Super Journal (150 Best of the Month+Awesome arts)

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Deviation Actions

On this journal I want give congratulations for everbody and say your manipulation are on the top 150 of the month !!
I tryed don't put Daily Deviations !
This journal have altogether 185 manipulations :D

This Journal was divided on 5 parts
.Special Featured
.Artists Featureds
.Manipulations Featureds
.Sponsored Contest
.Some of my manipulations
.Last words

Special Featured for the birtday boy  :iconrenanciocmonte:
Hilarious Death by renanciocmonte End of an epic battle by renanciocmonte Fountain of Youth automotive by renanciocmonte Well Damn by renanciocmonte Pre Historic Invasion by renanciocmonte

Artists Featureds:
:icondani-owergoor:   :iconpaulo-bert:   :iconwesley-souza:   :iconrafaelll90:   :iconjorgeremmy:   :iconwhendell:   :icondanieldorea:   :iconmauricioigor:   :iconmirellasantana:   :iconpshoudini:   :icondnunciate:   :iconbimartins:   :iconrungue:   :iconkevinchichetti:   :iconyagomartins95:

Manipulations Featureds:

Lady Acquatica by Paulo-Bert Lights To Heaven by Paulo-Bert The Passage by Paulo-Bert S P L I C E - A New Mutation Arises. by Paulo-Bert My New Car by Sandra-Cristhina Underworld II by Wesley-Souza Who believes always achieves! by Rafaelll90 Renaissance by Rafaelll90 The Isle by Rafaelll90 Rebeka by viniciusalv Forever John Lennon by renanciocmonte Surreality of Terror by renanciocmonte Paraiso Flutuante by renanciocmonte My immortal by jorgeremmy Mermaids by Whendell The Mockingjay and the Rebels by samueltd:thumb324104088: My black swan by jorgeremmy Fallen by jorgeremmy Carry on by jorgeremmy True friendship by mauricioigor Sweet Childhood by mauricioigor Don't cry my Dear by mauricioigor MISTERY QUEEN by MirellaSantana Flores violetas by MirellaSantana The Guardian II by MirellaSantana GasMask by YagoMartins95 Lust by CrisSolimann Lady Letal by LucasValencio Zero Gravity by PSHoudini Octopus Isle by PSHoudini Butterflies and Ravens by Whendell Deliberation by Aegis-Illustration Thor Squirrel by ShikharSrivastava future cop by cat-meff It burns .. by Ash-3xpired Adobe Family. 1882 by LadFree The Guardian by rOEN911:thumb325529777: Pray for sun by ngraph Judgment Day by lyy1989117:thumb324260236: Executor by MachiavelliCro Dreams Not Death by Phatpuppyart-Studios Returned Home by rOEN911 tree by BaxiaArt storm of bells by Veradaine Door to Your Dreams by FictionChick Black Widow by Nephire The Magic Inside by FictionChick Read the Instructions by Flobelebelebobele Timeless by melanneart Life Goes on by TahaAlasari you will soar by alimarije Prisoner Of Love by EnchantedWhispersArt Where's that damn train? by Flobelebelebobele Blue Heart by JoeDiamondD The Guardian by EnchantedWhispersArt He's Not Heavy He's My Brother by Phatpuppyart-Studios Seahorse Dragon by Rungue:thumb325705514: Well by Alshain4:thumb324515885: Taxidermia by VICTORSKELET Ghost of a rose by ZakHarrar Solemn Promise by Phatpuppyart-Studios ...Far Between... by SHUME-1 Morning Mist by Arucane The imaginarium: Born in mind by AmandineVanRay Where Are You Wolf by Deltamike Silent Melodies by EnchantedWhispersArt Enter the Souls of Flames by kimsol My friends by CindysArt:thumb324135795: Contact by Mcmedeiros DinoTank by thiagostyli:thumb288628216: Playground by sietske-78 TRADE - oh child of the woods by Aquila-Art Expedition by YBsilon We Are Still Alive by Koshelkov Girl in the Pond by FictionChick End of Summer by sternenfee59 Return to AurI by MachiavelliCro Her Respite by FictionChick Those Nights by Sangelus:thumb322488504::thumb324759087: The Secret Window by EnchantedWhispersArt By the Light of the Moon by JinxMim Because She Can by FictionChick:thumb326019064: .nowhere by masKade Poke-Cube by DANIELDOREA Cube-Fight by DANIELDOREA Happiness Within Me by NatsPearlCreation The road through the gate by Bergkristalle Let the Dead Bury Their Dead by Phatpuppyart-Studios Places lost by the time by Mcmedeiros your love goes on by Aquila-Art hot day in the jungle by Bergkristalle The Obelisk by Fleurine-Retore Play with me by Alshain4 My Love Song by NatsPearlCreation Final Battle by dmaabsta Caricature Jim Carrey by dnunciate caricature Mick Jagger by dnunciate CotN: Behemoth vs Methuselah by LDN-RDNT Burned by Antonio-Figueiredo The lake by vanesagarkova Loneliness by InertiaRose A Whole New World by MachiavelliCro On route 66 by Raspp Feeding time by Megan-Arts:thumb323058135: Be my friend by oosDesign:thumb325255494: Braveheart by severianofilho L'aigle en noir by Lili-Lou Fresh Air by Flobelebelebobele Long lonely road by scumdee Watched You Float Away by Charlie--X Where dragons are born by cat-meff Batman: The Dark Knight Rises: HDR Re-Edit by nerdboy69 Stargazer by IvannaDark The Monsoon Tears by SukhRiar:thumb322302575: Abandoned toy by Chihir0-chan:thumb324073700: Death in their vacation by michaeldesigner15:thumb320320881: .Skies On Fire by masKade Fragmind by wilminetto A Fisherman's Secret by Aloha-Mermaid Lady-of-season-summer-fall by AmandineVanRay:thumb322483045: APACHE DOWN by LK-MENAGERIE the lion's roar by Lais-Pinheiro if a tree falls... by tanja92 Peace in a Golden Evening by BloodMoonEquinox Jellyousy and Love by Rungue Rhinoball by Rungue:thumb325826783: Tales Of Midnight by Dani-Owergoor Peixes by uillsam FUSKAMARINO by Bimartins The tamer of dragons by Bimartins Rhino de Troya by Bimartins Painting Flowers. by citylight-skylines:thumb290052596: The Ritual by Wesley-Souza water devil by igreeny