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Scent of Dahlias

another one from the flower series. my least favourite so far, oh well. uploading it just for the sake of the series.

referenced on myself, well, mainly the corset. and i think this is the problem, i tried to make it perfect anatomy / proportions wise and on the way i lost its feeling. also it was rather a speedy, took less than a day, so it's not properly finished. yeah, i know.

so spare me the harsh words ;)

photoshop cs2 and i think some painter (blenders), as i got lazy at some point.
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:heart: this. My fave so far! :)
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Wow! These ornaments in the background. The details in the flowers and the expression in her face are really awesome. :love:
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It would seem that all of the characters in your pieces have a unique form of beauty, a sort of realism that pulls you in.
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I find this one to be very beautiful. The face is very attractive.
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I love how youu directt attention...
i mostly look intot he face.
the flowers and the cirle in the back ground jsut totally make the picture glow.
I lvoe the colours..
they mixed so nicely !
kindaa remids me of summer .
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this picture is so beautiful! i love the use of color and her eyes are stunning!
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I really like this. I actually think it's the best out of the four i've seen. I have a feeling you've made her boobs look a bit plastic though, since they're contrasted too much against her upper chest and they're also slightly more orange than the rest, giving them an even greater separation - blend it in a bit and i think it'll look much better. I know it's months old and you have loads of other comments but i thought i'd mention that anyway.
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i love this one! its my favorite, there's something about this girl... anyway, its beautiful
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Oh, she's one of my favourites ;w; :heart: the Dahlia lady! Her expression is like a mix of tenderness and melancholy, very lovely :love:

Loved her hairstyle too, very feminine :3 and the proportions are good, she looks very natural and fresh.

The background is amazing too XD psychedeeelic
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arty masz przesuper^,,,,^ chodzisz do plasta?
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dziękuję :) jeśli Ci chodzi o wykształcenie kierunkowe to studiuję teraz na ASP, ale pracowałam w zawodzie (ilustrator, concept artist) zanim zaczęłam te studia, nie chodziłam do liceum plastycznego ani nic takiego.
arabellen's avatar
a gdzie jeśli można wiedzieć chodzisz do asp? chodziłaś na jakieś konsultacje?
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asp w łodzi, z różnych powodów, o których za długo by tu pisać. nie, nie chodziłam na żadne konsultacje, ani nie przesadzałabym z poziomem ludzi na asp, zarówno warszawskim jak i łódzkim, znam dobrze oba. zresztą poszłam tam głównie dla papierka, człowiek się uczy i tak zupełnie sam, to wszystko kwestia praktyki. chociaż nie narzekam, studiuje się miło, ale jako poważny kierunek wybrałam jednak studia na UW, a to tak dla przyjemności.
You have been featured in my latest News Article "A Copious Display of Digital Art and Photography" [link]
Thank you for making my features a pleasure with your colour and talent............

:icondance-4u: :iconkimberely: :iconkokorox: :iconwarmfuzzyattackplz:
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the vibrant colors work well with the tone of her skin. Great color choice!
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This is really cool!
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The background is stunning. I love her expression. It looks like we just caught this lady by surprise.
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She's very beautiful :heart:
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Awesome piece of art! *u*
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A najlepsze jest to, że kolory są tak intensywne, a jednak nie przesadzone. Nawet nie przepadam za różowym...ale to jest super.
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Woah! This is really amazing. She looks full of pride
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i dont have any negative comments for this at all dear=D
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