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Jack had music in his heart and a voice to be heard. He loved singing, music, anything with rhythm. There was just one major thing that was lacking with him, inspiration. He had the skill for sure, he just lacked in confidence and the big drive to get him going. He wanted to find the secret to it but no matter how hard he wanted to he never could. Maybe it was his self doubt that was the cause, but at the end of the day he wished he get finally make that step to his dream. 

One day while walking back from work, he noticed a pawn shop he'd see often but never went in. Jack looked into the window and spotted a sign on the bottom right corner of the window and bent down to read it. The sign read "New music equipment available! Talk to the front for more information!" Jack eyes lit up, perhaps this was a sign to get the true start he needed? 

With a jump in his step Jack entered into the pawn shop and went straight to the front counter, despite some fun antiques almost stopping his stride. However, thanks to his willpower and excitement for the task at hand. Jack approached the desk and greeted the man behind it happily. 

"Hey there! I'm here about that sign you had on the window." Jack said pointed back to it. 

"Music equipment right?" he responded with a nod. "What are you looking for?" 

"Well, I was thinking about-" however Jack was cut off by the clerk who seemed just as excited as Jack was. 

"No wait, let me guess, let me guess!" he responded with hands out. " seem like a...not a guitarist...a singer! You're looking for a mic!" 

"Wow! How did you know that?" 

"I can just read people like that." he shrugged. "And by the looks of it I think I have the perfect microphone for you..." he said bending over the counter and picking up a white microphone with no chord. 

"What's special about this mic?" Jack asked, not that he didn't like it, he was genuinely interested! 

"Something about you tells me you're missing just one thing from reaching your potential, I think you'll find that this'll put you over that step!" 

"Well, thanks! How much does it cost?" Jack asked pulling out his wallet. 

"Oh no, no charge! Just remember to tell everyone about this place when you make it!" the man said. 

"R-really? Free?" Jack asked with pure glee in his eyes and voice. 

"Yup! Free! Just cause I like ya'!" he chuckled, handing the mic to Jack. 

Jack happily accepted and after thanking him ran outside, not realizing just how much time had actually past as the sun was starting to go down. Jack stopped at the hill he would also go to in order to watch the sun set. As the sun went down one side of the horizon, the moon start to rise over the other, a beautiful, breath taking full moon. A big smile formed across Jack's face. He didn't know exactly what came over him, but he brought the mic up to his mouth and started singing his heart out to it. 

He was so engrossed in his song that he would fail to notice his drastically changing body. His whole body started to grow a rather thick layer of white fur all over, from his head to his toes. Jack's ears started growing out and taking on a triangular shape while moving to the very top of his head. Jack's face pushed out greatly into a rather large muzzle with black and wet nose at the tip of it. His eyebrows became thin while his eyelashes elongated greatly. The last change to Jack's head was his hair, which grew out to great lengths, turning a nice silver and reached down to his back.

The transformation itself was far from over. His shoulders lost their broadness while his harms became thin and slender. Jack's hands became smaller and more dainty while his feet went through the same changes. Unlike his arms, Jack's legs took on a much more shapely and feminine tone. His hips and rear end both pushed outward greatly. 

There was a budding feeling behind Jack as a small tuft of fur came out from it. Suddenly, while his semi-inal, soulful note the changed came to a sudden advancement. The small tuft shot outward into a rather bushy white tail. Jack's figure contorted itself into an hourglass shape while two mounds formed onto Jack's chest. Lastly, a simple slit took the place of Jack's manhood, leaving Jack as a wolf woman. 

Jack fell onto her knees as she hit her final high pitched note coming out as a howl to the moon. This would start to final part of the change with her clothing. Jack's T-shirt shrunk upwards vastly, the front of it turning into a pair of cups that formed around her new breasts while the sleeves became mere straps and turning a dark black, forming into a sports bra. Her jacket shrank upward as well, reaching just under her breasts and before her belly button while her sleeves stayed the same leather. As opposed to cotton however, the material became leather with a moon and star pattern going on all over it. Jack's underwear had altered just a bit to be a bit more feminine than it was before. Her pants had turned a matching leather black. Lastly, Jack's shoes morphed into knee high black leather heels and as Jack finished her note. 

Jack panted, tongue sticking out her new muzzle as she did. She let out one more happy howl to the moon. She couldn't remember a time she sounded better than she did! She practically jumped back up to her feet. Jack noticed that she had a tail, fur, and even breasts but for some reason none of it seemed to matter to her. She had a brand new burst of confidence to herself! If that meant having to be a wolf woman then she'd do it all over again! She was going to make it! And all thanks to a little detour into a pawn shop! 
My side of a trade with :iconrobertdayson: who wanted someone tunring into a white wolf singer with tg! 
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Damn it Wondertainment did it again, send in containment teams and biological containment teams find ████ ████ and contain all the items in there and find the ████ Named ████ and contain it.
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