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Tyleth, the name a hundred villages knew. He was the mighty warrior responsible for the downfall of any village that dared get on his bad side. He was a monster, he was feared, and worst of all, he was unstoppable. Any foolish knight who dared try to get in his way met the other end of his blade. Everyone made sure to stay clear of his path if they wanted to keep their lives and homes.

If Tyleth wanted something, he'd get it. If he wanted something gone, he'd be the one to take care of it. If he was going to attack somewhere, one had better make sure one wasn’t anywhere near it. When word got out he was attacking the heart of Edinmar, everyone and their mothers (literally!) evacuated to the next village over. Edinmar was going to face the wrath of Tyleth!

...That is if Tyleth had gone to the right village. Tyleth, while strong was far from the brightest tool in the shed. He seemed to have miscalculated his attack, as he was nowhere near Edinmar. As a matter of fact he wasn't sure where he was. And when he went to leave the castle he had barged into, the doors slammed in front of him. He was rather scared, but he would never let fear show!

"Alright, I didn't plan to attack but now you made me angry!" Tyleth called out, unsheathing his sword.

"What ever do you expect to do with that?" a woman’s voice scoffed.

"I'm gonna end you for trying to stop Tyleth!"

"Oh, I'm shaking~" the woman cooed.

"Where are you!? Reveal yourself, you coward!"

"Says the man who attacks the first woman who speaks, who raised you?"

"My family is none of your concern!"

"That's right, you didn't have a family. That's why you don't understand the evil you cause."

"I am not evil!" Tyleth said back. "People know better than to get in my way!"

"Of course you'd defend your actions, you think you're in the right when you are so very wrong~"

"Enough games! Where are you? Face me like a true warrior!"

"Attacking innocent people makes you a true warrior? Please, I invite you to come up to the main chambers. I'll eagerly await you. Or if you got your common sense back, you're free to leave."

The door opened.

"Oh, you'd like that wouldn't you? Realized who I was and now you're scared!" Tyleth called out to no answer. "Well you picked a bad day to mess with me!" he said, charging up the stairs and kicking the door into the main chamber, where a chair with its back turned sat.

"That took you so long I thought you might of actually had a moment of intellect and left when you could have," the woman said.

"Enough games! Reveal yourself!" Tyleth called out.

"Go on, you can get your first attack on me, I won't even turn away. Toss your sword, I won't even catch it."

"Oh is that so?" he said, doing a twisted throw so that his sword would maintain momentum in order to pierce through the chair and heart. As soon as it it left his hands the confident smirk on his face left as well in pure shock, fear, and confusion. As the sword flew towards it, the sharp end became duller and duller, as the the material it was made of became but mere feather quills, and as it the chair, it simply fell to the ground, a simple feather pen.

"W-what are you...?" Tyleth uttered out in pure horror upon seeing what just transpired.

"I'm your greatest fear~" she cooed, turning around to reveal what was a purple dolphin woman in a very elegant garb that only royalty owned. "Now, what to do with an intruder to my town and castle, acting so rash and barbaric..."

"P-please. Let me be! I will cease any attacks on you and your people! You'll never hear or see me again!"

"No, we passed that point a long time ago." she said, getting up from her chair, walking over slowly. Tyleth tried to run, but found himself locked in place. "Good try, you really think I'm that stupid to not take these kind of precautions?"

Tyleth, defeated looked into the woman's eyes, feeling oddly entranced by them.

"Let's see..." she said, looking into Tyleth's very soul. "Oh now this is something, boy do I have a punishment fitting for a beast like you!"

Despite Tyleth's want to retort, he found himself entranced by the dolphin woman, and he was completely at her will.

"Now then...let's get you out of that awful skin! You don't have trace of humanity I can see, so why be human? As a matter of fact, why be male? Only fitting considering how many lives you ended, about time you bring life into this world!"

The woman's words kickstarted a whole range of changes to Tyleth, too out of it to pay it any mind. His skin began to become smooth and hairless, having a hint of moisture to it as it turned a light pink color. Tyleth's ears seemed to fade away entirely while his hair shrunk into his scalp. Tyleth's eyelashes elongated while his eyebrows became non-existent shortly after. Tyleth's nose fused with his jaw as it pushed outward into a snout. There was a pinching sensation on his forehead as a small hole formed there.

"You're coming out a lot cuter than you deserve to be! Ah well, you're not going to be in control anyways! Just a helpless passenger as your body acts girly and frilly!"

The transformation continued with no signs of stopping as his shoulders shrank, losing much of their broadness while his arms became much, much thinner, losing any kind of muscle they once had. His hands became much smaller and became incredibly feminine and dainty. His upper body began thinning out all over, losing the rather burly look, which was rather amusing to look at considering the upper body was rather feminine while the lower part was still quite masculine.

"If I wanted you to be more of a freak and not embarrassed and forced to a princess life I'd probably keep you like this. It'd be very amusing to try and see you walk! Regardless, I don't want to stop the spell, that's a lot of work to do you know!"

The transformation hit its biggest moment as more prominent changes occurred. Speaking of big, two rather large mounds of flesh began building at his chest, getting larger and larger and softer and softer as weight formed on them, forming into an ample pair of breasts. His waist caved inward while Tyleth's back went into an arch. His core became harder while his belly button became much smaller and cuter.

There was a building sensation behind Tyleth, as a rather long and large tail with a tailfin at the end of it, the length of his new tail almost as long as his body itself! The biggest change would occur in his downstairs region would be next, his manhood slipping away to a simple slit, the insides going through massive changes to account for Tyleth's new sex. Her legs became much more shapely while her feet became small and dainty, finishing off her transformation into a pink dolphin woman.

"Now then...let's put that mind in the backseat." the wizarding dolphin said, Tyleth's eyes going blank. A new personality and memories started loading in the drive seat of the mind. She was a giggly girl, loved frills, and wanted more than anything for a handsome knight to come and take her hand in marriage, knowing if she was ever taken away that they'd come to save helpless ol' her. Tyleth was helpless to do anything, no control over who had officially referred to themselves as Taniosha.

"Oh, what is little ol' me doing here!?" Taniosha giggled as she got up from her knees. "And why am I wearing this silly armor? I'd never fight anyone! I'd be too scared and weak to!"

"You just came in here with it." the other dolphin laughed, patting Taniosha's head. "Oh my daughter, you'll find love yet."

"I know I will! After all, who doesn't love lil' ol' me!" she giggled, spraying water out of her blowhole.

"I'm sure they do. Now go on and get dressed, we have company coming!"

"Yes, mother!" Taniosha giggled and skipped out of the room to change. She got dressed in her favorite outfit, in case a knight would show up! It was a rather frilly, yet elegant purple dress with a floral pattern on the front and puffed shoulders. She looked in the mirror and did a little twirl holding her dress while giggling like a schoolgirl. Taniosha looked at her reflection with pure joy while in the back part of her pocketed mind, Tyleth meanwhile was practically screaming with a red face if he could, helpless to do anything about what Taniosha was doing.

"Time to go show them what I got~!" Taniosha said with a giggle and skipped out of the room, Tyleth cursed to a life of watching this dolphin woman live a life he'd never dare be near normally. Thinking about men coming to marry, making sure she looked happy and pretty, doing errands for her attacker turned mother. This was the worst turn that could have happened to Tyleth. Then again, he was getting off easy, not that he thought that!

This was a trade with :iconseasofgold:, who wanted a brash warrior turning into a bubbly princess. Here is the result of that! 
prometheushunter2 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Cool story, although it Would’ve been More fitting and safe to just turn tyleths mind into tanioshas. That way all there memories are erased, they get a second chance at life, and there’s no chance of Tyleth somehow “escaping”
hamcon Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Great at fighting, but has horrible direction, sounds like Zorro from One Piece.
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