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Ross was old fashioned, very much a book learner. The lad didn't keep anything close to an open mind and found things that didn't have proper explanations to be non-existent. Things like ghosts, spirits, hypnotism, all things that Ross had zero reason to believe in. He had a particular cold spot for hypnotism. His friends had insisted he go see one for one, however Ross was not one to be swayed easily. He believed it to simply be a pseudoscience, and nothing more than trickery for those of lower intelligence.

Due to that, Ross had zero intention of giving into his friend's wishes. He didn't want to go into some office after having to make an appointment only for nothing special to come from it but lost time. He had a meeting with a potential client waiting for him today that he had just set up and if it worked out, there'd be a nice bonus in it for him!

The client wanted to meet in their office building, to which Ross reluctantly agreed. He usually met them at a nice restaurant so he could buy them a nice meal in order to get on their good side and sway negotiations in his favor. Ross walked up to the floor of his office and opened it to see the person that looked like his client. As a matter of fact they weren't even the same species! It was a blue parrot, dressed in an orange suit and cream color pants.

"Close the door, I believe you and I have a lot to discuss." the parrot instructed.

A normal person would turn and run, but the manner of which the bird spoke was on the same level of Ross himself. They both had respect demanded, and he believed this could be a person of interest assuming these discussions went well.

"And so we do." Ross retorted as he obeyed the bird and took a seat across from him. "My name is Ross Witherbottle, but simply call me Ross." he introduced himself.

"Call me Derek." the parrot responded, although both men didn't offer a handshake to reaffirm an even ground.

"What happened with my client?" Ross asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He has been...taken care of." Derek answered. "I assure you they are very happy as they are now."

"Have you done something to them? I had a lot of potentially income from them."

"Well...perhaps it's for the best you didn't meet them. I assure you they have no fortune...anymore."

"What-did you close a deal with them before me?" Ross asked, starting to see this guy in an even better light.

"No, I had no deals. I have no intention doing business with...inferior people." Derek said off with a scowl.

"As much as I had riding on that, I find it hard to dispute that." Ross admitted. "Sometimes you gotta work with those you hate to get ahead yourself."

"Such a...human thing to say." Derek commented. "You want to be united and yet you work against each other in order to advance yourself."

"It's business, all there is to it." Ross defended himself.

"And I have business to attend to with you." Derek stated. "A little birdie told me you don't believe in hypnotism, yes?"

"Of course I don't! That modern day witchcraft is nothing but foolish kids pretending there's a way to control people! It's childish nonsense!"

"I'm sure you think you're so right." Derek retorted. "And yet here you are sitting across from the greatest hypnotist you will ever meet."

"Really? Man of your stature?" Ross scoffed. "Surely you could do better than meaningless party tricks!"

"Then why don't we show you my meaningless party tricks?" Derek asked reaching into his suit pocket, pulling out a gold pocket watch. "Humans are the most susceptible species out there. They don't even know how much."

"I assure you this hypnotism thing is nothing but a work of science fiction! It will not affect me!"

"We will see about that." Derek responded as he began to dangle the watch. "I can trick more than just your mind, I can influence your DNA itself into contorting and bending to the will of myself." he began to sway the pocket watch. "And that's exactly what I intend to do to you as I did with your client, who is waiting for a best friend to go shopping with at HER favorite mall. After all, an energetic ferret needs a partner in crime just as girly, wouldn't you agree?"

Ross was going to protest, and tell Derek he was wasting his time, however he never got a chance to do so as he watched the watch and was quickly tossed into a trance under the influence of Derek.

"N-no...I...this...y-y-yes...I agree." Ross struggled for a moment before fully falling to Derek's powers.

"Now then...hypnotism is quite real, isn't it"? Derek cackled. "So human to not believe there's things out there your little minds can't accept."

"I agree...Derek..." Ross spoke out in a monotone voice.

"Call me Master, disgusting human." Derek snapped back. "A human does not deserve to call me by my name, especially after bragging about their misdeeds!"

"I apologize master..." Ross quickly adjusted his speech to fit with Derek's demands.

"You should be, then again it's not your fault you were born as such a...horrid kind. Then again you were a prime example of just why it is so bad. So manipulative, use others not close to you as playthings." Derek began. "Perhaps you'll continue to be manipulative in your new life, albeit not to get ahead in business but to get free drinks." he added with a hearty chuckle.

"" Ross asked out tilting his head slightly.

"Of course, a pretty lady like you could do quite a bit." Derek said.

"But...I'm not a...girl?" Ross was very confused at the comment.

"Then we better fix that no? Turn into a woman." Derek responded with a devious smirk.

"A-as you wish...Master..." Ross nodded slowly.

With that, the words of Derek rang all throughout Ross' body right down to the microorganisms inside his body. His hair would begin to creep down to his shoulders. His nose shrank, nostrils along with it to become small and petite. His lips puffed up into a small pout, ears shrinking along to match the rest of his small, more feminine facial features. Any trace of facial hair vanished into his skin, though his eyelashes would elongate while eyebrows became pencil thin.

The changes continued down Ross' body. The shoulders where his hair now rested were thinner, no more masculine broadness found there. Soon the same could be said about his arms, of which lost muscles and became sleek. His hands followed the same footsteps as his facial features, becoming smaller than before.

Ross' waist would cave inward as the excess fat at his torso began to move to other parts and grow them out. His hips began to expand, growing into full, child-bearing hips that highlighted the ever growing curves Ross was forming. Not only that, his rear bubbled out into a fairly distinct one that would attract the attention of many.

However, the most notable growth on Ross' body would come at his chest. With each second it grew out and rounder, starting to gain some weight to it. On top of that, the budding breasts would have a feel of sensitivity. Soon, Ross would now be sporting a rather sizable bust, one that would definitely turn heads along with her other generous curves.

With a feminine figure, there was one last thing that kept Ross on the fringe of manhood. That was changing rapidly as it began to shrink into his body. The internal systems within Ross would begin to alter into those meant for the opposite sex. It rapidly developed things such as eggs, tubes, and a womb and before long, Ross was biologically a female.

The last parts of Ross' transition would come at the rest of her lower body. Her legs began to gain their own curves, becoming just as curvaceous as her figure itself. On top of that, Ross' feet shrank similarly to how her hands had to become just as petite. With that final change, Ross was a full woman.

"Perfect, now aren't you a pretty little thing?" Derek taunted the former man.

"Yes...very pretty..." she responded, too deep in trance to even care. Besides, Master knew what he was talking about, what was there to panic about?

"But there is still one major flaw with you." Derek commented. "Do you know what that is?"

"My...hum...humanity?" she questioned, the influence of Derek very much in control.

"Good girl! That's exactly it!" Derek laughed. "You don't want to be a human now do you?"

"Of course not...Master..."

"Then what are you waiting for...grow some nice scales. Leave your species behind...into a reptilian lifestyle. A lizard." Derek instructed.

Just as when he originally swapped sexes, everything in her body listened to what Derek wanted. Her body hardened and began to dry. It felt as if her skin was crusty as it began to grow a pinkish color brand of scales. This would ring true from her head to her toes. However, she was losing all of the hair she had just grown on her head in exchange for a bald, scaly head. Not only that, Ross' eyes would lose their pupils, all while her eyes themselves were lightening to a blue color.

Ross' face extended outward extending into a fairly decently sized muzzle. Her nose vanished entirely, only nostrils remaining at the end of her new snout. Just above her rear, a long and thick reptilian tail formed, extending quiet far, becoming nearly as tall as her body itself. Her nails, both toe and finger had both become white claws to highlight the pinkness of her new scaly coat to become a lizard woman.

" you're just about perfect." Derek cooed to the new anthro that he had just created.

"Thank you Master..." Ross spoke out with a slow nod. "But I want to be perfect...make me perfect!"

"Of course dear." answered Derek. "Now then, when I stop swinging my watch, Ross is no more. You are now to be referred to a Rosalina. You have a bubbly personality. This business lifestyle is too cutthroat for a pretty thing like yourself, and your high thinking of the sciences of the world are of no concern to you. You'd rather be out shopping and having fun with your girlfriends." He explained Rosalina's life to Ross, and all of it made sense. After all, Rosaline was her after all!

"Now that you remember who you are, I believe you have shopping to do. Silly reptile, wearing clothes meant for the opposite sex." Derek added and with that, caught the watch and pocketed it. Rosalina blinked a few times and shook her head.
"Like...where am I?" she asked in a much more feminine voice.

"We have just finished our hypnosis session. I had made you believe you were a human businessmen, even got you to change into an outfit meant for one." Derek lied.

"That would explain why my clothes don't fit and I don't have my bra on! I have that on all the time...usually!" she added on with a giggle. "I think I should go get some new clothes though! One of my girlfriends was like, waiting for me at the mall but I got sidetracked! Hypnosis is totallllly too fun!" she smiled.

"It sure is." Derek chuckled as Rosalina skipped out of the office space with shopping on her mind. She was thinking about getting some nice and pretty skirts she'd always see but never bought. Now that she had an excuse to buy them she totally was! She hoped that her friend wasn't mad that she was late, and if she was, oh well! Maybe she could get her to go the the hypnotist with her and they could have a joint session together!
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Poor guy! XD

You could do a Derek story turning a guy into a warty toad, that'd be cool!
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