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An orange fox walked in the local coffee shop that he had recently discovered. It certainly wasn't anything new, but Leon was always hunting around for new places for him to try! It was called "The Cave" and the interior was somewhat like a lodge, a bit of a nice chill to it to be bundled up all cozy with a nice hot beverage. It had a nice homely feel that Leon particularly liked. 

He walked up to the counter, where the person working gladly helped him decide on specialty drink would work best for his tastes. Ultimately this would come into a nice latte with an orange creme hint to it. Leon had always loved that flavor, and it wasn't often you found that in coffee so he had to get it! Having ordered it, Leon went over to the side and surveyed the area. 

There were a fair bit of just about any kind of person you could think of. Humans, animals, you name it. Some chatted with other people there, others typed away at their laptop keyboards, while others seemed to be texting on their phone. There was one person in particular that caught his eye: A husky woman dressed in jeans and a "Dark Side of the Moon" V-Neck along a blue scarf and beanie. She also sported red rimmed glasses as well as light blue hair that trailed off into a pink color almost like cotton candy. She was on her phone with a smile on her face, casually sipping on her latte. 

Leon thought she looked interesting, he particularly liked what she did with her hair. The fox's name was called and he quickly grabbed his beverage and thanked the Batista. He sipped on it with a smile, it was quite delicious! Leon nodded with approval and he surveyed the room for a place to sit. It was fairly busy considering that it was early morning, prime time for coffee consumption! There was one spot open, one right next to the husky! With a shrug Leon took the seat next to her. 

"Hey there, I'm Leon. I like your hair." the fox introduced himself to the husky. 

"Well hey there! Oph! A fox? That kinda sucks." the dog commented as she saw the source of the voice. 

"I beg your pardon?" Leon was a little taken aback by the common. "What's that supposed to mean?" 

"A fox, it's generic. I can't even keep count on my fingers how many foxes I see a day! Because I see a lot of them." she leaned back with a smirk crossing her arms. 

"I'm sorry my parents were foxes? There's not really anything I can do about what species I am." 

"Well now then that's just quitter talk." the husky responded. "I'm Dianne by the way."

"I'm not sure if I can say it's nice to meet you..." 

"Generic species but at least you got a sense of humor!" Dianne "complimented." 

"You're a husky! That's super common! Quite possibly the most common canine!" Leon pointed out the hypocrisy of her thought process. 

"Yeah, but I make it work! My hair is amazing and just so unique! Perhaps I could do something with you..." Dianne rubbed her chin. 

"What's that supposed to mean?" Leon raised an eyebrow, annoyed but curious. 

"For starters looked at how your dressed! A hoodie and jeans? You do not make it work." she shook her heads. 

"I don't think I need to take fashion advice from someone wearing a graphic tee and a scarf." 

"It's defying the norm!" Dianne retorted. "Besides the last thing I'd take advice from is a fox! Especially such a plain one!" 

"Are you going to keep complaining about my species? Or can we actually have a conversation-you know what why am I even bothering humoring you?" Leon caught himself and put a hand up. "I'm just about done with you." 

"Good, cause that means I can fix you! Don't worry you'll love it." she held her phone up and started recording Leon. 

"What the hell are you doing?" Leon was baffled by Dianne's choice. "Are you filming-" he stopped himself and grabbed his throat, his voice being much higher in pitch. "What's wrong with my voice!?" 

"Oh don't worry about it!" Dianne waved her hand. "Just fixing you is all!" 

"Fixing! I don't need fixing!" Leon insisted, his muzzle shrinking as two teeth pushed out from it of which the changing fox felt with his tongue. "What are you doing to me!?"

"Oh hush already! Just let it happen! You'll love it I assure you!" she shrugged off Leon's concerns. 

The fox's hair grew longer, as his triangular ears turned circular, becoming a fair bit smaller. Leon's fur would lose its white and orange colors and would instead becoming a light purple exclusively. His shoulders sunk down, Leon's arms thinning out. On his hand, a ring would form over his ring finger, as well as a heart bracelet on the wrist. Leon's nails became painted a dark purple color than that of his fur. 

"Why am I purple now? And what's on my hand!?" Leon was still freaking out about the ordeal, bringing up the transformed body part in question looking at it in shock. 

"You said you can't do anything about being your boring ol' fox species, so I took the liberty of changing it for you! You're welcome!" Dianne smiled.

"But-but I am fine-was. I was fine!" Leon stumbled over his words due to the sudden weight forming on his chest. Two lumps formed and grew outward, a pair of subtle breasts forming. Curves began to form on his body, waist caved inward and back slank in. On top of that, Leon's hips were wide and a bit more cushion formed under him as his rear grew in size. 

"You were something, fine was not one of them!" Dianne laughed. "But that's okay. You're almost done! Then you'll be fresh and new! Trust me, I know what's best for people. You'll thank me later!" 

Before Leon could respond he blushed harshly as his knees jointed pointing towards each other while his manhood shriveled away into nothingness, making the transition into a female complete. Not only that, Leon's once fluffy tail lost all of its fur, leaving only dark brown skin behind as it became large and flat although much stronger. Her legs gained their own curves as became flat and webbed, now sporting a plantigrade posture as a beaver woman. 

Her outfit had finished changing in the process. She now sported a dark blue shirt that reached just past her belly button. The collar was large, and hung off of one shoulder revealing most of her arm, the other part stopping at her bicep. This also revealed a bit of the bra that Leon was now sporting. On top of that she wore torn jeans now, and were fairly tight around her legs. 

"And there! Now you're all done! Isn't that original? Like a kind of party girl beaver!" Dianne put her phone away and admired her handiwork. 

" kind of is..." Leon nodded slowly, and urge to go to a bar or club tonight started forming underneath everything. "But what about my old body and life and all that?" 

"Ugh, who cares." Dianne groaned. "You don't have to worry about that boring life anymore now that you're...Liza! Now that's a name!" 

"It is kind of fitting." Liza nodded with approval. "Maybe you're right...I do look more original. Foxes are kind of don't see beavers!" she was turning around her attitude. 

"I knew you'd eventually come to your senses! They always do~!" 
Featuring new OC Dianne! Not sure if this is what to expect from her or not. Still working out kinks with her. 
LovecraftianThoughts Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Always nice to see a rare animal.
Westenwurt Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I do like beaver anthros. And they are very uncommon. So, really works out.
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