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*eidt* 09.07.2008 don't kill me.. yet another repainted one, this face bugged me for ages.. here you can see a comparison:… and an animation of overall improvements:…

An angel for .PSD magazine (polish edition), going to be published along with a tutorial and as a cover around Christmas, I think, hence the angelic theme which, as some of you know, is not my typical choice of mood for a picture.

People reading my LJ already heard me complaining how I couldn't manage to draw anything proper lately and that I finally painted this and I've to say I'm pretty fond of it, at least for now ; ) So, yeah, hope you'll like it too : )

as for some tech info: no refs used, except some minor for wings (just looked up some at google), done in photoshop 7, as usual lately.

p.s. yes, i'm enabling it as a print, at least for some time. we'll see.

*edit* just letting you know the magazine has been published, so I took down the huge watermark. Hopefully no one will try to take an advantage of that..

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Hi there, I am putting together a new website for my healing work and I've come across this picture.  I was wondering if I could use it on my page.  I am more than happy to pay a royalty fee for the opportunity to use it. For some reason I have been drawn to this image and feel I need to let you know and ask permission to be able to use it. It is a beautiful picture and would take a very prominent place on my website and I would be more than happy to list you as the artist and have a link to your work there as well.  I look forward to hearing back from you. Many thanks, Namasté, Cathryn x
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Hey :) Sorry for my late reply, I don't check deviantart's notifications every day, just no time for that. Sure thing, if it's non commercial just use it with proper credits placed :) Good luck!
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Hi can I use this as a background image for qoutes?
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Beautiful! Love it!
This is beautiful! Can I used it for a roleplay picture?
Hello, i wanted to know if i could use this as a book cover?
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Super great looking angel. 
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This is really beautiful. :)
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:) i love this one to~ the blues~ wow
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I love the mixture here. I can see so many shades of blue and I am finding myself thinking of several things at once. Water, space, air, clouds, fur, feathers and silks. How beautiful that you were able to capture all these sensations at once!
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I have featured your amazing art here: [link] :heart:
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Wow. I love the colors and how she came out. Great job.
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Wow that is beautiful. You did a very good job~ I love the wings. Gives you an icy feeling
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Love the moon in the background! Very nice art work.
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Really beautiful!
I love especially the colors and the athmosphere in this piece.
Wow i finally found u after a week of searching since i saw the pic on a youtube video about the song Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis. So your the artist of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURE i have ever seen (i mean it!). it made me forget everything sexual about women, just enjoyed the beauty. I am 18 and came back to drawing recently, (i gave it up when i was 12) i had a natural talent but i forgot most of it, it will come back with practice ;). I enjoyed drawing this picture myself. THANK YOU! (srry long comment)
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This is incredible! Beautiful work congrats :D

Com and see magical website:

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i love the moon and the dobble wings. angel of winter XDD
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She is amazing! I love her eyes <3
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