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Minkerness (Minerva Mink TF/TG [TF MONTH] by Vinomath Minkerness (Minerva Mink TF/TG [TF MONTH] by Vinomath

Art is by :iconrunningtoaster:

The story following was done by your's truly. 

So this is new, a commissioned sequence included as apart of TF Month, with matching story! Minerva Mink has been high on my "TF into" list for a good while, and now it's a reality, and quite loveingly so! 


It was just an ordinary day for Nafster, nothing special about it. No plans, no work, just relaxation. It was a welcome break from the chaotic last few months with all sorts of craziness going on. One that stuck out was when he had been apart of a very odd scenario where he was transformed into his sister...despite the fact he didn't have one, and he was stuck like that for two weeks! And not to mention that happened less than a day after being turned back to normal from being stuck as a statue for a whole month after accidentally signing a contract for being a model for art students to draw. It might of been a little better if it wasn't a nude gig! It was only meant to last for a week, but they lost the way to reverse the transformation and had to seek outside help from a witch who insisted Nafster would pay off the debt some point in the future, Nafster not looking forward to whatever that may be. 

Regardless, he was finally normal again. And happy to be to! With someone who seems to go through transformation on what felt like a near daily basis, days when he was his normal male snow leopard self were so far and in between it felt surreal to actually be himself again. It wasn't always bad, even though was was quite devilish for Halloween, Nafster would admit he had fun with it. But no matter how much his body changed, into fictional characters or entirely new people, he had a soft spot for his snow leopard self. Genderbent as a girl was fine, but he'd choose to stay male if he could. 

A tradition for him each time he was actually his normal self would be getting a smoothie from his favorite spot. He spared the employees the details of the reason for his regularness, mostly to avoid the awkward topic of it. He order his favorite mix, strawberry with mango and banana, with a hint of vanilla. He gave the barista his name as per usual, though more as a courtesy since most knew who Nafster was. 

There was a fair amount of wait time, so Nafster went off to the side and began browsing his phone to stall for time. He checked various social medias to see what his friends were up to, nothing too crazy going on there either. Looks like everyone was having an uneventful day, not just Nafster! He exited to the main page, and noticed an app which was called "Minkerness" with an icon some kind of mustelid jumping over hurdles. It looked to be some kind of mobile game about cute little ferret-esc creatures jumping over stuff. 

"Hmm, I don't remember installing this app...?" Nafster pondered with a curious expression looking down at his phone. The snow leopard clicked onto the app. For a moment, nothing happened and Nafster raised an eyebrow. Was it a bugged app? He looked closer at the phone to see if it opened something else, but suddenly the front camera went off with a flash.

"Gah...!" he leaned back, the end of his little shriek sounding higher in pitch. The left side of Nafster's face began to change from gray to white fur, the spots gone entirely. His nose lost some of the pinkness and Nafster's eyelashes elongated while his eyes themselves became more curved. His hair suddenly exploded outward into a dirty blonde color, going into large bangs and the whole thing became full of volume. The eyebrow over his transformed eye was much thinner and the same blonde his hair was becoming. The scruff of fur at the edge of his face became less prominent, and more circular instead of triangular. His whole left arm was different, the one holding his phone. His hands was significantly smaller, though his fingers longer and more dainty. Nafster's arm were thin, his shoulders having a bit of a narrow curve to it. His snow leopard pattern was gone in place of a snowball white color. His sleeve was much wider, and entire arm would be able to fit in it. Not only that, it hung off of his shoulder and rested just past his elbow. It attached to the center of Nafster's body, where the a red top began to form out of his hold hoodie, currently owning the upper left quadrant. That part of his body had also transformed, a fairly sizable breast had grown out of there. 

Nafster had leaned back in surprise as the flash went off, and he adjusted himself. His left foot stood on its toes, of which Nafster's were much smaller along with his foot. White fur was all over it and up his entire left side. His leg was shapely with curves on his thigh and calf. The comparison to the still masculine leg was very apparent, especially with the very differently proportioned paws. The other part of his hip had began to widen, his knee locking inward to the other one. The base of Nafster's tail had become to turn the same blonde that his hair was. Going back to his hair, Nafster's was fully blonde and full reaching down to the center of his back. Nafster's muzzle had shrank a fair bit, as the white fur covered the rest of his head to replace his old one he felt immense pleasure. He brought the hand which hadn't fully transformed yet, the size was that of the other but still retained his traditional gray fur for now to his face and rubbed his new soft fur. "Ooh...this feels real nice..." she said pleased with the events unfolding. She happily closed her eyes as light blue eyeshadow formed over it. Not only that, mascara came with it as the rest of the top of Nafster's outfit changed. The right side matched the same style of the left, and her pants had mostly merged with her former hoodie now apart of the red dress, just the right leg remaining of his old outfit. The other breast had formed, and the collar was fairly low to showcase a decent amount of cleavage. 

Nafster's ears had become circular, moving closer to the center of his head. His manhood slurped into his body, the insides contorting vastly as it became the reproductive system of the opposite sex. The mental aspects of the changes really took over as the last of Nafster's old clothes had became a tight red dress that reached to her thighs. She looked back at her tail, which had become fluffier and longer, dragging on the floor, the tip of it the only remnant of her old body. "I could get used to this. I could really get used to this..." she nodded in approval noticing her rounded out butt. Her other leg befell the same fate as the other, with shapely legs and petite paws. 

As the last of Nafster's tail finished the transition into minkhood, she was now a copy of Minerva Mink herself. Not only that, she possessed the same personality as well. This meant that the transformed Nafster was feeling particularly flirty. No one in the smoothie place caught her attention, in fact some of them were looking at her in shock, something the new Minerva simply waved off as them being jealous of her amazing figure. The door bells rang as someone that looked vaguely familiar to the mink. 

She didn't care on bit about that feeling, because they were hot. Nafster cocked her head back, giving her hair a sensual wave and looked at them with a confident smirk, raised eyebrows, and bedroom eyes. She put her hands on her hips, sticking one foot out and flaring out one of her hips and turning her upper body so that the person would get a full view of her body. 

"Well hello handsome..." she said in a sultry voice. 
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RunningToaster Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very nicely written :thumbsup: or :goodjob: 
Vinomath Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
Heh, thanks! Glad to have the approval of the artist ;p 
KristianTheTiragon Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
Dang. Looking good there ;3
Vinomath Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
KristianTheTiragon Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
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