaching just above her belly button and had midriff going. On top of that, she came equipped with rather tight pair of short shorts extending just past her thighs. The tigress had curves to boot, in essence, a very attractive one to catch the eye on onlookers. 

The issue was how expensive creating and maintain a mascot costume would be, not to mention having to hiring animators to have a steady stream of new ads ready to go. Not only did it not make business sense,  it would be too difficult for the animator to keep up with their needed demand. With all of this in mind, they did have...connections with some untraditional inventions and could help to make someone into the mascot. They turned to the average employees. Not the superstars with the most sales, they were need for...well sales. Those on the lower end up be noticed if they were gone, as they were generally well known. So they needed someone just average enough and wasn't that well known by the general employees. 

And that's where Jack came in. He fat that mold perfectly. On a Tuesday, a notoriously slow day for business Jack would be called to report to marketing after he clocked in. Having done so, he made his way over to the Head of Marketing, Scott's office. He entered and was greeted happily. 

"Jack! Thanks for coming in!" Scott welcomed. "Take a seat, please!" he held out his hand with a grin before bringing both of them below his chin. 

"Thanks, but I'm a little confused on why you needed me, this isn't my department..." Jack said back. "Why did you need me?" 

"We needed an average Joe as it were! Or should I say an Average Jack?" Scott joked. "It's apart of our new ad campaign!" 

"What's the campaign?" 

"Well, we needed someone not on the top, and not on the bottom to partake and be the lead in our new marketing strategy with our new series of advertising as the mascot!" 

"So...I'm going to be a mascot? Like a spokesperson?" Jack raised an eyebrow. "I don't think I have the camera chops for that." 

"Nonsense!" Scott waved his hand, his free one going underneath the desk as he pressed a button and brought both his hands together and leaned forward. Meanwhile Jack felt a small poke on his chair which wasn't enough to set an alarm off for Jack but was enough to shift around slightly. 

"You just got to stand in front of a camera and read some cards! A baby could do it!" 

"I guess, but aren't spokesmen supposed to have charisma? I'm a modest guy, I know I'm not exactly interesting. 

"That's what editing is for! We're going to make you the most lovable mascot since the Trix Bunny!" 

"Did people love him? I hadn't heard from them for a while." Jack responded, idly scratching at an itchy spot on his arm. It felt a little hairier than normal, but Jack figured it was nothing to worry about. Had he looked down, he would of noticed white fur growing on the underside, with orange fur and black stripes on the other. 

"Besides the point dear, point is your going to be a star! Doesn't that sound great?" Scott laughed it off. 

"I erm...I guess? I never really cared much for fame." he shrugged in response. Jack's arms slenderizing while his shoulders lost broadness. The fur growing as the parts of his body did. 

"Then it's time to change that attitude!" Scott tried to hype him up for the role, both to distract him from the transformation and to kickstart the mental changes earlier than intended to make sure what they were doing in there didn't like to the rest of the company. 

"I suppose being recognized would be pretty cool." Jack chuckled lightly to Scott's pleasure. With the laugh, his chest puffed out with each laugh. All while his torso was beginning to take on accented curves. 

"Now your getting the big picture, and soon you'll be the big picture!" Scott kept hyping it up. 

"Yeah, I'll be on the big screen!" Jack began to giggle, causing the forming buds to expand outward into full breasts, the very size their tigress mascot had. On top of that, his voice began to get more high pitched, though he had reached a point of being more of the tigress than Jack and as such didn't care. 

"Atta girl." Scott smirked deviously has he saw Tillie beginning to take over Jack's personality. 

Jack nodded with a wide smile, with the girl phrase Scott said becoming quite true as manhood would invert into the organ meant for the opposite sex as the swap became official. 

"Now then Tillie, can I call you Tillie?" Scott asked, seeing if the mental changes were completely finished. 

"Uhm...I'm pretty sure you can!" she giggled. "Like...I think that's my name!" Jack said as she scratched her head. Why did that not sound right? Lost in thought, Jack's legs began to take on shapely tones while her feet turned to paws. Along with that, a tugging behind her formed as a thin but long tail grew out just above her rear. "Yeah! Tillie! That's my name!" 

"Excellent." Scott smiled happy this little trick ended up working. 

"Yeah! I'm practically ready! When can we start!" Tillie asked excitedly just a giggly as before. Her face began to extend outward into a slight muzzle with whiskers forming. Her ears became circular moving to the top of her head as her hair turned an orange color and grew down to her shoulders. With that, Tillie was the full tigress, just missing one final detail. 

"Alright, I think we can just in one moment." Scott responded as the final changes took place. 

Tillie's dress shirt had it's sleeves rolled up greatly and flattened until there were barely any sleeves left. The collar of the shirt dipped down to reveal cleavage, all while the logo of the dealership formed on it. Her khaki pants shrank upwards all while turning denim blue and hugged her new curves. With that, Tillie had officially come to fruition!

"And now we can get to work. We already have some set pieces ready as well as scripts. They're in your trailer." 

"I get a trailer?" Tillie asked excitedly wagging her tail. "That's awesome! I always wanted to stay in one!" 

"Well now you do." Scott chuckled at the new tigress' enthusiasm. Already just as they wrote her. "Go on now, we got a lot of work to." Tillie nodded happily and skipped off. "That was almost too easy...I wonder if we can work with a few more cast members..." 
Nothing says "Good job" like turning into a busty Tiger woman. 
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Core1948 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
U need an editor, I've found soooo many type-os, it hurts me.
aa2244 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Did she become a bimbo tigress?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
So are they planned to make several 'clones' of Trillie? 
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
"didn't like to the rest of the company. "

Did you make a typo there?
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
" On top of that, she came equipped with rather tight pair of short shorts extending just past her thighs. "

Why does she need shorts? I get the t-shirt with the logo. Or does it have to do with how the scantily-clothed is found to be more sexual than the unclothed? 
Vinomath Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018
It's more of a "sex appeal" kind of ting 
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