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Patricia was setting up the back of her store for a meeting with someone in regards to legal affairs. She recently struck a deal and if it played out as intended, she would be able to turn people into look-a-likes of those from works of fiction. Stuff like Pokemon, something she was requested quite frequently but never could due to it being locked began legal mumbo jumbo. 

That was being planned to be changed today. Under various loopholes Patricia was about to sign a deal with an unknown recipient in order to make Patricia's Pokemon Potions a reality. A member from this person's team was coming over to discuss the final parts of the plan. Patricia was always nervous about the business side of things, mostly because she didn't particularly like it. She just wanted to make people animals at the end of the day. 

The buzzer rang in the back, signally that said person had arrived. Patricia's fur shot up, not expecting them to get come so soon. She made sure that the messy back of house was easy to walk through (it wasn't). Random piles of clothes were scattered about, which was odd considering Patricia didn't sell clothes. None the less, Patricia greeted the man. 

"Hello! Welcome to store! I sell store things here!" Patrica stammered out in a nervous haste. 

"Right..." the human male nodded. "I'm sure Scott told you about my arrival, my name is Bill. 

"Bill? Like a dollar!" Patricia giggled nervously. 

"Quite." he said, adjusting his glasses unamused by her behavior.  

She let out a small sigh and led him back to the desk she made out of boxes with two bean bags on both sides. Bill looked back at Patricia with a dumbfounded, but shook his head and sat down on the bag. 

"Make yourself comfy and we can do the boring talk about legal stuff." Patrica commented as she sat down on her own side. 

"Now then, Scott had email you files, do you have those printed out as requested?"

"I was going to but I couldn't find it! All the important emails are in spam like those princes who want money or male enhancements. I love males when they're enhanced! They're better at hacky sack and stuff...I would assume." Patricia responded. 

"You really aren't good at things like this are you?" 

"Sure I am! I am a good business person! I just did a business last week!" Patricia defended herself. 

"I'm sure you did." Bill sighed and held the bridge of his nose. "Look, I just need the documents so just go print them out and we can finish this and we can go about our days." 

"O-okay. I can do that! And you'll see just how good at business I am!" Patrica got up. "So good I'll even get you a drink before I do!" 

"I...could really use one. Alcoholic one..." he added on under his breath. 

"Then I shall do that because I cam a good host to business people, and also pandas so if you know pandas send them over!" Patrica quickly left the space to another part of the back area, quickly grabbing a bottle off of the counter. A Gatorade Bottle. 

"I only have this so I hope you like..." Patricia stopped herself seeing what it was. "Electrolytes. High in fiber or something!" she added with a nervous giggle.

Bill simply looked at Patricia with a raised eyebrow, who with a blush turned to go into the office to print it out. Meanwhile Bill looked at the bottle Patricia had brought and sighed. He was thirsty, and since it seemed like Patricia was going to be gone for a while he took the bottle and ingested a hefty swig. It tasted a lot better than any other Gatorade he had drank before, and began chugging it down quite happily. Patricia was a headache to deal with but she at least had good drinks! 

The aftertaste however was something that he had never quite felt before. It was odd, and sent a tingling down his spine that didn't seem to go away. Bill started to worry that something was in the drink, be it put there purposefully or a mistake, but no matter what it was he couldn't make a deal with someone this...incompetent! The tingling then traveled down his arms and legs, as well as his head to begin a series of transformations that he would fall victim to. 

His feet began to grow outward, his toes merging until only three digits were left. On top of that, light brown fur grew over them, while becoming rounder while his new paws became relatively smaller. On top of that, more mass accumulated all over his legs, gaining curves to them. They were much softer to the touch as fur coated over them, brown on the exterior and beige on the insides. 

The transformation continued up as brown fur covered majority of Bill's body, although the beige pattern was in his front leading up to his mouth. From behind Bill, a large tail of the same fur pattern formed, rather long but not too thick. While one thing form, another would vanish, particularly something between Bill's legs. As his insides contorted into those belonging to the opposite sex, her hips widened and rear plumped up to give her the feminine, hourglass figure of a girl. 

To add onto that, two bountiful orbs found their way onto her chest gaining weight and sensitivity to them as the new breasts hung freely. Her waist caved inward while Bill's back followed shortly in suit. Her shoulders thinned out, arms slenderizing while her hands shrank. Bill's fur consumed the last of his body. 

Lastly would be Bill's head. Her face extended outward into a small muzzle, nose becoming black at the tip of it. Bill's hairs lengthened down vastly, trickling down to her shoulders. Her eyelashes elongated and eyes lightened into a beautiful blue. With Bill's adam's apple shrinking down to the point of being nearly gone, the former man was now an otter woman! 

"I can not figure out how to...oh hi! We're not open yet." Patricia commented upon noticing the transformed Bill.

"You made me like this!" Bill shouted out angrily getting up. "If this is the kind of business you run I think we are going to pull out. You can't even label things properly!" 

"That's pretty rude coming from someone who intruded my store!" Patricia crossed her arms. 

"I'm Bill! You gave me that blasted concoction that made me into...this!"

"I don't think so, I would of remembered turning someone into a cute otter girl!" 

Bill was going to respond, but just waved her fists about angrily and stormed out of there. Patricia on the other hand shrugged it off. She lost interest in the whole deal to begin with after having to check her emails. She never did to begin with, she had just browsed cat pictures for ten minutes. Besides, she did business well enough already so could expand if she wanted to...she just didn't want to!" 
Patricia is very good at business. And the dream of having Pokemon TF from here is over...maybe! 
firephoenixx456 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
honestly I love Patrica's sense of humor :)
TheLegendary0296 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Student Writer
So no Pokemon? Aww . . . still, good!
Westenwurt Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
That ending felt kinda weird and off.....maybe it was just me.
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