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No Eclipse... kinda?

By Vini310
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In which category I put this... WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE CATEGORIES!?
(To be fair, these things were misused as hell...)

So, Eclipse, the new layout that DeviantArt is planning to implement. To say that many Deviants are unsatisfied with this new layout is an understatement, people are basically going to leave dA forever if they don't restore the original layout, and are even planning on not logging on dA for 3 days. My opinion on all that? Well...

Eclipse isn't really a problem to me.

Don't get me wrong, I do understand why people dislike it, and I do think dA should keep BOTH layouts (and not logging on for 3 days is really easy), but as a whole, Eclipse does not bother me, I don't DISLIKE it, but I don't LIKE it either, it's just tolerable and most of people's complaints can easily be addressed without needing a complete overhaul of the layout.

And I will stay there regardless of dA's decision, this place is just very important for me, I can't just "leave", even though I use other sites, DeviantArt is my ORIGIN. Plus, someone has to stay to warn others when it's safe to return.

For those who WILL QUIT, here are some reccomendations:
- Newgrounds
- FurAffinity
- newTumbl
- Hentai Foundry
- pixiv

(they are the ones I use)
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