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Short End Of The Stick (TG) by Vinomath Short End Of The Stick (TG) by Vinomath
First off, I did not do the lineart for the picture, it was done by :iconcanon-thought: however the colors were done by myself. 

The deer is property of :iconplayfingers: 

The husky is property of :iconorcbrother: 

The snow leopard is property of :iconvinomath: 


Alright, so when the year ended I looked back at some of the events that occurred and some of the people around me during various times. That being said, two people in particular really helped me out during some very tough times of my life, and I never really properly thanked them for that. So, I got a little picture done up as a thank you to two very close friends of mine on this community. All of us are fans of TG and some personality altering, so I figured why not get that done up! 


Simplified Story: 

Looks like Nafster's friends had gone through some changes, and they're bringing those to changes to Nafster to! At least he looks like he's enjoying it! 


"Do we really have to do this?" the husky Kyle asked with a slight frown on his face. 

"You guys agreed to the bet! And I pulled the biggest stick which means the two of you have to wear them! Nothing bad will happen!" Nafster, the snow leopard donned in a hoodie chuckled a bit as he held the red and blue pieces of lingerie in his hands. 

"As long as I still look good in it, which is hard for me not to." Dell the deer would respond to his snow leopard friend. 

"There's only one way to find out then!" Nafster responded happily. "Dell got the whole red hoove thing going on, so he can have the red one. Blue looks better on that light gray fur anyways Kyle!" 

"I guess I can't argue with that, and I lost the bet fair and square. I may as well make it work!" 

"You guys are in the spirit! Now go and change! I'll wait for you here." Nafster instructed as the two anthros walked into different rooms to disrobe and change into their outfits they would have to wear for the remainder of the hang out. Nafster allowed himself to fall down onto his bed sitting up holding onto the sides of it at the edge as he patiently awaited the return of his friends. 

In the other rooms however, both Dell and Kyle would have a bit more than they bargained for befall onto them. With Nafster it seemed like transformation would never cease following him, even if it wasn't directly effecting him it would his friends and the deer and husky would both be going through rather drastic changes. 

Dell's scalp would feel tugging all over his head as chocolate brown begin to grow. It would form outward into bangs and growing down to the back of his neck and grew volume becoming quite luscious in the process. Dell's fingers would grow longer and the while thinning out more as the tip became more pointed. His hips began widening all while his backside grew out with it, causing the lower parts of his lingerie to hug his new feminine curves. Dell's back would go into an indent to fit into the outfit much more snug. His manhood would soon be a thing of the path, a mere slit left behind from the location it once rested. Dell's shoulders lost their broadness all while her arms would slender down. The deer's legs would gain significant curves that would hug her fishnet stockings. Two lumps would begin to build up fat and grow outward, becoming both larger and sensitive by the second. Soon, a large set of breast rested on her chest. 

After the physical transformation from a deer to a doe finished, there was one more phase that would be even more unexpected than the last. Dell's very mind began to cloud up. As this was occurring, makeup would begin to form on her face. All the while her thoughts became much more longing for someone, a handsome rouge of a man for her to have some fun with. Dark red eyeshadow that matched her lingerie would form as well as mascara as this thoughts became the only the she could think of making her quite a flirtatious doe who would quickly return to a certain friend who she planned to have some fun teasing! 

On the flip side, Kyle would be going through a very similar transformation. While Dell's hooves were spared from any changes. This wouldn't be the case for Kyle, as his feet would shrink and become dainty, toes becoming smaller than usual. Along with that, Kyle's legs would become softer to the touch along with more curves forming on going along them. His tail would grow more fur onto it, become significantly larger than it normally was. That wasn't the only thing growing larger, as both Kyle's hips and rear grew out to quite noticeable sizes to put her outfit at its limits. The husky's manhood would invert to that meant for the opposite sex, and with the growth of two large breasts to fill in the cups of her lingerie would mark the sex swap to Kyle as well. Kyle's shoulders caved in drastically to lose their broadness and became quite narrow. Her hair would grow a bit longer, keep it's style however but expanding over her eyes more. 

In a similar vein as Dell, Kyle's own mind would begin to feel different. All the while dark red eyeshadow would begin to form along with mascara. Kyle's thoughts would fall into the same personality Dell's had. They weren't new people, however this personality aspect of their minds would be the leaders of the body, and they wanted to fulfill that desire. And she knew just how to! The newly changed husky strutted back into the room with the snow leopard. 

When Nafster's transformed friends walked back into the room he was more than a little surprised! They way they acted was much different, let alone the fact that the clothes had transformed them, a side effect Nafster didn't expect but wasn't quite against. His ears and body language perked up as both Dell and Kyle sauntered over to the bed, Dell lying down next to Nafster, and looked up at him with a smirk. Meanwhile, Kyle got up and behind Nafster and put her arms onto his shoulder and looked down at him with a devious grin. 

"Now then Naffy, I think it's time for some fun!" Kyle whispered into Nafster's ears, who looked back at Kyle with a nervous smile. 

"It takes a nice guy like you to treat ladies like us right!" Dell added on, beginning to caress Nafster's thigh with a finger as her arm rested at the edge of the bed. 

Nafster was under the influence of his transformed friends, he failed to notice that he himself was befalling a transformation! Nafster never realized the the entire left sleeve of his hoodie was gone, Kyle's hand on his bare fur. His right sweatpants' leg was nearly gone completely, where a fishnet stocking was left in its place of which had dark green where it ended, the very spot Dell was rubbing. The same would then happen to Nafster's left leg. The right part of his hoodie began to turn a lime green, a breast forming underneath it as a lacy pattern formed at the top of it. Along with that, Nafster's waist caved inward while hips expanded outward. The right side of Nafster's hoodie would befall the same fate and soon would become a light green pair of a lingerie chest, of which merged with what was left of Nafster's pants and changed to that color as well and the transformation ended with Nafster's manhood leaving and sporting an outfit quite similar to what her friends were wearing. 

Nafster moved her shoulder to cause Kyle to let go of her shoulder and got up quickly which forced Dell's teasing finger off of herself as well. She held her head, running it through her hair as the personality changed began to take place. The panicked, and partially morally conflicting thoughts racing through were gone to be replaced with a much more calm and confident woman. 

The snow leopard's fear subsided as she turned around with the most confident grin either Dell or Kyle had seen on Nafster. With a raised eyebrow spoke out "Now then, are you girls ready to have some REAL fun?" 
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