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"Hey everyone! Lizzie again! I'm sure you're excited to see more of the convention and I promise we'll get there! But for now we need to take a moment to thanks our wonderful sponsors of this event, and in some cases we've helped them bring transformation to the world, and they helped us bring it to the convention! It's only grown every year, and since this is our biggest one yet, we have a ton of sponsors! Enough of me, I'll let them take the spotlight! I'll be back when the convention starts!" 


The Greatest Tour on Earth Mach 2

Mr. M is back again with another wonderful tour! He's going to making a stops in EVERY state and AT LEAST two cities in each one! There's no reason to miss it! Watch Mr. M perform reality-defying acts, no tricks here! Everything that happens is 100% real! Mr. M promises that this tour will be even bigger and better than the last one, and guarantees more spectacles that you've never seen before! 

Not only that, certain performance will be recorded LIVE and BROADCAST on National TV! While not all shows will be live, they WILL all be recorded for the upcoming Greatest Show on Earth Documentary! Featuring Q&A will the man himself, insight into his personal life, why he does it, testimonials from those who were lucky enough to be a part of the shows, and more! It's something you don't want to miss! So grab your tickets before they're gone! 

"Hi, I'm Mr. M, the creator and star of the Greatest Show on Earth. I want you to have just as good of a time as I do, so to do that each show I will choose one person who purchased a ticket for that particular show and you will be my assistant! Not only that, I'll even let you choose the species you'll be! And it doesn't end there! You and 3 friends will be treated to a dinner with me where you can ask me anything, and we can do anything you wish the rest of the night! Pretty cool huh? So get your tickets today!" 

Patrica's Potions

"Hello? Is this thing on? I really wished I knew more tech people...or people for that matter. I should be more social...Okay, I think I got it. Hopefully it didn't record all that. Hello! My name's Patricia and I run a potion shop people like! I don't know why, probably because of all the colorful potions I have! [Shot of the various liquids around the shop] "They don't actually look like that but they look neat huh? Gatorade is pretty..."

"Here at my store I make potions of the transformative nature! Starting at only $10 you to can be like this guy!" [Points to a Dog anthro mopping the floor] "Or this girl!" [Points to a lizard woman behind a counter]. "Each potion is unique in how long it lasts depending on how much you pay! They range from an hour, a day, a week, a month, and then permanent, each one being $10 more than the last. Any gender and species I can do! All animals are humanoid because well 'normal' [air quotations] animals can be really gross, and if someone became a full turtle or something they'd never leave my store!" 

"So feel free to come on in! I don't bite! At least I think I don't, haven't done it before but I guess I could always start...that's be really unsanitary though...Ah well, I probably don't bite so come say hi and get a potion from me! Let me help you do...things to you. Transformative things because you probably like that kind of thing if you come here. I don't offer any other service so if you didn't like transformation it'd be kinda weird."

"And...done! How do I turn this thing off now? Uh...maybe it'll just stop on it's own. The people who make the commercials all nice and stuff will fix it I'm sure, put some nice jazzy music or something. Maybe something in a 2-4 time signature. I dunno. 4-4 is too plain and easy, give the jazzy music people a challenge! Jazz is a cooky good genre so make it cooky!" 

Crumb's Cottage

There was darkness.

“Is it working?” A voice called while a palely glowing purple orb came into view. A pair of barely illuminated inhuman hands floated above the orb. They twitched then one finger pointed towards the camera. “I ask again, is it working?” There was silence.

“No!” the voice screeched. “No nodding! Speak!”

“Yeh,” someone mumbled close by. “We’re already filmin’.”

“Oh! Oh…” The voice trailed off. “Speak next time, speak!”

“Wot evah you say, boss.”

“Boss? I’m not…” The voice sighed. “Let’s begin, then.”

The hands stiffened then relaxed. The orb dimmed to a serene green. “Welcome, potential patron!” The voice boomed. “To Crumb’s Cottage!” The orb exploded with a cacophony of colors, illuminating the surrounding area. While the creature behind the hands remained hidden, the shop was revealed. The camera shifted away from the orb and to the left, showing shelves stocked with all manners of trinkets, scrolls, potions, and unidentifiable objects.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” the voice asked. “Isn’t it grand? Displayed in your view in the comfort of your home is but a small sample of the 571,971 items for sale! I have anything you might desire but…”

A drum roll echoed from the darkness.

“Crumb’s Cottage is having a sale of implements of change! Yes! Come visit and you could have some trinkets of transformation at a price not found in any other plane of existence!”

The colors shined again, though only briefly. The camera turned back towards the orb and the hands.

“Choices, choices, choice!” The voice crowed. “Humans despise choices. So, look! Here are some choices for you!”

One hand snapped two fingers together and a floating potion appeared in front of the camera. Inside was a glowing liquid that constantly shifted between the colors of the rainbow. “My most popular potion for parties!” the voice exclaimed. “Mix it in with the punch and enjoy the variety of changes. No one will know who is who! It will be a masquerade without the masks! All effects temporary, of course.”

Another snap resounded and potion vanished. Behind it appeared a shrouded object, rectangular and tall. “Tempting as it may be, do not gaze into this mystic mirror!” The voice whispered. “Let it remain covered until you know who you might use it upon—a rival, a fiend, or unwary adversary. Gift it to them or invite them to your home. Let them see its surface so that they might be trapped, ensnared in the form of a lizard lady stricken with lust. They will bother you no longer then.”

“Uh, boss, you sure—”

“Silence!” The mirror evaporated into silver sparks. “Be silent in awe of my next offering!”

A blank piece of wilted parchment unrolled itself in front of the camera. “Behold! The scroll of ultimate choice! Write what you wish to be and so you shall you be! Permanent, but sold in pairs! Just make sure your first form can write or speak!”

The scroll abruptly burst into flame. The ashes scattered into darkness while the camera suddenly swung around. A man wearing a baseball cap stared at the camera in surprise.

“Hey, what the--?”

“For my last offering there will be a demonstration. Here it goes!”
“Wait, this isn’t in the—” The man said, suddenly sputtering as a shining black and white liquid poured down from above. Rather than soak him, it clung to him. He stepped back and shouted. He rubbed at the stuff and only managed to aid in its spread. It proliferated quickly, covering his skin in facing, tucking under his clothes to ensure every inch of him was covered. Though now blinded and deafened the man struggled still, only ceasing movement when the liquid acted upon his form. 

The liquid reshaped and remolded him, smooth slick and slippery skin replacing the hairy flesh of before and shrinking him slightly. It changed his cranium, reforming it so that he had a cetacean snout and a blowhole up top. Beneath his soaked and loosely fitting shirt his chest bubbled and ballooned until a pair of large, bouncing breasts formed underneath, nipples poking against the fabric while down below his barely visible masculine bulge dwindled away to feminine flatness. The new orca girl’s eyes bulged as both hands shot to her crotch, her black, slender fingers searching for something that was simply not there. When she found the opposite instead, she shrieked. Before she could do anything else, she gasped and bent over as her hips widened with an audible crack and waist pinched in, a fluked tail quickly snaking itself out from under her shirt where it waved from side to side at the camera. Regaining her balance, the orca girl stood up straight and held her breasts, wincing slightly as a dorsal fin ripped open the back of her shirt. Finally her posterior plumped, pushing up her tail the slightest bit. She looked over her shoulder and water blew out of her blowhole as she frowned. Shaking her head in disbelief, she looked towards the camera, covering her breasts while she stood pigeontoed. 

“Behold! The Essence of the Aleiz Sea and I have it in every variety! What a wonderful sight to experience or see!”

The orca girl opened her mouth to protest, but all that came out were echoing whistles and clicks. Her eyes widened and she placed one hand over her snout, the other steadying the wobbling of her breasts.

“Ah, look at that! She is in love with the change!”

The orca anthro let out a series of shrill clicks that told quite the opposite. She wagged a finger at the off-camera hands and might have done more had her ill-fitting pants not suddenly dropped. Luckily her oversized shirt covered anything and the camera swung back to the orb and the hands at the moment anyhow.

“Potential patron!” the voice spoke above cetacean clicks as the orb flashed between a variety of colors. “You have seen but a few choices—come view the rest, here, at Crumb’s Cottage!”

The hands raised, the orb flashed and then there was darkness.

“That went wonderfully!”

The orca clicked and whistled her outrage unseen.

“Oh come off it, it’s temporary. It’ll only last a lifetime.”

This was answered by more shrill shrieks.

“Oh, you mean it’s still on? Is that what you’re upset about? Thanks for telling me, let me see if I can figure this o—”

Animal Audios

Be prepared to experience a new, easy to access device that will allow anyone to experience the art of transformation. My name is Mr Evan Cho and I’m the founder and head of the Animal Audio company where we create specially transformation triggering devices based around the use of sounds and frequencies. You see I learned through studies that a range of pitches and frequencies in different animal sounds could trigger transformation properties in humans and I worked to develop this discovery.  I’m also an anthropomorphic bat but there’s no need to judge, of course I would be willing to test my own invention on myself… just the name was a little unfortunate.

Anyways, let me introduce to you the Animal Audio’s all-new transformation head phones! You see, with our new headphones, you simply have to wear the head phones, played an animal sound through the device from our selected range and it will trigger a transformation into that same animal! That’s not all, the volume setting of the device will also affect the transformation through three easy settings. A low volume will give a person only a few features from the animal, usually ears and tail but this is the least popular option of the three. A medium volume will turn someone into a full anthro of that particular species and a high volume will turn someone into a full animal, all fours and such depending on the species, but the person changed will still retain their own mind when transformed at this volume. With such a range of transformations, I am sure everyone will find their perfect transformation, that’s Mr E.Cho’s guarantee!

Our company is still develop even as we speak; we are looking into developing a gender and age feature into the devices and we will update every current product with said feature once it is complete. The company is also working on creating a group transformation radio which will transform a group of people at one time. If you like what you see and love what you hear, be sure to check out Animal Audios and change your life today!


Tired of the same old boring drink that does nothing but quench thirst? Sure that's great and all but don't you want something more? A nice refreshing drink that's guaranteed to add some spice to your routine liquid consumption perhaps? Then try the brand new Insta-Fur! It's not only good for you, it'll change you in ways you couldn't even imagine! Are base product will allow you to be a complete random anthro animal for an hour, and our premium beverage will make it your body forever! 

Disclaimer: Consumingmorethanonebaseproductdrinkinanhourmaycausepermanentchanges,fuzzybrain,andpotentiallossofformerself.Consumeatyourownrisk.

Pick up a package of Insta-Fur today! And if you're at the convention this year, we will be handing out free samples of our drink! The samples will only last for an hour, but make sure to come on by anyways! A little fur never hurt anyone! Visit our website at and view our testimonials and see some of the drinks we offer! 

A New Kind of Casino

Love gambling? Of course you do! The thrill of getting something much, more more valuable over what you have now leads people to do it! Just think, a dollar could end up giving you thousands, maybe even millions! The odds are stacked against you, but the thrill of that small chance leads you to keep going. This is what we call a gambling addiction. 

Now, you could go get help. Go clean, and swear off gambling for the rest of your life. But wait! What if I told you there's another way to gamble without ever spending a dime? You'd probably call me crazy! Perhaps I am, because here at "A New Kind of Casino," we don't charge anything to play our games! 

There must be some kind of catch, right? Of course there is laddie! At our casino, rather than betting using cash, you bet using your body itself! What exactly does that mean? Well, when you enter into a themed area your transformation will focus on that kind of animal. Let's say you go into the mustelid section, you'll come out if you lose enough as a mustelid yourself! Perhaps even on all fours! We warn you of feralism approaching should it come to that so don't fret! Once your body becomes the humanoid animals our machines have chosen for you, you will place high end bets if you'd want to. These include the alteration of age, gender, and finally feralsim! 

Of course, we have cash prizes like other casinos! If you win enough, you can even buy your body back and more! What do you have to lose? Not money! So come on down to the "New Kind of Casino," where riches are just a spin away! 

Invention of the Week

From a young age, Ameila didn't really fit in. She was picked on and often kept to herself and seeing a picture of her, maybe it's because at the time anthros were still quite unheard of. WRONG! 

Amelia the Lab Rat was turned into a humanoid rat one day, along with with forced swap in sex from a male. That's no fun! However, she didn't let it bother her and she continues pursuing her science. The incident however, had her take a large favor in transformation technology. Even though she could turn back to a human man just as easily as turning someone into a dragoness, as seen in Episode 2 "The Dragon Pearls," she decided to keep the rat body, while the reasoning is unknown it's probably because she really likes the pun! 

Join Amelia and her wacky anecdotes along with her transformation goodies in the Invention of the Week web series! Here, Amelia showcases all her invention alongside the help of her volunteers! Amelia isn't safe from her own inventions! Sometimes she'll volunteer herself as seen in "Episode 5: Maternity Bra" and she'll even be pranked by friend Carly! Amelia started the war herself again in Episode 2 to be attacked back in "Episode 7: Hugable Sweater." 

What are you still doing here? Go watch Invention of the Week!


"We have much more sponsors here at the convention, but these are just the ones who decided to do commercials for it! A huge thank you to all of them for making it possible to hold this event to begin with and to allow us to keep holding it each year! And thank you all you stop by their booths and making them come back each year! Now then, with all the legal stuff out of the way, let's get the show on the road! It starts tomorrow at 10 am! I'll see you there!" 
Crumb's Cottage Ad was written by :iconseasofgold:

Animal Audios Ad was written by :iconsparkbolt3020:

Most of this story had actually been done for a while, finally decided to sit down and finish. Yay.
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