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The show lights flickered around the stage, going to every corner of it. Though the audience quickly realized that the traditional podiums were not in the stage, simply the platform where the famous host would speak from. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another fine addition of This Doesn't Make Sense at All! On today's special episode, the contestants aren't on the state, but lucky members of the audience that our lovely host will chat with and make them the contestants! And here is your host, Olivia Bauer!" He stretched her last name as Olivia walked onto the stage, waving to the cheering crowd and blowing kisses to them.

"Hello world! I'm Olivia and welcome to this amazing special of the show! I'm very happy to be here, and I think the people watching here live will be in for a nice treat! I'll be walking up and down seeing who gets to be am impromptu player for a chance to win prizes ranging from wacky to incredible! So enough of me jabbering, let's get right to the show!" 

She smiled, grabbing the stick mic as she sauntered into the audience, cameras getting all the angles possible as she did. The lights reflected off the sequin cerulan dress that hung snug on her body, her legs comfortable thanks to the slit on the side. Olivia looked around, and pointed to a a younger woman with blonde hair. "You! I pick you!" Olivia cheered as the crowd clapped hoping they could be next. "What's your name ma'am?"

"Uh, I'm, like, Maile . . this isn't really my scene but a friend of mine thought I needed to, like, get out more . . why are you pointing at me?"

"Because you're on the show! You've been on shows before right? Because you're on the best show ever right now!"

"Oh, uh, is that, like, good?" Maile asked, frowning as she stood up.

"Why wouldn't it be? This is the best show ever made! Thanks to our sponsors!" She smiled and laughed at the camera. "Now then, you said you've never been on a show or it's not your scene?"

"Uh, nope. Really, this isn't even, like, my universe . . what I get for hanging out with, like, an alien," she groused. "Should I be, like, standing on the stage or something?"

"No, because then you'd be a regular contestant and stuff! You can't be that because that's not the show were running, but I do know what you can be! A replica of the best host in America!" She giggled. Suddenly, Maile's body began to sprout brown fur all over, beige fur on her front and between her legs. From behind, a small cervine tail pushed out. Her feet hardened into brown hooves and her age shot up into the low thirties that Olivia was. Her breasts few to match Olivia's size. Her curves became more noticeable. She grew in height greatly, her body becoming quite slim. Lastly, her outfit changed into one to match Olivia's, although a red rose red color, now a physical copy of the doe herself! "I must say you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!" Olivia joked and chuckled.

Maile squeaked, looking herself over. "Uh . . like, what the hell?"

"What? I think you had quite the wonderful makeover don't you?" She smiled. "Because you did! Totally!"

"Uh, like, I guess, but," Maile took a few nervous steps, before squeaking as she tripped over her own hooves. "Like, how do you even walk with these things?"

With your hooves!" Olivia responded. "And legs, simple really!"

"If you, like, say so," Maile griped her chair, nervously standing up and carefully balancing herself. "I'm, like, so much taller now," She turned, and looked at Olivia. "Uh . . okay, like, now what?"

"Now I go to the next constant!" Olivia laughed. "Enjoy deerhood, and for your prize you get to be me! Which should be the grand prize but they told me it can't be!" Olivia pouted. "Ah well!" She giggled as she began her trek for the next contestant, of who would be a man with black hair, blue eyes and wearing a jersey. "And who might you be?"

"Oh, me I'm Anthony. This is all quite foreign to me." he stood up.

"Anthony eh? Anyone ever call you Ant?" Olivia commented started to make small talk with the lad.

"No, not really."he replied in a confused tone.

"Hm...would you like to be called Ant? Nice, short, and to the point! Yeah, one syllable names! "

"No, not really I like my name as is." he responded. 

Okay, but I think an Ant named Anthony would be devilishly fun no? Of course it would!" Olivia clapped her hands. Anthony's body began to take on a dark black somewhat blue color as two large antennas pushed out from his head. An extra pair of arms found themselves growing from underneath his original ones, his mouth extending outward into two large black pinchers. From behind Anthony, a circular tail formed connected to his main body by a few orb-like appendages. His feet lost multiple digits until only two were left. With that change over Anthony had become an anthro ant man! "There we go! Anthony the Ant!" Olivia nodded approvingly putting a hand on her hips.

"This just feels,weird." he said in a concerned tone.

"That means it's working!" Olivia responded proudly. "Plus no one can say they look like you, how many ants like you do you see wandering around Anthony?"

"None, but it still feels very odd." Anthony answered. 

"It may be odd, but not everyone else gets a brand new toaster! Which is your prize by the way! They'll give it to you after taping!" Olivia said happily as the footage cut to a fairly high end toaster that was now Anthony's. "Don't burn yourself!" she laughed. "But now it's time for some other contestants!" she said walking away from the anthro ant and wandered around, stopping at a man with brown hair. "You sir, let's get you in on this action!"

The man pointed at himself. "Me?"

"Yes you!" Olivia responded. "Only guy I'm pointing at after all! Now then, what's your name?"

"I'm Ruairí." He replies, short and to the point.

"That's a fancy name!" Olivia commented. "Like something regal or something! You're not regal are you?" 

"If anything I'm the complete opposite. I'm Irish" He laughedat his joke.

She looked over her new body in awe "If this is regality, I won't complain."

"You look the part! Little miss polar bear princess!" Olivia giggled a bit. "How do you like it?"

"I love it, I feel so cute and Royal," she curtsies, "Thank you."

"Even playing the part!" Olivia responded proudly. "Well your highness, for your prize you get a nice gold crown!" she smiled as the cameras showed it on the screen. "But I have other contestants to attend to! I bid you adieu!" and with that the doe went back to scouring the audience.
Her eyes would stop on a slim man with black attire and glasses with short black hair. "I've found the next contestant! And that's you!" she pointed at him.

He looked around before waving awkwardly. "Um....I'm both excited and nervous right now."

"No need to be that! Just be nervous!" Olivia laughed. "I'm kidding, nothing to be nervous about! Just a bunch of cameras and a ton of people watching TV watching you!"

He nodded. "That...kind of makes me more nervous. I'm Flynn."

"You get used to it! I've been doing it since the show began!" Olivia waved her hand. "You'll be fine Flynn. Heh, Fine Flynn! You like that nickname?"

"Kind of, yeah. Alliteration is fun." Flynn said, still looking a bit stressed.

"I think I can make you really fine!" she smirked and wink at Flynn. "Is that something you'd like?"

"....Yes, actually." Flynn says, grinning slightly with most of his stress gone.

"Then do I have the thing for you!" Olivia responded happily. Meanwhile, Flynn's body had become coated in black fur over most of his body, white on his front as well as his arms and feet. From behind him, a decently sized tail had formed just above a more rounded out behind. His hips widened out as two luscious lumps formed on his chest. Womanhood formed between his legs. Flynn's hair reached down to her back. Her legs became shapely with slender arms and narrow shoulders to make her a husky woman. Her outfit morphed into a blue crop top and pants into short shorts to give her a fairly eye catching outfit. "There we go! Quite fine if I say so myself!"

Flynn looked down at her body and smirked. "Oh, I like this!"

"You should! I can't pull off outfits like that, they're just aren't comfortable to me." Olivia commented.

"Feels pretty comfortable to me!" Flynn says, running a paw along her side.

"And you are going to get more clothes you can use with a $200 shopping spree!" Olivia cheered for the husky. "But for now I have other contestants to attend to!"

Olivia walked around the audience section some more as she searched for the next member to be featured on the show. The hunt would end on a fairly young man on the scrawny yet tall side wearing a long sleeve plaid shirt with cargo pants. He also sported short brown hair. "You there! What's your name?"

The man perks up rather excited as Olivia picks him out of the crowd. "Oooh Me?! Hey, I'm Alan!" he declares with a quick wave as he stands up from his seat.

Yes you!' Olivia walked over to him. "Hey there Alan she wrapped an arm around him. "That's a nice attire you got going on! Looks like a lumberjack a bit!"

Alan blushed just a bit as she gets quite close next to him. "Yeah, well, at least it's warm and comfortable, and that's what counts."

"Is it cold where your from? Or do you just like being warm?"

"Eh, a bit of both." he admits with a shrug and still grinning as he nervously looks out at the big crowd staring at him.

"Bit a both hm? I think I can work with that!" Olivia responded. Alan's body felt cold all of a sudden a dark green scales began to grow all over replacing his skin. From behind him, a flat but long tail formed out while his feet became larger and circular. His face extended out into a small snout with slitted nostrils, all while his hair left him. His shoulders lost broadness while arms slandered. Legs turned shapely as Alan's hips and rear blossomed. Two lumps formed on his chest and womanhood signaled an official sex change into a female lizard. Her outfit morphed into a pair of jeans and a comfy hoodie over a long sleeve shirt. "Perfect! Now you're cold blooded so it's a lot easier to be warm!"

At first Alan simply stands there blinking and staring dumbfoundedly downwards past her muzzle as the changes complete, jolting just briefly in shock at the realization of what just happened. She visibly blushes and looks awfully flustered from realizing her new gender, but still tries to put on a smile for the crowd. "Y-yeah, thanks for that." She replies goodheartedly with a nervous chuckle.

"You're welcome!" Olivia smiled. "You're all lizardy now! I bet the hoodie is much more cozy now no?"

She fidgets and shifts a bit in her new clothes to get a feel for it, realizing the soft cotton clothes against the sleek scales are pretty cozy. "Yeah, they do all feel pretty nice and comfy." she agrees with a nod and relaxing a bit.

"That's the spirit! And for your prize you get a fan so you can always stay nice and cool!" Olivia said as the screen showed it. "Enjoy!"

"Oh! Well, thanks." Alan replies with a grateful smile and looks up towards the screen to see for herself.

"It's time for me to talk to other contestants, so I will see you after the show maybe! Or in a nice air condition store!" Olivia commented as she walked off to find more contestants.

Olivia wandered down the steps yet again, looking to the sides to find anyone to be the next audience member turned contestant. That's when he noticed a man sitting down with brown hair, pointing to them. "You're next! Next is you!" she said walking over. "What might be your name?"

"Oh!" The young man replied as he shot up, a bit excited over his selection. "Austin. Name's Austin."

"Austin? Not a bad name! What brings you to this taping anyways?"

"Well, I heard that the show was happening out here this weekend and thought 'why not?' I must admit I haven't seen the show before but my friend out there is a huge fan!"

"Not seen the show? That's crazy talk!" Olivia laughed. "Good thing you're here to then! And you're going to be apart of it...just not sure what I want to do with you yet..."

Austin chuckled. He had no clue what he was in for. "Whatever it is, I'll be sure to give it my all!"

"Hm...clueless eh? I can work with that!" Austin's body became covered with brown fur, a darker pattern forming around his face. His ears shrank into his fur, face pushing out into a slight muzzle. His fingers grew longer and turned black and curved as dull claws and while losing two digits. The same occurred down at his feet. His chest pushed outward while manhood inverted. Hips widened with shapely legs and slender arms. The outfit Austin sported swapped into a a modest skirt and blouse combination as a female sloth. "Perfect! Make sure to keep up!" Olivia giggled a bit.

"I..." Austin was speechless. He (she?) wasn't expecting to suddenly transform, much less become a woman. However, knowing he was on stage, she knew she couldn't get upset over it. Not in public. "I might be a bit slow to understand, here."

"It shows! At least it'll be natural now instead of looking silly for not watching the best show on TV~"

"Right. What exactly is it that I do here?"

"Aren't you silly! Not even knowing what this is!" Olivia smiled. "Someone hasn't been paying attention!"

“Now wait just a minute,” Austin replied, tapping her foot. “You haven’t even explained what I’m supposed to do here!”

"And you'll just have to pay attention to find out! Except you'll have to catch the re-run because this is the end of the show!" Olivia responded. "As for your prize you get a brand new car...tire! A new care tire!"

“I... thanks?” She looked around the audience as if looking for a hint. “Wait; didn’t the show just start?”

"Nope!" Olivia responded. "As slow as a sloth before you even were one! Good thing this is filmed in advanced!" she say down in the center of the audience on the stairs separating the two sides. "Thank you all for coming in on this very special edition of the show! It was something I was rallying to happen for quite some time so I'm glad the day finally came! I'm Olivia Bauer signing off on and in the crowd said in unison: "This Doesn't Make Sense at All!" 
Featuring a lot of people I'm very too lazy to tag right now and by lazy I mean lack of time because I'm going out right after posting this. 
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