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"Please return to your seat and buckle your seat belts, we will commence landing shortly." the stewardess spoke over the intercom. Mike smiled and leaned into his chair. He had been looking forward to this vacation for the whole year. He was a rather high power executive, and after closing a very important deal with his firm he decided to make use of the sick and vacation time he had accommodated as a reward. Two weeks with no troubles to worry about, just rest and relaxation. Perhaps some sight seeing to! 

Mike looked out of the window as he saw the plane descend past the clouds as civilization was since once again as well as the runway. It was a beautiful day along the cost of Florida and he was sure nice beach days were ahead of him! He packed sunscreen, trunks, sunglasses, all the beach essentials along with his "normal" ones. 

The plane soon landed and Mike got his belongings and himself off the plane and to his hotel. He was reading through the brochure at all the things there were to do along to coast. Apparently, Mike had come on a good weekend has there were a lot of events going on during his stay. The one that particularly struck his interests. It was a hula event that would be happening at the pool of his hotel for the entire afternoon! Mike figured he'd go to that and check out some new to him restaurants in the evening. 

Mike slept better than he had for a very long time. When he awoke, he was filled with a newfound energy and happily showered and got dressed before heading downstairs to eat breakfast. The free buffet they offered was a nice perk! After eating, Mike quickly swapped out into a pair of swim trunks and a tee shirt and heading down to the pool area full of excitement. 

He was greeted with...odd sights to say the least. There were men and woman dressed with leis around their necks except they all had fur and scales. They were some bizarre mix between human and animal, mostly animalistic features, but retained the body shape of a human. He looked around, and noticed not a single human but himself in the area. 

"You look troubled!" a squirrel woman said over to Mike. "You need to relax!" 

"I uhm..." Mike stammered and tripped over his words. "I-erm-wh-what's going on exactly?" 

"Take a seat!" she said in a calmly voice, guiding the shaking Mike down onto a pool chair. 

"O-okay..." Mike nodded slowly. "Now w-what?" 

"Just let your worries drift away into the water!" the squirrel said with a small giggle, and put an orange lei around Mike's neck. "And...woosh!" 

With those words the lei began to glow, Mike too worried to make any attempt to take it off and instead settled for letting it do whatever it was going to. The squirrel seemed nice enough, and didn't seem like someone who would hurt, only help. Mike used that thought to calm himself and distract him from the odd sensations he felt building up in his body. 

Mike's feet would feel as if they were shrinking greatly, all while contorting and losing digits of toes and his nails becoming short claws. On the bottom of Mike's new paws, pads would form to make walking without shoes significantly more comfortable. Over his feet, black fur rapidly grew. It would "fade" into ever-growing orange fur on his legs. With new fur came a new look to Mike's legs themselves, gaining more of a curvature to them to grant them a rather shapely look. 

More changes would be fall the lower parts of Mike's body. His hips began to push outward, becoming much more noticeable than before. That wasn't the only part, as Mike's rear would push out was well to just as noticeable sizes. There was a tugging feeling just above that, as it felt like a bone was extending out from it, a very fluffy orange tail with a white tip pushing out from it. Between Mike's legs, white fur formed. Around it, it remained to grow the bright orange that had begun earlier. 

Further changes befell Mike as his manhood began to shrink back into him. The interior of his body would begin to change vastly as a reproductive system began forming out of his former male version to its female counterpart. That wasn't the only change to Mike's sex. Mike's chest bubbled outward into white fur covered breasts, gaining size, sensitivity, and weight and officially made him a her. Mike's arms slendered down while her hands shrank into daintiness with black fur over them. 

The last of Mike's changes came at her head. Her face pushed outward into a muzzle, her nose becoming black and wet at the tip of it. More teeth aligned her mouth on both the top and bottom to give her a new full and canine set of teeth. Her ears grew both longer and triangular as they moved higher to the top of his head. Her hair grew down longer, reaching all the way to the center of her back. 

Lastly, there was a fuzzy feeling in her mind as the stress and panic she was feeling slowly faded out of her eyes, which began to droop along with her posture. A much more fun and carefree personality was taking over. She would make the name Michelle for herself as she shook her head and a giggle escaped her muzzle as she jumped up. 

"Woah, I feel great!" Michelle cheered. "What did you do to me? I feel so great and pretty!" 

"Just bringing out the real you!" the woman responded. 

"Well I think I love this new me!" she responded. "I don't think I ever want to go back to being Mike! I feel so free and giddy!" Michelle added with a twirl. 

"Glad to here!" the squirrel smiled. "But I think you need to change into something fitting, no?" she asked with a smile holding up a two piece bikini up. 

"I think you're right! I better go change!" Michelle nodded and accepted the clothes. 

"You're going to fit in just great!" she responded happily. "I think you're going to make a great new hula girl!" 

"New hula girl?" Michelle was a bit confused before realization struck with a gasp. "You mean I'm going to work here from now on!?" she asked excitedly. 

"You know it!" the squirrel smiled. 

"Oh man, this is the best day ever! Time for this girl to premiere to the world!" and with that, Michelle rushed off to change into her swimsuit. 
This is actually the first thing I wrote for TF Month and you're barely getting it now. 
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