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Trivia Thursday (10/5/2017)

By Vinfreild

It’s Trivia Thursday! Test your knowledge of Computer Graphics and their history by choosing an answer to today’s question! (Try your best to select the most appropriate answer without consulting a search engine).

"This company is attributed for its work in computer graphics during the 1980s and 1990s. It played a part in films such as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and worked with Nintendo to produce both the Nintendo 64 and the first Donkey Kong Country games."

a) Xerox

b) Silicon Graphics

c) IBM

d) RareWare

Below, comment your answer choosing a, b, c or d. There are no trick questions and the answer is included in one of the options above. We will announce the correct answer each Friday after the question.

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our October Trivia Thursday! The correct answer to the question was "b) Silicon Graphics".
Just a bit more trivia: Silicon Graphics is also credited for the creation of many other aspects of digital graphic production, even creating the image file format ".rgb".

We will post a new question for the month of November this Thursday, we look forward to your participation again :) (Smile)
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B, It was Silicon Graphics.
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Hold up, this almost caught me off guard - but seeing a clue has me to place my final answer of D.