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The light blue Braixen walked through town with her hands in her pockets. Cindy was a young Braixen who was far from maturing, and loved causing mischief. Sure, there were a lot of young people like this, but Cindy was not exactly like other young adults. She was a witch! She loved to study magic and spells and works to learn more and more about them. 

Cindy developed a particular interest in transmutation magic. The act of turning someone into something else, and being a young girl who didn't ever think of longer consequences to her actions she choose to have her own twisted brand of fun. She loved transforming humans into Pokemon, both humanoid like herself and the traditional kind as well. While in college, she had transformed a professor into a Caterpie which ultimately led to her expulsion and ran away from home. 

Nowadays, she roams around the region transforming people so she could get a reaction out of. Cindy never revealed herself until she set them up in her flame traps, and then have her fun with them. The panic and fear in their eyes as they think it's real flame, simply joyful! Cindy loved seeing extreme reactions to them, and she looked forward to the next bit of chaos she stirs up in someone's life. 

And in this next case it was going to be two people. As Cindy walked down the path, she noticed a young couple, roughly her age and two humans. The man and girl were in a make out session by the looks of it, something that Cindy was not going to let happen. But what to do with them? She wanted to do something special, she'd never transformed two people at once before! 

That's when it clicked and she snapped her fingers. They were in front of her so with a coy smile, she put grabbed her stick from her tail and began to spin her stick in her hand as she walked past the couple, a blue circle of flames sprouted from the ground and surrounded them. The two were so engrossed in each other that they didn't even notice. 

"Hey lovebirds, make out time is over!" Cindy called out and the two looked to her angrily for interrupted, but it was quickly replaced with fear and shock as they noticed the flames. 

"Wh-what are you doing!?" the girl stammered out in fear, clutching her lover. 

"You two were kissing so loooong." she responded dragging out the last word. "Look, it's great you love each other but no one wants to see that!" 

"And no one wants to be trapped in a fire circle!" The male spoke up, showing a bit of confidence in his voice, assuming to show he would protect his woman.

"How noble! It's adorable!" she giggled. "But I think you two should receive some kind of punishment don't you?" 

"I think you do for trapping us! Let us go and we won't do take action against you!" The man added.

"Very well! Easily done!" Cindy clapped her hands together as the flame's circle grew smaller and quickly began to travel to the couple. 

"S-stop this!" the girl let out a squeal while the man took a deep breath. When it started burning at their feet they didn't burn? It was starting to move up their bodies and they noticed when it wasn't setting them a blaze, it was changing them. Cindy watched joyfully as the couple began transforming, clapping her hands together as they did. 

The man's skin would harden, turning into black scales with a dark purple set going down his front, pink ones highlighting in various places of his body. His face pushed outward, jaw becoming much stronger and rigid. His eyes became slitted and moved to either side of his new muzzle. His shoulders lost broadness, arms slendered while his fingers became long and rested in a slight curve. Two lumps of flesh blossomed out of the man's chest as his hips widened along with his butt. Between his legs, the man lost his manhood to officially swap his sex to female. From behind her, a thin but cuvry black and pink tail formed. Her legs became shorter, toes spreading apart to create a new Salazzle woman. 

The woman on the other hand had a far different transformation. By the second she became lighter, her skin itself feelings as if it was vanishing into a mist, a purple covered mist. On top of her head, a large hat formed that grew into a large cone shape, much like a witch's hat as spike-like shapes formed at the sides. Her arms slowly retreated into her body, as did her legs as the gassy figure began to float. Her outfit merged with her new body, resembling a kind of dress as red orbs formed around the upper parts. Her neck thinned to almost make her look like some kind of ghostly puppet, her mouth become but a mere red zig-zag on her face to make her a full Mismagius

The new Pokemon anthro and Pokemon looked to each other in pure shock and turned back to Cindy, unsure of what to even do. 

"There, now you can love each other as Pokemon and trainer! Much more bearable to see that love in public than that stupid romantic stuff~!" she respond with a giggle and waved. The new Sazzazle was going to chase after her until a flame wall emerged to stop her in her tracks. "I don't suggest doing that again, enjoy your new life!" Cindy giggled as she made her way out of the town, ready to cause more chaos and mischief to the next person that crosses her path when she's bored...or jealous! 
Don't kiss in front of bored blue Braixen women who have a knack for transforming people for her own amusement. 
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HeraldOfOpera Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
Let's face it, Cindy is never going to actually mature, even once she becomes a Delphox (and given her skill in transformations, she's probably not going to wait until she's old enough to be one...)
Vinomath Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018
Who knows~
HeraldOfOpera Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2018
I've given you the prompt "Cindy turns herself into a Delphox; hilarity ensues" before now, so I feel it prudent to remind you.
LovecraftianThoughts Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe I should start using Firefox more.
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