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" head..." I say bringing my hand up to my head. I couldn't remember anything that happened last night. Well, that's not entirely true, I just know everyone was here last night and that's about it? I need to stop having these kind of parties, I didn't even want to host one begin with! That should be a job for Kassandra...

It seemed as if a lot more things spiraled out of control, as there were a lot of things belonging to my friends laying around. Patricia's apron, Amelia's labcoat, one of Kassandra's ear piercings, Nikki's trenchcoat, Jesse, or Jessica's...glasses, and even Olivia's blue dress for...some reason? That seemed like something you should take when you leave and you know, not take off in the first place. And a pair of...sunglasses? I know those were Selena's but she's far from someone I'd ever invite as she's kind of...unpleasant to say the least. I shook my head and walked over to where they all were, in a nice pile like they were meant to be there...


Hello there! My name is Nafster, and I'm an anthropomorphic snow leopard. I'm here to spin you the tale of a very eye opening week, where I walked in the shoes, quite literally so, of the various animals I spent the most time around. There was Patricia, the pink weasel, Amelia the brown labrat, Nikki, the orange-furred fox, Kassandra, the neon blue skunk, Jessie and Jessica, a weird body sharing pair of orange raccoons, Olivia a rather plain looking doe, and Selena, a way too fashionista lemur. Now then, let's get started with the Nafster Project!


Looking around, I found a distinctly in tact pair of glasses. Picking them up and examining, I noticed the "J" engraved on the inside of the frame, that would be Jessica's, or Jesse's. Well, technically they're the same, but it was Jessica who put the engraving into it since she thought it would be a nice touch. I chuckled a bit at that thought. 

I held the glasses up to my face, it looked as thought they'd fit comfortably. I was always curious about how good or bad other people's vision was like. I lived my whole life with 20/20. I held the glasses up to my face and the vision was a little disorienting to say the least. Things seemed closer yet farther at the same time. Curiously, I put the whole frame on my frame, holding it still with my right hand to ensure it didn't fall and break. 

I looked down at them as I did, my mouth agape at just how bad the raccoon twins' vision was. Not the mention the fact they were the only person in that friend group that wore glasses. Selena did technically but she's not exactly a friend, or someone I particularly enjoy the company of. Nafster shrugged the thoughts off and was going to take off the glasses, but was stopped when he noticed some things were off. 

I felt a bit of weight growing on my chest, as well as some hair starting to tickle the back of my neck. Not only that, my tail wasn't as close to the floor as I'm used to, and my feet seemed smaller. I looked down, noticing the fur on my muzzle was startling to take on orange hues, to it. Not only that, a "mask" of fur began growing over my eyes, currently gray in color, darker than my normal fur pattern and since my fur was lightening, it was noticeable. The spots on my head were already starting to vanish into the fur, while the tips of my ears began to darken. Looking down with a shocked expression, I saw that my hoodie was gone, a sweater vest forming in its place, and more notably subtle breasts on my chest!The sleeves of my former sweater began taking on a blue color, the sleeves rolling up slightly past my wrists as the collar began forming. I held my hands out witnessing it. 

However, I was suddenly brought down with immense nervousness. As someone who transforms a lot, I never felt this way about it before. I was scared at what was happening. Would I be able to turn back? Would I still be me? Was I going to replace the real Jessica? So much anxiety befell me in an instant, and the worry showed on my face. 

I was so unsure of myself, I reached a hand over and rubbed my arm, my gray fur now much more orange as my hair began to seperate into bangs, becoming a lighter shade of black while the mask darken as well. My sleeves were rolled up to my forearms now, while my tail was shorter, black stripes starting to form while a small remnant of my snow leopard pattern remained near the base as well as some spots in the orange. My sweatpants by this point were all jeans. My breasts were fully developed, as well as most of my polo shirt. My muzzle had extended outward, my nose now black. 

There was a tingling down in my nether regions, and my hands came together and went down there. My sleeves were rolled up to my shoulders, and a red tie and formed that was tucked nicely into the brown sweater vest. My polo underneath was light blue, while my jeans a navy blue. My fur was a bright orange, with a black mask and raccoon ring tail. My hair had grown longer, reaching down to the center of my back done up in nice bangs. My paws were smaller and just as orange as the rest of my body, still barefoot. My manhood was but a memory as my rear and hips rounded out slightly. Modest being an accurate description of my figure. The glasses now fat perfectly, and I was now a copy of Jessica herself. 

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nervous as I slowly walked to the mirror, looking at myself. I felt the black part of my fur with my hands, feeling the same as the rest simply giving the proper raccoon look. I felt the new length of my muzzle with shaking hands, and ran my hands through my hair. Looking behind at my tail was a lot harder considering how much it had shrank. I felt the sweater's material, it was quite nice and I looked kind of cute. Maybe someone would notice and come talk to me...maybe. 

I didn't know what to do know. Here I was enjoying another day and now I'm one of my friends, and any ounce of social skills seemed to be gone in favor of introverted awkwardness. I had no clue where to go from here, so I decided to take a nice walk outside. The sun was out and it seemed like a pretty day. There was no harm in it, and it would calm me down so that's exactly what I did. 

I had wandered around the town for a bit, but nothing too exciting was going on there. Due to that, I decided to go to the park. I thought that watching birds as well as see what other people were doing would be fun. I made my way over and sat down on a bench overlooking the park and I would be able to interact with passerbys if I wanted to, it just filled me with fear for whatever reason. Maybe if I could talk to one or two people I could get over this social anxiety! 

That reassured me as I watched a few people passing by. A few of them were couples, and I didn't want to butt in to their conversations. This included people in groups. The issue with that is most of them were that, and when someone alone trekked past me I froze up. I sighed and put my hands into my pocket, but that's when I noticed something, some kind of can in there! 

Curious, I pulled it out and examined it. It was a transformation spray from the store! I wasn't sure how I ended up with one, especially because I wasn't actually Jessica despite everything seeming like I was. I looked at it closer, seeing that it was a mystery spray, meaning anything could happen when it was sprayed. I felt my heart beat faster with excitement. I psyched myself up and said that I would talk to and transform the first person I saw. 

That would end up being a black dragon with blue scales about as well. Dressed in jeans and a white shirt and torn red overshirt. I got up and quickly splatted out words that I had randomly thought of. "Hello I am transforming you I hope you enjoy it!" I responded as I sprayed him with what was left in the can. 

"What are you-?" the dragon was interrupted by coughing as the spray entered into his lungs and the transformation shortly began. 

His horns receded back into head, all while his black scales had begun to be replaced by orange and white fur. Out of the sides of his head two large triangular ears pushed out, ones that would move with emotion. His slitted nostrils morphed into one black nose at the tip of his new more slender muzzle. His eyes had even turned from hazel to a blue. 

The transformation continued as the wings on his back vanished into nothingness, his long spined tail becoming shorter, covered in orange fur with a white tip and swayed much more frequently when idle. The white claws at the tip of his hands turned back as the fur conquered the rest of the scales of the same pattern. His feet would follow the same fate, although becoming much smaller as they turned into paws. 

The last part of the transformation came to the new fox, and that would be his age. His body started to shrink quite a bit, the height that he had grown into a thing of the past...or is it future? Nevertheless, much of the dragon's old clothes failed to fit, now only sporting the tee shirt that reached his ankles and loosely hung off his younger kit body. 

With much confusion in his face he looked up at me. "Oh! I uh...surprise?" I responded nervously. He attempted to talk, but it seemed that the spray and regressed him to an age before he knew speech. He took only a few steps before falling over and trying to push himself up, barely manage to sit up. 

"I can uhm...oh dear. I don't know how long this lasts..." I slowly toss the can after failing the see the sign and pick the fox up. "I'm going to take you to a daycare. They'll watch you until you turn back to normal...hopefully! It should be a temporary potion and if not I'll have to go to the store and get a reversal one." The fox didn't take kindly to that and began kicking and having a fit, but I ended up going through with my plan, the owner of the daycare being very understanding and accepted the fox as I hastily made my way out of there. 

That was more than enough excitement for a day! I was just glad that for the most part everything seemed to work out. I was just glad it was all over. I made it back home without another hitch, but hey at least I broke through and talked to someone! Sure I made them into a fox kit but that's progress! Maybe next time I can make them into just a fox, or maybe a vixen so someone can be a lady friend for me! I've never had one of those... 

I got ready for bed, taking off my sweater vest and undershirt, replacing it with a nice and simple pink tank top. My jeans would be replaced with flannel PJ bottoms as I brushed my teeth and got under my bedsheets. With a relieved sigh my mess of a day was over, I took my glasses off and set them on the nightstand and drifted to sleep. 

While doing so, my spots and fur returned to me as my tail lengthened and became thin. My paws grew again while my hair shrunk back to its traditional silver tuft. My usual attire had even returned once my normal species did, a hoodie with a black tee underneath along with comfy black sweatpants. I slept soundly that night, ready to start a brand new day the next! 
Guest Appearance by :iconblackdragontfart:

Artist for thumbnail wishes to stay anon. 

TF MONTH CANT FIT IN THE TITLE! In this installment, Nafster turns into the nervous wreck of a raccoon Jessica! And turns someone into a fox kit by mistake.
BlackDragonTFArt Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Student General Artist
This was a really fun one! Shame about Karsten, hope he's okay. If not, well, he just added like two decades to his life
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