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Hellllllooooo friends! It's be! Miss Amelia, minus the miss part. Just call me Amelia! It's your favorite lab rat back for yet another Invention of the Week! It's been a solid week since my last invention, which means it's time I unveil a new one! More importantly, I started seeing someone...again! And was only one date and it went uh...not good. Why did I think that'd be a good talking point? Everything about it was terrible and bears no relevance to much of anything...what was I saying? 

Oh yeah! Inventing! So I was at a toy store...buying a gift for someone else of course, I don't play with them still! A-anyways I came across a very old school invention: the Jack in the Box! And no, not the fast food restaurant I'm banned from, but the thing with the crank and you turn it and then a little toy comes out! That gave me a great idea! What if there was something like that, but it was a surprise each time? Traditionally, there's only one thing inside just because inventors back in the day weren't smart enough to do what I do!

So, what does the Surprise Box do? Simple! You turn the crank, and on the fifth cycle it opens and it emits a bright glow and when it leaves everyone has a new body! You could end up a different age, different species, even gender! It's all temporary, and it wears off in just an hour. If you're feeling frisky if you do it reverse the mind can get effected to so you could potentially end up as an entirely different person, still temporary of course! Though there is something unique about this invention, it effects the entire room! So for the first time ever, all the subjects will be in the same room going through the transformation at the same time! 


We have Jack, a regular old human guy. On top of that there's Dora, a skunk woman. In addition there's Tonya a human female. And lastly there's Mike who is a fox man. They all agreed to keep it simple and not do that wacky mind related stuff so it's all physical, but they have no idea what they're going to end up as once the turning stops! This is gonna be fun! The group got into the room and all looked at each other with eager faces. Jack stepped towards the box and slowly turned the handle. Once the amount of rotations needed passed, the box opened up and threw out a bright light the surrounded everyone in the room. 

Jack's body was coated in orange fur, brown spots forming all over it. From behind him, a thin tail formed that had a fair bit of length to it. His arms slendered down while his shoulders caved inward. His hips were expanded along with a full rear, manhood nowhere to be found between Jack's shapely legs. Her feet had morphed into thick paws with retractable claws along with an elongated face. Her ears were triangular on the top of her head and in between her lusciously long locks. Two ample breasts had formed on Jack's chest being held up by a padded bra that had materialized. Her boxers were also tighter around her waist, a skirt over those on the outside and a blouse for upper wear, completing the transformation for the new leopard woman. 

Tonya now possessed gray fur all over, her fingers now more chubby than before. Her ears were circular, and had moved to the top of her head. Behind Tonya, a small vestiges of a tail just above her backside. Her feet were also larger, her body itself a fair bit shorter. Tonya's nose had become significantly larger, taking up most of the center of her face as it turned black and flat. This would leave the former human as a koala lady. 

Mike's fur had turned from gray to mostly orange, a nice cream going down his front. Also on his front would be a set of breasts to go with his hourglass, feminine figure. Above Mike's plump butt would be a much larger tail of the same pattern that his body had. His hips were wide, with nothing but an opening between his-her legs. With extra curves forming at his thighs and calves Mike's legs were much more shapely and paws much more smaller. Mike's ears were longer though not as wide while her muzzle was much smaller. Her hair was longer, being tied into a ponytail as she sported sweatpants and a tank top, a very athletic look! 

And lastly there was Dora. The black part of her fur had changed to match what little white there was, now sporting a very snowball-esc coat. Her circular ears became triangular and muzzle extended much further. Dora's pink nose was now larger as well as black and wet. The large tail had shrank a fair bit and while it retained some fluffiness to it, Dora's tail wasn't anywhere close to what it used to be. Her legs turned digitigrade and paws were larger. Breasts deflated and curves flattened while a new organ between Dora's legs signaled the end being a woman. A thin sweater formed over what would be a plain white tee shirt as well as comfortable jeans to make the former skunk into an arctic fox man. 


Isn't that neat? A whole new plethora of characters in there, at least for the next hour! The old girls can help the new ones and the old boys can help the...well one new boy. It's like a bonding experience! Bonding through ways that do not abide by the laws of nature! The glory of science! Laws mean nothing to me! Except legal ones, those are pretty important. Nature laws on the other hand are at the whim of me! And also whoever else does this kinda thing. I assume I'm not the only one! 
The first IotW to feature all the TFs happening at once! At least storywise. 
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HeraldOfOpera Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
I really hope nobody raids Amelia's lab. There are a lot of highly abusable things in here. (Actually, given she apparently shares a setting with the rest of your OCs, there may be enough nonsense already that it isn't a big deal...)
transformingguy Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
take it to a concert
TheFuzzyVulpine Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
" effects the entire room!"
Well, let's hope no one sets it off in a wide open space.
LupusTheCanine Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2018
Where is that box!?
I want one!
I need one!

Great story BTW.
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