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Day 0: 

Hello world, if you are reading this then that means my discoveries are true. I had been researching these people for years, they seem to be secluded from the rest of the world, which made tracking them down the hardest task of my career. It would take me months, years, but I pulled through. I found them. And I am going to spend a year amongst their people. They have no idea I am coming to them, for they never advanced with new technologies as the rest of the world did. Therefore, if this is the only entry you read it means they were not friendly, and this book, my career, and my life were all cut short. I pray this won't be the case. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with all of you who read this. I must get prepared for my journey, I will update after I finish my first day amongst the Ii. 

Day 1: 

Thankfully, the Ii are a very welcoming people. As a matter of fact they treated me to a feast of various meats upon arriving. They offered me my own place to stay and even a makeshift desk for me to write this very journal on. I must admit I was terrified I would be walking into a death trap, and I rest easy knowing I am not. The Ii dress in various garbs made from the animals they hunt on the island. Though, talking with the chief (I was surprised they knew English!) revealed they refused to hunt, eat, or harm rabbits of any kind. He wouldn't state why the Ii did such, and stated I'd learn "In due time." While I thought it was odd, I didn't want to offend their culture in any way. 

It was still my first day here in their village, and there was a lot in the coming weeks they would teach me about their culture and everything that they do on the day to day. I can't say I'm not excited to learn all about the Ii lifestyle! I am truly blessed to be able to see an entirely different way of life from such a friendly people. I will update this after a week has passed and I have learned what a day in the life of an Ii is. Until then, I leave you with a thought. Are we truly all that different? While they lack our traditional way of life, they sustain just as well as us. To us, they seem out of touch with the rest of the world, but to them, are we too far away from what makes us human? 

Week 1: 

I must say, the Ii culture is simply fascinating. From what the elders have told me, they all perform a cultural dance around one individual. I would be the lucky one who would be that individual! It is my understanding it is a ceremony meant to welcome the Goddess into their lives and remind her that they still welcome her. This is performed every Sunday, and the elders told me this particular ceremony was a special one, and it hadn't happened since the early days of the Ii. I feel quite honored that they chose me to be the focus! Apparently it's been hundreds of years since it was performed officially. 

Over the next few days I learned a lot more about the Goddess they worshiped. Her name is Irene, and she has quite an interesting history. There was a rabbit that would enter into the village of the Ii who would guide its Prime Elder to a lake, where he would witness it transform into the rabbit-human hybrid she was pictured as. Irene would then tell the Prime Elder that if he and the Ii were to survive, they must transport everything to another part of the land, for where they were situated had poor land for crops. The Goddess would then vanish in an orb of light, twirling around in a specific pattern that would be imitated in the ceremony I previously mentioned, which I will touch on at the end of this entry. 

So, the Prime Elder would return to the village and elaborate on what he saw. Some laughed at him, and some of the other elders would doubt his ability to lead in his old age. On the other hand, much more were with him and believed his story. This would be especially true for the farmers, who made up about 3/4 of the Ii at the time. They noticed their crops were starting to die out, and never grow to edible or usable age. As people started to go hungry, the farmers would find the Prime Elder with their families and tell him it was time to move. The Prime Elder agreed, and the Ii who would didn't believe would stay behind and slowly perish, and they became known as the Xii. 

The Xii would die out rather quickly, consisting of elders who were to stubborn to believe the facts, regardless of if the Prime Elder was lying about what happened to him and failed to see the death around them. Some of the Prime Elder's followers would doubt him, as he claimed to be lead by Irene herself, although no one else could see her. The Ii traveling were doubtful, but were in too deep to back down. 

The Ii's perseverance would pay off as they found what would be their new home, and is still the territory they settle in today. The crops would grow better than ever before, much to the relief to the entire people. It would be this day that they performed the special ceremony to honor the Goddess Irene. It is the only time the dance that Irene disappeared in after her meeting with the Prime Elder would be performed. An alternate version would be used and performed each week as a thank you to Irene for saving the Ii. 

The Prime Elder would soon die from old age, but the tradition lived on. The dance would be banished from ever being performed until the biggest event of the Ii would be upon them, the fabled returned of Irene. The Prime Elder was the only one who ever saw her, but a legend grew within the Ii that this was the month and year that Irene was to arrive. The elders claimed to not know the exact date, but knew that my arrival was special, and if they showed hospitality to a stranger it would help bring her out. They have three weeks for her to come, and I'm glad I will be able to witness such a big part of Ii history in person! I will be ending this journal entry here, and discuss more about my next week. 

Week 2: 

Much has happened during my second week that I can't quite explain, and it seems like I am a key factor to this "Return of Irene." I have to be very discreet about my concerns for I fear what the Ii may do if they knew I had a hunch about what they were doing. Let me elaborate a bit. 

The Ii began to feed me strange foods and provide me with odd concoctions to drink. They claim it is a traditional Ii recipe that has been passed down for generations, but I fear it was for someone like me to come along and be foolish enough to fall for their game. 

The first sign of something being wrong was when I woke up one day. Everything seemed normal enough, until I sat down. I felt an unbearable pain from behind me that made me jump right back up. I brought my hand to rub the afflicted area to try and sooth the pain, but noticed an odd lump in the back of my pants. Feeling under them would reveal that something truly was going bad. It felt almost like a cotton ball, and I barely managed to see it with my own eyes. It was the tail of a rabbit. I tried to remain calm and chalk it up to seeing things from something that was in the drink the Ii provided. 

However, things got worse from there. A few days later, I awoke with my feet significantly longer. Not only that, they had become flat literally overnight. I would run, but where would I run to? I can't get off the island for another year, and my survival skills aren't very great. Perhaps this is all some crazy fever dream and I'll wake up with everything normal again. 

For now, there's not much else I can do but continue to learn the ways of the Ii. I've spent most of my first week with elders, and this week with the farming community. It was odd, they were telling me things I'd never heard in my life and yet I already knew the information. I could tell what parts of the farmland were good for what crop, and knew how fast it would grow. I'm an anthropologist, not a farmer. I am not sure the reason for this sudden knowledge, but I fear it has to do with what's happening to my body and is starting to effect me mentally. I'll hopefully be back next week and hopefully be returned to normal. 

Week 3: 

I have to admit, the ladies here know how to treat fur! My snowball white fur had grown in fully finally, making my inhuman looking feet normal again. There was a day where I lost my hearing, but would be returned when I awoke the next day with long and thin ears on the top of my head. Not only that, I found buck teeth pushing out from my muzzle, ripe for carrot snacking! I've begun to grow attached to the Ii, and I could not ask for a more hospitable people to welcome me into their homes.  

The Ii are a very thankful people, and since the day I have arrived they've done nothing but praise me for simply showing up! They've taught me their traditions, ways of life, and recounting their whole history to me! Despite all this, I can't help but feel a bit sad for the sacrifice I have to make for my body, however if it means the Irene will finally return I'm okay with that, the Ii deserve it for how long they've persevered! 

And it's not all bad, fur feels absolutely incredible to be groomed, and I can jump a lot higher to! It is also a lot easier to eat vegetables now, they taste so much better like this! There's only one more week left before the final changes happen, and the final ceremony that officially marks the return of Irene. I am quite excited for it! I can't believe I'm about to be apart of the biggest moment of Ii history! I couldn't begin to thank anyone for getting me here, and being able to be responsible for Irene coming back! 

Final Week: 

This is it, after this journal I'll officially become one with Irene, and she will walk the Earth yet again with me as her vessel! I have already become her fully in body after a few procedures from the shaman that would give me the proper physique for Irene to feel comfortable in, meaning it was time to say goodbye to manhood! 

My breasts are a bit more than modest, a bit less than oversized. My hips are much wider, capable of helping deliver a child if that ever came up. Now that would be something, a Goddess mating with a mortal! My rear is more noticeable as well, which let my fluff ball tail become more noticeable. My arms were slender and legs shapely, all with my shoulders narrow instead of broad.

The tailors had provided me the proper outfit as well. They had wove a chain bra for me to wear, along with a cloth that would wrap around my thigh to cover my crotch. Alongside that, the elders provided me with jewelry that was kept away from everyone and saved for the day that Irene would return to them. It was such a honor to be the first ever person to wear them. 

Welp, this is it. After today I will surrender my body to Irene to take control of as a vessel she can use on the mortal landscape. I am a bit sad my time is up, but ultimately it is what needs to be done. I've changed too much and made too many promises to back down now. Besides, no one but the Ii will accept how I look now, as its never been seen until this month excepting for the Prime Elder when he first saw Irene that fateful day. My time as myself is over, but my place in history is set in stone, and will be passed down in tales of the Ii for years to come. 

It's hard to believe I was doubting all of this only a few weeks ago when the transformation started. I debated running away but the Ii helped me to see the light of the matter. The shaman helped me a lot during that time, provided me with potions that helped me see the bigger picture and accept this is all a good thing, and it is! 

They are calling me now, so I'm afraid this is the end. What a crazy month it's been. I came here an as anthropologist man looking to make the first breakthrough with the Ii and I leave this world (in a sense) a rabbit woman and being the biggest part of the entire history of the Ii. I hope this does get out to the public, and everyone can see just how interesting these people are, and perhaps them to can provide a vessel for other Gods and Goddesses. Thank you all for reading, and perhaps I will pay the developed world a visit once Irene fully takes over to show just how powerful a Goddess is, especially those who harm my kind. Farewell my friends, I am off to my true calling, the vessel of Irene. 
It's a metaphor for converting people into furries. 
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