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The Renaissance Fair was in town, which was Mark's favorite event of the year. He always loved the fantasy feel of it. The knights, the princesses, the dragons, all things Mark adored. He'd write about it, attempt to draw it, roleplay it, the whole package. So, he would always attend the fair each year when it came around. He knew everything about it yet still found himself coming even though it was the same thing every year. 

That was until this year. This time, there was an odd looking tent at the fair. It hadn't been there during any of the previous years, so Mark was all over it. He walked in curiously, to see an old looking woman in a cloak. Not much could be seen of her, and she seemed rather authentic! The fair was always stepping it up! 

"Greetings traveler. You have come from afar yes?" the woman spoke up in a raspy tone with an accent. 

"Not too far now. I used to live closer to the fair but I moved a state over a few years ago, I still come by every year though, it's kind of my thing!" 

"You like the old timey yes?" she asked with a hint of implication. 

"Yeah! The knights, the dragons, the princesses, it all seems so fun! This place proves it!" Mark responded happily. 

"Oh? So you think the life was a life of luxury?" the woman retorted in a somewhat upset tone. 

"Well, not persay. It just seems a lot more exciting!" 

"Very well, we shall see if you truly like it!" the woman said back. 

This left Mark confused and even though he wanted to turn and around, with the help of some magic, that wasn't possible. The woman had put some sort of hex on Mark and it sent him into a immense serge of pain. It sent him to his knees as Mark doubled over in pain. 

It felt as if Mark's skin was slowly being pulled off his body, as hair pricked out up and down it, enough to make any kind of skin invisible to the naked eye. It wasn't long until Mark's entire body was covered in a thick, rough coat of white fur. Mark lout out a scream as his bone structure at his legs began contorting horribly. It felt as if Mark's kneecaps had been kicked in. It wasn't even that! Mark's knees were still there, but his legs forced themselves onto a digitgrade posture, making it feel he had to completely separate pairs of knees. It was far from over as Mark's feet began to grow, and grow, and grow. It was tearing the seams of his shoes, that were now a horrid mess of torn fabric, pink paw pads forming underneath his feet. Two digits had formed together, quite painfully so as it had to fight against the fabric of the shoe. His nails became much sharper, turning into a pair of claws. When Mark was ready to stand up again, he wouldn't be able to stand flat footed, and would be forced to stand on his toes. 

The transformation seemed to of finished at his lower region, but it was far from over! He felt a painful tugging sensation at the end of his spine, just above his rear. Suddenly, the pain came to what could only be described as an explosion as a thin, flat, white fur covered tail found it's way from behind him. This change had left that area a tad bloody, a new appendage was not something humans were meant to get! Mark's finger nail had suffered the same fate of his toenails, which felt as if his nails were trying to be torn off, as they became thinner and sharper. Soon, Mark was some kind of animal person from the neck down, but not for long. 

The worst part of the transformation would come at Mark's head, which would be the most painful. Mark's face elongated slowly, feeling as if his face was about to be ripped off. While this occurred, it felt as if his nose was grabbed and crushed, becoming smaller, turning a bright pink color at the tip of Mark's painfully acquired muzzle. His ears had became much, much larger as it felt as if they were torn off, and slapped right back on higher on his head. Not only that, there was a tugging feeling not unlike when Mark's tail formed only at his ears, which became pink on the insides. It seemed as if the transformation was over, Mark was now a white weasel. 

Mark, still trying to catch his breath from the torture he was just put through looked up at the woman with fear, confusion, sadness, and pain in his eyes. 

"Silly human." the woman said, taking off her hood, revealing a girl weasel with a similar fur pattern to Mark, who looked baffled. "You see, it's your species that overthrew our own, until there were none of us left." she said. "Not that I care much about the species, but I do care about myself!" 

"Wh-what does that mean!?" Mark shouted out between breathes. 

"Look, you like this kind of thing, so now you'll be replacing me!" she said, playfully poking Mark's pink nose. "That being said, I'll be you in this timeline, and you'll be going back to be me in my timeline. No one knew who I was, so you'll be fine! Probably." she cackled. 

Mark wanted to resist and shout, however another wave of changes caused him more pain, and he braced himself with gritted teeth. This time, Mark's shoulders caved inward, losing their broadness, which felt as if a hammer was hit with full force onto each of them. His legs took on a shapely tone while his arms slendered outward, was the most pleasurable part of the transformation so far, pleasurable solely because it didn't hurt. Mark's chest started to build pressure, softening even as fat began traveling to them, it was soon two rather generous breasts bad formed onto Mark's body, the size of them causing him a bit of pack pain, and without a bra they were going to be flopping everywhere. Mark felt as if someone took a battering ram to his back as it went into an arch. The feeling of his hips widening was far from pleasant, the growing feeling felt the pain of childbirth, as Mark's hips grew out to be a childbearing size. Mark's rear end became rounder and more pronounced, which was another welcomed painless change. Lastly, it felt as if Mark was choking, as his, or rather her adam's apple shrank, leaving her with a high pitched voice to match her mustelidae womanhood. 

Mark looked up at the woman, however, she, and the tent were both gone! Mark quickly pushed herself to her knees, her jiggling breasts causing her to blush and cover them, though that sent a whole different wave of sensations she had no anticipation of feeling, which made her blush harsher. Mark looked around, nothing but woods. She was lost, alone, and vulnerable. The emotions she was feeling was too much, and appropriately, she broke down crying. 
Instead of doing an April Fool's story I wrote this to try and get the writing train moving again. Apparently that entailed more detailed and painful transformation. Whoops maybe? Either way, this is apart of a new mini-series I'm calling "Back to the Present." This is basically an excuse do write old timey fantasy stuff with TF fun. Unsure how long it'll go, or if it'll be a full series! 
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Patricia Origins: Next time, how she became pink and got the name Patricia.
Westenwurt Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
That would be the real April Fool's joke.
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