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Retro? Oh yes.
i decided to take the small version out.

wallpaper versions are here!
I think i like the pink version best.

retro green wallpaper 1240x940

retro pink wallpaper 1240x940

tell me if you want wallpaper versions.
-edit wallpapers versions are up-
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Hey is there a tutorial for this ?
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Wow.. true art right there ; ) do you have a tutorial on this by any chance ?
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that is off it's fkn tits man!!!
fkn nuts!
Congratulations, it's  incredible, would sell the rights?
Cool! uhm.. can i use this on my photoshop.? because i'm making a surprise photoshop gift for my friend.. :D and i want a retro look. :D i hope you don't mind. :D
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I so coool, i love it :D :D
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lol Toaz to the death
but looks great, nicely done :)
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Awesome! Na seriously I love frickin love it.
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wow this is amazing!
umm i don't know why, but the link for the pink version isn't working for me
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oh, i'll fix that up when i get home then x_x
and thank you! :D
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no problem
can't wait to see the pink version :D
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Ah, you cant see the pink version its working for me D:
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hmm i duno maybe its my computer ><
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absolutely stunning nice work
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thanks a bunch
Nice work
i can see that you put topaz vivacity to work on it
great work
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thanks a bunch :D
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Wonderful as always
i still havent found a scanner but i'm workin on it
but this is definately goin up as my wallpaper
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yeah! glad you like it! :D
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