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TUTORIAL - digital painting.

Sorry for the high compression of this picter, but a higher quality pic would took ages to download..

this is a tutorial showing how to paint on the computer. I've been asked a lot how I'm doing this or that, so I used my lady of the swan pic to explain how it was done.

It contains few tips about colours and creative use of references. It also contains few close-up's at the bottom.

Mind 2 things:

1. This is a PAINTING tutorial and tips picture. I might add drawing and colouring tutorial later.
2. This is also the way how I'm painting. It doesn't mean it's obligatory to everyone, okay?

and also - FULL VIEW if you wan't to read it. And it has some tips written there so looking at the small pics won't help you at all :giggle:

hope some of you will find it useful..
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this is good stuff!:D
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You do beautiful work, thanks for the tutorial.
This is amazing. Thank you for taking the time to create this. I'm not sure if I am advanced enough to attempt this. I'm more or less in the very beginner stages of drawing actually, But I really get a great insight into the process of how beautiful digital work is done, such as this !

Thank you
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Great tutorial! Will definitely save this for later use.:)
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Wow, you're my new idol here :D Awesome tutorial!
Fayte-de-Desespoir's avatar
Thank you! this is wonderful!
lovagirlalot's avatar
What brush do you use.
vinegar's avatar
read the tutorial maybe? it's all there. Although it's an old one i still use the same - standard, hard edged photoshop brush.
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Thank you for your superb tutorials, they really help. I mainly do pencil drawings but want to try digital art, but wasn't sure where to start, so these are great. :hug:
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This is absolutely wonderful, vinegar.
You're very talented and have taught me a lot with this tutorial!
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This has helped me more than you could imagine... I'm watching you now... :)
Emmery's avatar
You give some great advice here. I learned a lot. Thank you very much! :)
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you're welcome! but this one is pretty old, some new ones coming soon ;)
Emmery's avatar
Oh cool! I'll keep an eye out then. :)
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very nice tutorial! i will definitely have to try your style of painting.
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amazing tutorial, thank you so much
WolfTraveller's avatar
thank you so much for this tutorial
VonTalavang's avatar
great way for designers, and fast results


to be honest... this is bad way to learn how to draw and paint
just copy objects and put together
vinegar's avatar
err, I don't really say your point, where do i write anything about copying objects and putting them together? i think you must've read another tutorial..
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This seems very helpful, especially the black/white/NEVER! thing. :D
vinegar's avatar
glad you liked it :)
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