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Johnny and Neil had pulled up to this bar that was recommended to the two friends. It was from a mutual friend of the two who had given it to them in the first place telling them they had the best drinks and service one could imagine. The two gents were excited to say the least! They had never really spent time together outside of the computer, so it was a cool way to sit down and talk face to face for once. Johnny parked the car and turned it off.

“Well then, ready to go get drunk?” he asked over to Neil with a chuckle.

Neil shrugged and smiled. “Well, it’s not as if we have any other plans right now right? It’s better than just hanging out online yet again.”

The two got out of the car and marvelled at the bar. The front had neon lights flashing brightly at everyone nearby, showing off images of various anthro animals dancing. Neil had heard that this bar was one of those rare places that tried to appeal to both human and anthro tastes, and from what he saw it had succeeded as he saw humans and anthros intermingling everywhere. The two men smiled with anticipation and headed through the large front doors. Neither had much experience with bars, let alone ones with anthros, and they were excited to see just what this bar offered.

The employees there were all distinctly human, and none of them were of the anthro variety. Johnny briefly wondered why this would be the case, but shrugged it off as it perhaps being some sort of health code concerned with fur and potential shedding. That was the least of both Johnny and Neil’s concerned, because they were here for a good time! There was the usual bar faire about, inter-species flirting, a few classic “bar debates,” and even a few people making out with each other! If there was one word to describe the feel of the interior, it was fun. Johnny and Neil both approved of the atmosphere of the bar, happily and both gave a smile to each other. They sauntered over to the bar itself to have chat with the bartender and get a few drinks.

While there, the two couldn’t help but notice that they stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the other club-goers. Most of the people there were dressed in a variety of short sleeve shirts, shorts and skirt - all to make it easier to dance and party - and several people wore luminescent accessories. Neil and Johnny… wore plain t-shirts and jeans. Neil tried to break the awkwardness from the realization by calling the bartender over. There was only one bartender, who seemed to tower over Deiser and Johnny’s six foot forms despite being human himself. Despite his size, he came over to the two with an inviting and warm smile on his face. “I see that the two of you are new here,” the bartender said before either of the men could make an order. He chuckled at the surprise on Neil and Johnny’s faces. “Everything about you just shouts ‘I’ve never gone to a dance bar before.” He chuckled. “Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere right?”

That last comment made Johnny and Neil relax a bit. “So what brings you out here anyway?” the bartender asked the two, while turning to serve some drinks to nearby bar patrons.

“We’ve been friends for a while, rarely ever hang out in person though mostly, mostly online stuff.” Johnny responded. “Figured we’d try our hands at the nightlife lifestyle. I don’t think either of us are accustomed to this kind of stuff.” he added looking over to Neil with a awkward laugh.

Neil shrugged, trying to hide his own awkwardness. “Yeah, it’s like he said. We thought we could get used to all this and uh…” He was distracted by a scantily-dressed dancer casually walking in front of him and grabbing her drink from the bartender, “...I think it might be a bit harder than we thought.” He ended his sentence with a nervous but happy chuckle.

Johnny was just as flustered as his pal was. “Yeah, I’m kind of having doubts about coming here in the first place if I’m being honest, it seems like we’re really out of our element here.” he admitted rubbing his arm. “Not sure if we’re going to stay for too much longer.”

The bartender smiled, but Neil felt something was off about it. Neil could have sworn that something had flashed across the bartender’s face… a look of excitement? Deviousness? In any case, Neil blinked and all he saw was the bartender’s regular, casual smile. “Oh come on,” the bartender said cheerfully, “If you go now, you’ll be missing out on all the fun! After all, the real party won’t be starting for a little bit. I’ll tell you what…” he reached in between some bottles and pulled out one bottle that was filled with a liquid as brightly green as the neon bands that many people in the bar were wearing, “Why don’t I pour you two a drink? My treat. I promise it’ll help you relax. Who knows, maybe you’ll fit right in after, right?”

“I guess.” Johnny chuckled a bit. “Can’t argue with getting free drinks! You sold me, I think it’s safe to assume you sold my associate too!” he laughed. “What was your name again?”

“You can call me Reagan,” the bartender responded, sliding down two equally-sized mugs to Johnny and Neil. “This stuff is pretty strong, so I suggest you drink it slowly.”

“I’ll do my best. I have a nasty habit of drinking too much at one time.” Johnny admitted. He grabbed the stuff and took a whiff of it. Smelled good and strong, and deep down he hoped that he would be able to handle it and keep it down at risk of embarrassing himself in front of nightlife regulars. “Cheers!” he raised his glass with a bit of a nervous look as he took a small swig, coughing right away. “You weren’t kidding!” he added on between coughs.

Neil followed his friend’s lead, taking a swig of the drink. Right before he could take a gulp, Neil thought he saw that something was different about Johnny, like his ears were a bit longer and… hairier? Neil took a gulp, and coughed as he was not as used to alcohol as his friend. He looked back up at Johnny, but didn’t see anything wrong with his friend. His friend’s ears looked just as pointy as normal to him. “M..maybe I should’ve gone even slower,” Deiser said with an embarrassed smile, putting his drink on the bar as he coughed more, twitching one of his ears.

Johnny was relieved he wasn’t the alone in struggling with drinking the concoction that Reagan had given them. Despite it being a tough swallow, he did enjoy the flavor. He took another swig, noticing that Neil’s nose looked a little more pink. As Johnny watched it extend outward as a subtle muzzle seemed to grow he shook his head chalking it up to an alcohol induced sight. When Johnny looked back at Neil, it all seemed perfectly normal.

“S...say…” Neil said, wondering why he was having trouble finding words. He couldn’t be drunk after just one gulp could he? He licked his lips as he tried to concentrate, feeling his tongue rub against his pointy fangs… teeth. Pointy teeth. “This is really tasty! I don’t even like booze normally…” He looked at Johnny with a more confident grin… but he got that weird feeling again that something was off. Did Johnny always have a small, black-nose-tipped snout? Neil thought for a moment before taking a swig of the alcohol. ‘Nah,’ he thought to himself, ‘I’m just imagining things. There’s nothing wrong here…’

Johnny found himself coughing less with each sip, seemingly started to get used to the strength of the drink and finally catching his flow. Johnny scratched at his muzzle and took another swig. He look over to Neil, something seemed off about him. “Was his fur always that dark?” Johnny thought to himself. He watched as Neil’s ears moved to the center of his head while becoming triangular. Johnny took another swig of the booze, the transformation he witness seemed to wash away in an instant.

Neil followed his friend’s lead and continued drinking. Despite his lack of experience with alcohol, he was suddenly really enjoying the booze, even licking the tips of his fangs to get any of the drink he missed. His eyes burned, but after he blinked a few times and his eyes changed from dark brown human eyes into golden feline ones, the burning went away. He looked back at her… his friend, suddenly feeling an admiration towards Johnny’s vulpine head even though he didn’t notice Johnny’s hair growing. She looked down at his drink and frowned, seeing that it was empty. He gave a glance to his friend - was Johnny’s clothes tight on him? Nah… - and grinned. “Hey Reagan, gimme another!” she said, not noticing his voice going up in octave.

Johnny found himself near the end of his current drink, chugging the last of it down. It causes a slight burning sensation in his throat, the lump there shrinking as his voice began to rise in pitch unbeknownst to him. He rubbed his shoulder, feeling an odd soreness form there. Underneath Johnny’s hand, his shoulders began to caved downward losing their broadness. “Me too while you’re at it!”  Johnny slammed his drink down, looking over seeing that Neil was done with her drink as well and nodded approvingly. It was good that they were keeping up with each other!

Reagan pretended not to notice any of the changes as he quickly filled up the two guys’ glasses again. “Don’t worry,” he said playfully, “it’s still on me.” Neil quickly grabbed her glass and started drinking. He wanted to drink it quickly this time, but something inside him was telling her to drink it slowly like Reagan had suggested. Besides, how could he enjoy the drink properly with her clothes being as tight as they were on his chest? He looked down disapprovingly as he saw his chest lifting up his shirt, not realizing that her breasts were still growing. “Ugh, if it wasn’t for this weird swelling feeling this drink would be perfect… Are you getting the same problem Johnny?”

“What?” Johnny questioned having taking a fair swig out of his refill. “I uhm...yeah! Sure! Totally!” two lumps had perked up from his chest, the narrow shoulders leaving the collar hanging off of one, revealing cleavage as well. “I am starting to feel it in my stomach though…” Johnny added, bringing a more petite and fur covered hand of it and turning to see Neil’s figure beginning to push inward in various places, something Johnny shrugged off. It didn’t seem that different? It probably wasn’t!

Neil hiccuped then chuckled, her voice having settled into a sultry soprano. “Oh come on, stop being such a wimp,” he teased. For some reason he was feeling a lot more confident suddenly, and was getting the urge to have more fun… though not enough of one to leave the bar just yet. “Besides, these drinks won’t drink themselves.” He shifted uncomfortably in her seat as his shirt shrank, baring his now-black-furred, curvy midriff. He couldn’t help but scratch his legs as his thighs remolded, becoming thicker and more muscular yet also developing a feminine curve to them. He eyed his jeans; were they moving up his legs and shrinking? That couldn’t be happening…

Johnny shook his head with a giggle and began to drink more. “I never said I was quitting, just made me feel on tinglingly!” he defended while he felt his body push up slightly, his butt beneath him bubbling outward becoming plump. On top of that, Johnny’s hips began to swell outward causing some discomfort and looseness to his pants, starting to fall down, he brought a hand to grab them and giggled. Part of Johnny’s mind had begun to feel bubbly, and the sudden pants dilemma threw her into a giggling fit. “Hey N-Neil? That’s your name right? Whatever. My pants don’t fit!” she erupted with laughter.

Neil frowned at her friend as he rubbed his legs uncomfortably. What was Johnny talking about? His pants...skirt… seemed to be fitting him like normally. Neil smirked in admiration at his friend’s furred legs, the silver hair reaching down beyond the knees and disappearing into Johnny’s shoes. Wait, why was Johnny wearing shoes? He always was barefoot. ‘Come to think of it,’ Neil thought to herself, wiggling her loose sneakers off, ‘Why am I wearing shoes either? Ugh, Johnny’s the airhead here, not me…”

Johnny leaned forward while she was laughing, slapping a hand gently on the table. The fabric around her legs got tighter as Johnny’s old pants became a pair of tight skinny jeans hugging against her new curves, complete with a hole for a tail. Between her legs there was a tingling sensation that tickled her causing her to laugh even more as the full transition into womanhood completed. She looked over to her friend, seeing that Neil had taken off her shoes. “Hey, that’s a good idea! Why am I even wearin’ shoes anyway?” Johnny questioned with a fit of laughter as she tossed them of.

While Neil wiggled off the sneakers, her balanced went off as she stumbled right onto Johnny. The two tumbled down onto the ground together. In the chaos of it all, Johnny would grow a fluffy tail with a white tip sticking out from the hole in her pants. Neil on the other hand would have a similar change, though his tail was a solid black color and much thinner, although it was longer. “Lyra what are you doing? You’re awfully playful today!” Johnny commented gleefully.

The panthress that had been Neil grinned, not noticing that the cause of her stumble: that her feet had changed from plantigrade to an animalistic digitigrade. She responded to the fox’s teasing by softly kneading one of the fox’s breasts with one hand while gently holding onto the fox’s dainty, furred hand with her other.  “Well I can’t help it Mika. You look so sexy like that, and you KNOW you’re my type of girl. Don’t try to pretend you’re… ugh…” Before the panthress could finish her sentence, the two transformed cats suffered huge headaches, as their minds played catch-up with their sexy bodies.

“W-woah…” Mika muttered as she lifted her grip from her head and shook it. “ felt that too? Wasn’t just me?” the vixen asked looking up at the panther that was atop of her still. “That was a rush! The drink finally hit me. I was wondering when that would happen.”

“Yeah…” the panthress named Lyra responded groggily. She looked up at her friend, then noticed that she was still on top of the silver fox. “Whoa! Sorry about that. You’re sexy, but definitely not my type…” She steadied herself on a stool, then looked at Reagan with a seductive gaze, “Unlike bartender Reagan here~”. Reagan responded only with a knowing smirk.  

“Duh! You’re cute and all but I’m not into girls like that...usually! At least not only two drinks in!” Mika added with a giggle. “And it’s already hard to complete with perfection~.” she cooed as she put a hand on her head and leaned towards Reagan. “Hard to believe we crossed paths with someone so simply perfect!”

“Now now girls,” Reagan said, chuckling at the eagerness of the former boys, “I think you two are sexy as hell, but any fun time needs to be done when I’m off the clock. You two are my first anthro employees after all, so you need to make a good impression on others.” He gestured to some humans talking nearby. “Why don’t you go get familiar with those guys? I’m sure they’d appreciate you two.”

“Ooh, they’re pretty nice!” Mika nodded approvingly. “Not as good as you but I think we could like, totally make them work! But of course who wouldn’t want a piece of us? We look so cute and amazing!” she added on with a fluster of giggles.

“YOU might enjoy being cute,” Lyra responded, pushing aside her hair, “But I prefer playing with my guys with a bit more subtlety and natural charm.” She emphasized what she said by caressing her sides. “How about a little game Mika: the last one to bed one of those guys has to buy drinks for both of our near-future dates.”
“Oh you are totally on!” Mika grinned wildly. “I always did love getting free drinks! And free anything! Especially some free joy from those little lads over there.” she peered over to one of them with a playful smirk and winked at him and waved. “Already got one on the line!”

Reagan smirked again as his two new girls went to flirt with the boys. His plan was going perfectly; not only was he able to get two new anthro employees that he wanted in order to advertise diversity in his bar, but they in turn would “recruit” more people to be his loyal, loving girls. Reagan’s smirk transformed into a devious grin. Yes, things were going perfectly for him...
Collaboration between myself and the famed :icondeiser:. I did the dialogue for Johnny while he took the reigns of Neil and Reagan. Inbetween sections written by both of us. It was a lot of fun! I haven't done a written collab in a good while (probably over a year by this point) so it was super fun to do it again! 

And that's a wrap on TF Month! It was a lot of fun to do this year, and this is actually the first time I was always ahead of schedule. There was never a time I didn't have a backlog all nice and ready. Turns out when things are going your way in life you have a lot more motivation to do things! Twas a lot of fun, and after I finish up the emergency commission bunch from earlier in the month I'll have some fun stuff planned! I'll post a journal about it once it's ready! 
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Clever plot, Reagan. Almost inspirational . . XD What next? Werewolf anthros infecting people? . . I got dibs on that idea. :P
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Noiice. owo
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